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Urgent Appeal for International Intervention: Amhara genocide

July 11, 2022

Urgent Appeal for International Intervention: Amhara genocide


  1. Hi!

    Why were the 600 Amharas massacred by the TPLF at MayKadra left out? Is this really a concern for the massacred Amharas or the usual crocodile tears for Amharas to use them as springboard to power? Anyhow, the last paragraph brings some motives to light.

    When the TPLF massacred 600 Amharas at MayKadra, the White Supremacist West [WSW] & its global institutions imposed sanctions & embargo on Ethiopia. Now, when the OLA [ኦነግ ሸኔ] massacred Amharas in Wollega, the ‘Civil Society Organizations’ call for more embargo & sanctions. How does that help Amharas or Ethiopia?

    The Amhara massacre by TPLF & Co. started in the early 1990s: Bedeno, Arba-Gugu, etc. Back then, the WSW & its global institutions turned a blind eye to that massacre, too. So, Dr. Asrat Wodeyes [Harar-born] pleaded with them: “Your satellites can even pick up a needle from space. How come they ‘failed’ to see the pile of Amhara corpses?”

    The TPLF left Ethiopia with NO money and NO army. It didn’t even leave a month’s salary for government employees. Moreover, after the TPLF massacred the ENDF’s Northern Command, the power balance was TPLF with 250,000 well-armed soldiers in Tigray vis-à-vis Ethiopia with 44,000 soldiers all over Ethiopia run by TPLF Officers.

    So, for justice, law and order to prevail, Ethiopia needs money, defense forces, etc. The Abiy you demonize 24/7 inherited 27-year-old TPLF institutions. Yet, he kept Ethiopia afloat. So, we should rally behind Abiy! Opening more war fronts is self-destructive!

    i_Mognu / don_Q

    • I am Amhara from wollo, i cannot stand anymore your TPLF blhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I prefer TPLF 500% than this incapable, unfit, cruel, and sadistic group………. how on earth does a person become such cruel as u, what is Ethiopia for you????????

  2. i Mognu is an apologist to Abiy Ahmed’s four of years of disastrous rule in the country. He’s everywhere in the commentary section of this web page. I’m not calling the web master to block him from publishing his opinion, but warn readers to be careful of his poisonous messages. He writes in this fancy English to confuse and cover up the disaster Abiy caused on the country and its citizens.

    Here are few examples from his comment above.

    He argues that the call for embargo and sanctions on the governmet by Western nations because it failed to protect life and property of Amharas in Oromia is wrong. Why? Because the massacer on Amharas, instead of sanctioning TPLF which committed it, resulted in embargo on the government.

    So, his argument goes, no embargo and sanction should be called for by Civil Society Organizations. WRONG.

    Any sanction from the West that reminds the government to protect life and property of Amharas in Oromia is justified. In case of TPLF mass killing of Amharas, it’s wrong to limit it to the government, it should have sanctioned both TPLF and the government. But the government’s incompetence to bring the massacre to the attention of the West resulted in it being the only victim of sanction. That’s unfortunate and should not be repeated again.

    It’s true that “he Amhara massacre by TPLF & Co. started in the early 1990s”, but why did you forget to mention OLF here? Bedeno and Arba-Gugu killings are the work of OLF.

    “The TPLF left Ethiopia with no army & no money. ” Really? Are you telling us Abiy Ahmed built army from zero with no money in the coffers to send a huge army to invade Tigray in a few months? Due to fear of Eritrea, the country has some of the army and the hardwear in Tigray, but not everything.

    His last argument is “Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat.” Delusional! Ethiopia is going down the tubes day after day. Look at inflation; it has touched roof. Economy – the last in the world. Human rights – a disaster. Democracy – dead and buried. Justice – gone south. Security – fear grips every soul in the country even in Addis. All inclusive cvivil war looming.

    So much for Abiy’s rule. We can’t wait to see him go – replaced by any body.

  3. Hi M’ognu,

    Lies, lies and more lies !

    1. “The TPLF left Ethiopia with no army & no money. ” Really? Are you telling me A. Ahmed built army from zero with no money in the coffers to send a huge army to invade Tigray in a few months.? Due to fear of Eritrea, the country has some of the army and the hardwear in Tigray, but not everything. See what you said under no.3 of your write up.

    2. “Abiy was the OLF’s first assassination target at Mesqel Square.” Really? If so, how come no OLF has been charged and sent to jail for the attempt on A. Ahmed’s life? He has in more than one occcasion said he has helped OLF members to escape arrest when he was a security chief under TPLF. This said, he does not give a rats ass to Amhara life. Proof is he does not condemn the killings until the recent international outcry which made him uncomfortable. The killings have continued and he’s back to his deafening silence. As the saying goes, silence amounts to acceptance of the killings. By the way, every Oromo I know is married to Amhara women because they think marrying Amhara woman is like a black man marrying a white woman in the 1920s America. It is like getting the best stuff.

    3 “Abiy had to weed out TPLF & rebuild ENDF!” Weed out TPLF, maybe. But what choice did he have at the time? Keep TPLF in the army and fight it at the same time. I think, TPLF itself left in good time and A. Ahmed had the shell. TPLF called its officers in good time way before A.Ahmed tried anything which you called “weed out”. What’s there to weed out if TPLF has taken its people in good time? This is another big lie.

    4 “Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat with the USD $1 billion obtained from UAE’s Prince MBZ!” Another lie. Reports suggest this money did not go to government coffers (Ministry of Finace) and was personally spent by A. Ahmed. In one occasion he was quoted to have said “I begged for the money and got it and its me who will decide how and on what to spend it”. So, what do you say Mr. Abiy did this Abiy did great thing for the country? Tell us if Ministry of Finace knows where all the money went? Tell us also if the money is loan or aid and what A. Ahmed signed in retur for the money. What is the growith in Ethiopia now? Negative.

    5. “OLF [OLF-Shèné] used Abiy’s Amnesty to enter Ethiopia and wreak havoc.” This is partly true, but what did he do about it? Nothing. Now we have reached a point of no return to a fullblown civil war which will engulf the entire country. All responsibility lies on A. Ahmed who goes out to plant trees when people are dying in thousands and banks are robbed in broad day light.Buddy! . Lemma Megersa and General Kemal Gelchu are patsies who will not help to exonerate A. Ahmed. ,

    6. “They (Civil Society Organizations) ask Abiy to fight the Egypt-US-EU-backed TPLF – OLF while opening new war fronts on the over-stretched ENDF.” This is another lie from i_Mognu. What he’s asked is to preserve security of citizens citizens throughout the country. In every country, preserving security of citizens is a police work at different levels (municipal, regional and country wide). Becuase Abiy did not take security of citizens seriously from the start, private armed groups have reached a level that required ENDF to help which it invariably failed to do. So, tell me who’s responsible for all the chaos ithe country and its people are undergoing right now ? Abiy ignored the problem and now it’s biting him. Don’t blame TPLF-OLF for the incompetence of Abiy. They were and still are contenders to his rule and it appears that they are succeeding.

    7. i_Mognu” Does the Amhara Zone itself generate even 20% of the GDP?” It contributes over 60% of the country’s GDP and it’s growing as we exchange this comments. Think of the DAM which will contribute 90% of the country’s GDP when it enters full operation. Where does all the water come from? Sooner or later, Amhara will control the Dam to negotiate a deal with Abiy so that it gets 70% from the dollars the dam generates. If not Amhara is likely to build another dam up stream to collect its own revenue. It needs a lot of dollars to develop the region which Abiy is blocking. So much for the GDP.

    8. “More Amharas live in other Zones than in the Amhara Zone itself!” This is another lie. Majority of Amharas live in Amhara region. They live in other regions as well. After all, it is their country and they have the right to live in any corner of the country. The constitution allows it. It only under Abiy’s rule that this became a problem. Even him does not directly negate this practice – only indirectly – say when he talks in Orommiiffa. Amharas will continue to live in other regions and any pressure to force them out will face resistance and if it does not back off the country will disintegrat for good. What’s the purpose of a country if its people can’t live together freely mixed up as they please? NONE.

    9. I_Mognu says : “I haven’t met any Oromo in Gojjam & Gonder during several trips” Check history. During the Oromo expansion in the 16th and 17th centuries, Oromos were able to reach Gondar. Gondar even spoke Orommiiffa before they assimilated to Goneres and adopted Amharic as their language. If we do genialogy and DNA telsts, half Amhara in Amhara region will be Oromo. The same is true to present day Oromia where Amharas lived for centuries. Tests will show half Oromos are Amhara. Even today, Amhara children in cities and towns in Oromia are forced to do their schooling in Orommiiffa which makes them forget Amharic. In a generation, these Amhara children will present themselves as Oromos. This is the way Oromo forced integration and assimilation works.

    I_Mognu , some of the Amhara you met during your travel to Amhara region is Oromo. In any case, the same is true about Tigray region. There are no Amharas and Oromos there. TPLF’s social engineering at its best. Oromia repeating it now.

  4. Hi! Some above misconstrued my opinion. So, I would like to set the record straight:

    1). Abiy loses nothing if he quits! He is a millionaire [Nobel Prize]. If he wanted power, why would he fight Egypt & Egypt’s White Supremacist West [WSW] masters? Media like ZeHabesha should expose TPLF’s fascism: https://youtu.be/Pg3WuF1eXww?t=5

    2). I insist: Why didn’t these ‘Amhara Civic Organizations [ACO]’ mention the 600 Amharas massacred by TPLF at MayKadra in one day & in broad day light? TPLF massacred them, but Egypt’s WSW masters sanctioned & embargoed Ethiopia. Why?

    Worse, the ACO also called for embargo & sanctions on Ethiopia for the Wollega ኦነግ ሸኔ Amhara massacre. Yet, the WSW & its institutions [UN, WB, IMF, etc.] send TPLF food, money, fuel, trucks, etc. Aren’t the culprits Egypt’s Two Dogs [TPLF & ኦነግ ሸኔ]?

    3). When Abiy took over, the money that TPLF looted and fled to Tigray was ALL of the Federal Government’s money. That was TPLF’s recipe for a government shutdown and to stage TPLF’s come-back: no salary →general strike/riots →government shutdown.

    4). Yes, Abiy kept Ethiopia afloat with money from Prince MBZ and is rebuilding ENDF with money & resources from the Ethnic Zone Governments. Abiy is dismantling the 27-year-old TPLF-serving institutions piece-by-piece & building Ethiopia-serving ones.

    5). After the TPLF massacred the ENDF’s Northern Command [NC] in their sleep, the NC soldiers who escaped to Eritrea came back and chased the TPLF Rats in to their Rat Holes in the Tembien Mountains [South Tigray]. However, most of the 250,000 well-armed TPLF Rats blended with Tigray civilians & still wreak havoc in civilian clothes.

    6). In 1991, Egypt’s TPLF-EPLF Secessionist Dogs Duo Invaded-and-Occupied Ethiopia filling the vacuum created by Mengistu’s Dogs. Soon, they staged the Amhara massacres at Bedeno, Arba-Gugu, etc. using their OLF-IFLO* Proxies. Although shunned by most Oromos, the IFLO* is still covertly active within Oromo/Muslim/Student organizations.

    *IFLO: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia.

    i_Mognu / don_Q

  5. I MOgnu !

    You’re going from bad to worse.

    1. You said: “Abiy loses nothing if he quits! He is a millionaire [Nobel Prize].” Wrong. He has everything to lose. Think of the well founded accusations levellled against him on a daily basis from almost all Ethiopians. He’ll definetly go to jail for a long time. He knows what he could possibly face and that’s why he’s not resigning. Maybe to negotiate his way out. No jail term or something. Yes , he is a millionaire because he kept the Nobel Prize money to himself. All other winners do not keep the money to themselves. They give it to a charity. Go check names of Nobel Prize winners and see what they did with the award money. Even Nobel committee expects winners to do that. We’re ashamed of Abiy who kept the money to himself. Even the medallion he sent to National Musium is fake. He kept the real one to himself. Shame! Shame! Shame!

    2. I Mognu says: “why would Abiy fight Egypt & Egypt’s White Supremacist West [WSW] masters?” Wrong question. I guess Egypt is a threat to Abiy personally. Not long ago, he bragged about going nuclear with the assistance of Russia and moved to launch a satellite with the assistance of China. He has not achieved the first, but China controlled satelilite roams the sky in the Horn region and beyond. These are his brain children that raised concern in the West and Egypt. The west used TPLF to get rid of himt because it did not want to see another North Korea or Iran threatening with nuclear the international order. Ethiopians sufferas a result of war and sanctions because of his bragging on nuclear and satellite. Surely, everybody will be better off if Abiy leaves. Sanctions will be lifted, aid and loan return and peace prevail. Don’t tell me Egypt and the West do not care if Abiy stays or leaves power. It is in everybody’s interest if he leaves.

    3. Again, Mognu is really mogn. He says: “the WSW & its institutions [UN, WB, IMF, etc.] send TPLF food, money, fuel, trucks, etc.” This shows how weak Abiy has become in the face of these organizations. He has become a “YES” man. He is not even allowed to disberse the money they give; they’re doing it themselves. I think he’sscared to death and agrees to everything the West tells him. He never had the quality of states man to stand upto them He speaks grade level English and even with that he never gave interview to in international media to clarify his position. Some of the sanctions resulted from his lack of communication to international media. He rolls his eyes and turn dumb once the language changes. So, isn’t he a liablity on the country in a world that gives igrat importance to dialogue, diplomacy and interpersonal relations between leaders. Simply put, he’s brought disaster on the country. Better he exits as fast as possible so that others who know leadership take over.

    For the rest of your comment, see my second comment above.

  6. ‘Abu’ Hamza / Hamza Kunni Duguma / Duguma Kanno / Kanno al-Egypty …

    Comedy Central: For my laugh, I used to go to Egyptian media: ‘haram’ online, Egypt ↆndependent… Now, you!

    Business Proposal: I will soon put up 1L of water from Abbay & Baro for auction. How much will Egypt bid?

    Bread Subsidy: Did America’s Annual Egypt Bread Subsidy of USD ≥$4 billion all go to TPLF & ኦነግ ሸኔ? Because, the latest I have on Egypt is Abdul-Fatal chewing chat/qat on tv and telling Egyptians to eat leaves.

    Kidney Export: Egypt has more Oromo, Amhara, Eritrean, etc. kidneys in its kidney banks than it needs. Is Egypt exporting them to its White Supremacist West masters? Egypt removes these refugees’ kidneys, dumps their bodies in Sinai and tells America “Look, these are ISIS & Al-Qaeda. Where is my cash reward?”

    i_Mognu / don_Q

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