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Shadey-Ashendiye-Solel Festival Colorfully Celebrating in Sekota Town of Amhara Region

The traditional outdoor holiday of Shadey-Ashendiye-Solel is being celebrated colorfully in the Sekota town of Amhara region. Deputy

Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen and Amhara region Chief Administrator, Yilkal Kefale along with other regional and federal government officials are attending the festivity.

The festival will be celebrated for two days with panel discussions, traditional dances and other traditional activities. A symposium that depicts the culture, history and language of Wag Hemra is currently being held as part of the festival.

Shadey-Ashendiye-Solel is celebrated every year from August 21 to 25 by young women.  Every year girls await it eagerly and is uniquely celebrated in Amhara region and northern Ethiopia.


The festival’s name Shadey-Ashendiye-Solel is believed to have come from the Amharic name of tall grass that the girls tie around their waist to hang down the skirt as a decoration.


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