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Somalia President Visited Army Brigade Trained in Eritrea

July 11, 2022

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is on a four day working visit to Eritrea, presided over a military parade by members of the 5000 Somalia National Army who completed their 3-year military training in Eritrea.

President Hassan congratulated the trainees completing a rigorous training program and underlined contributions they are expected to make in bolstering the Somali National Army.

President Isaias for his part expressed Eritrea’s honor and pride in the endeavor that reflected special and historic bilateral ties.

“Eritrea feels honored and proud to contribute in the training and build up of the Somali national army,” President Isaias said.

The Commander of the trainees explained that they have been provided with adequate military training and gained experience from the people of Eritrea on building one and united country and that they are ready to discharge their national obligation.

The Somali soldiers training in Eritrea comes amid closer regional cooperation among the leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, and the first group of cadets was flown from Mogadishu to Eritrea on August 19, 2019.

Somali forces previously get trainings abroad in countries like Turkey, Uganda and Djibouti. The Eritrea operation differs because it was run by Somalia’s National Intelligence Agency (NISA), not the Ministry of Defense, and has been kept secret to avoid unnecessary attention.

The idea to train Somali troop in Eritrea came from President Isaias during his first visit to Mogadishu on December 13, 2018.

“The Eritrean president said he wants to help Somalia,” said a high-ranking Somali official, who added that President Isaias wanted to reciprocate Somalia’s past support for the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) in the 1970s and ’80s.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo welcomed the proposal warmly.

President Farmaajo handed over his presidency to Mr Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on May 23rd, 2022. During the ceremony, he announced that the 5,000 soldiers that had been sent to Eritrea had completed their training in mid-2021 and are ready for deployment and liberate parts of Somalia that are still controlled by the Al Shabaab terrorist group.

“My brother, 5,000 soldiers had been trained in Eritrea. I assure you they will help your government overcome security problems … They are ready, and you can bring them home anytime,” he said.

He added his government could not repatriate them due to the political tensions at the time related to the election.

Since assuming office in late June, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has visited the UAE, Turkey, and now Eritrea as part of his effort to widen Somalia’s international relations.




  1. Subject: “Somalia President Visited Army Brigade Trained in Eritrea”, http://www.zehabesha.com, JULY 11, 2022

    QUOTE: “5000 Somalia National Army who completed their 3-year military training in Eritrea.”UNQUOTE

    Dear Reader:
    I beg you to help me understand something:
    In what way will the above QUOTATION help the people of Black Africa to come out from the gheto of LIFE, in every aspect of LIFE ???? Please be honest.

    Teaching how to kill, to protect the African dictators, is NOT to kill poverty and underdevelopment.
    Poor Black Africans — Permanently enslaved by their own smart aleck individuals.


    If you survive the above, please tackle this question. How low can black Africans fall to feel the pain and agony from the above FALL? But then, it is mute question. We, BLACK AFRICANS, from the lowest education level to the upper most level, have been deeply affected to the level of hating ourselves and consequently attempt to be what we can never be.


    Why not concentrate on economic social development,
    liberty and social prog

  2. Those of you who accused the Eritrean government of using Somalis who were sent there for military training in the war it waged to defend itself from the group of vagabonds that sent missiles raining down on Asmara, read this and eat your crow. Look at the moon and eat your blubber lips. Right on Brother Isaias, right on!!!

    Hey Brother Isaias! Remember I am taking you to court for killing 35,285,972 Oromos in Wallagaa in just 2 hours the other day. I have the list of the names of every one of the victims.

  3. Aba Farda – Which court will you take the government of Eritrea to get your perceived justice? Listen man, the world is run by big gun owners. The rest of the story is worthless and a pile of rubbish. This world will never learn from its past. In World War I approximately 50 Million souls were extinguished. Then came the second World War. According to historians the number of killed in that war also exceeds 50 Million. Humans are savages. We were killing each other using spears and stones from the beginning of civilization. Now we lob a thing from afar and film the killings of those who are less fortunate in that given day. Does reaching the moon make us more civilized than our ancestors? I say no. The hear of humans is the same. Still evil and want to step on the dead body of his brother and sister to get to his/her gain.
    Had you been crying for the death of Eritreans, Tigreans, Amharas and Oromos and the many nations and nationalities, I would of said hey this man has got a head on him. He thinks outside the Habesha politics. Which is forsaking the Ethnic politics and advocating for all that suffer under regimes that are bent to destroy all of us. By simply crying foul about this and that with no relevant evidence, you seem to set up a kangaroo court to serve your purposes.
    I see no problem for the Eritreans to train the Somalis in any field be it military or otherwise. For your information, Somalia just had an election and a transfer for power recently. That needs to be encouraged so that future generations will learn from it and avoid taking matters in their own hands. We have seen a lot of destruction in the African continent. A stark example is the land of the 13 Months, Ethiopia! Why would one kill another in this world? The answer gets to be messy and opinionated. The short answer is, we like to loot and gain resources without working. In Africa power and gun wielding equates to become rich for the time being. Those who say we are fighting for freedom is simply a cover and a way to get support from outside. As the famous American comedian once said, History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. Wait and see where things are shifting and lifting of these worlds’ political current. We have seen a lot and we will be seeing as much. Do not lose sleep on anything. Think global and have a wider view of the pale blue dot.

  4. I don’t often trust what Isias Afworke stands for, and aspires to , bythmm stories of abducted Somali soldiers wwre fighting in Tigray was nonsense after all. It was, in part, a pure propaganda fiction made and by the corrupt Woyane clique and their international handlers,.and in part, fear and guilty conscious state after all they have they done to Somalia civilians after their illegal incasion and occupation and pillaging . What a losers!.

  5. Tesfa,

    Apparently you did read my previous email under another topic. Here it is again for your eyes.

    ‘I had given up on the Eritrean soldiers. They are everywhere, man!! They are in every village in Tigray. The other day they were spotted in Wallagaa killing every Oromo in sight after they teleported themselves along with 3 divisions of Fano soldiers. It is confirmed that they have massacred 35,285,972 Oromos in a matter of 2 hours. There is not a single Oromo left alive in Wallagaa and the entire Western Oromia. That was why a protest was organized to be held in DC soon where close to 6 million protesters participated. I am going to take Brother Isaias to court for that and the 3 presiding judges will be Kermit the Frog, Bugs Bunny and Miss Piggy and the prosecuting district attorney will be the fearless Don Corleone. Them Eritreans are here everywhere, dude! I heard they are also on Mars, every asteroid, moon and planet already. Them rascals!!!’

    You should always read my comment with undivided attention.

  6. I always read and learn from your constructive comments. The TPLF thugs claimed that they have killed and captured hundreds of Somali fighters the Eritrean government had sent to Tigray. We knew it was a lie and their lies are now exposed. They are now criticizing the new Somali president of joining the circle of Isaias Afewerki. Once a Tigrayan acquaintance of mine regrettably told me that thousands of TPLF fighters were killed in Eritrea fighting for Isaias. The EPLF commanders even used the Tigrayan recruits as mine clearing tools.

  7. Aba Farda – Now I understand your are under heavy sedation and hallucinations. I did not know you are running from your own shadow. Keep running. You may find the pits you dig for others to fall in for your own demise.

  8. The fat swine Getachew and the beer belly Debre were seen recently parading cattle herders who they kidnapped from inside Eritrea as Eritrean POWs even though that is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention. These are not like the rest of those Allah fearing and upright citizens of Tigray. They are demons of the third kind who happened to be born to Tigrayan parents. Talk about telling lies! There are no lies left in Iogo and Machiavelli but they are in walrus Getachew and beer but Debre.

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