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Ethiopia, Uganda Call for Expedited Ratification of Nile River Cooperative Framework Agreement

Ethiopia and Uganda have called on Nile Basin countries to expedite the ratification of Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA).

A one-day ministerial meeting of the Nile Basin countries was held in Dar es Saalam, Tanzania.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopian Minister of Water and Energy Habtamu Itefa and Uganda’s  Minister of Water and Environment Sam Cheptoris, made a call to the initiative’s members to expedite the ratification of the CFA

Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda have ratified CFA, a framework which appreciates accommodating the rational interests of all riparian countries of the Nile Basin.

The NBI is a regional intergovernmental partnership of ten countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, DRC, and Egypt.


1 thought on “Ethiopia, Uganda Call for Expedited Ratification of Nile River Cooperative Framework Agreement”

  1. Those Of You Who Have Been Bedeviling Uganda Lately Due To A Story Concocted By Some Foreign Group Based Close To The South Pole, What Do Say Now? Uganda Is The Luckiest Country In East Africa. As A Shotgun House As It Is, It Is Deemed Very Lucky That None Of Its Immediate Neighbors Are Willing To Give Any Moral Or Material Support To Any Of The Opponents The Museveni Government. Its Current Leaders Are Not That Dumb To Realize That. They Also Know That Ethiopia Is Just A Stone Throw Away From Their Country And Their Relationship With South Sudan Has Not Been Consistently To Sing About. They Know History. Museveni Is Part Of Generation That Can Vividly Remember How The Late Emperor’s Moral And Material Support To The Anya Nya Movement Had The Then Sudanese Leader Jaafar Nimeiry Come Running To Addis/Finfine In 1972 To Put His John Hancock Signature On The Dotted Line.

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