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Teddy Afro awarded a commendation from San Jose City for his contribution towards peace and reconciliation between the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea

  Ethio-Eritrea Friendship Forum (EEFF) event

On February 15, 2013 the highlyacclaimed and legendary Ethiopian Musician, Teddy Afro will accept an Commendation Award from the City of San Jose on behalf of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Friendship forum EEFF. The award acknowledges EEFF’s dedication to peace and reconciliation.

On this distinguished occasion, artist Teddy Afro will be honored for his role in promoting peace and reconciliation. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, February 15, 2013 from 5:00-6:00pm at 2500 Masonic Center in San Jose.

This great singer came with a new album on the eve of 2004 Ethiopian Easter Holiday. He named his album “Tikur Sew”. This album praises the work of the great king of Ethiopia, Atse Menilik. Like his past albums, this “Tikur Sew” album contains numerous messages. The number of cassettes and CD’s sold is a record in Ethiopian history.

The Ethiopian & Eritrean Friendship Forum (EEFF) strives to create an empowering environment for ordinary Eritreans and Ethiopians where honest people-to-people dialog, based on trust and mutual respect, can take place with the aim of healing past wounds and building bridges for a brighter future in the region.

About Teddy Afro:

Teddy Afro or Tewodros Kassahun was born on 14 July 1976 to parents of artistic talents and fame. While his mother, Tilaye Arage, was well known in Ethiopia for her professional dancing in her younger days, his late father, Kassahun Germamo, was a renowned and highly-regarded Ethiopian songwriter. From South Africa to North America, the Middle East and Australia, he criss-crossed the world to entertain and convey messages of peace, love, hope and unity in a language almost anyone can understand. For more information about Teddy Afro, visit:

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