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Senator Chris Coons: Bearded Marxist in Kenya, Bald/Bold Interventionist in Ethiopia

Al Mariam’s Commentaries  

Student Chris Coons, the bearded Marxist in Kenya

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee has a  fascinating personal story to tell about his messianic crusade to save Africans from their ignoble savage selves.

As a young college student, Coons journeyed to Kenya ostensibly to rescue himself out of the wilderness of white privilege.

Coons says he entered college “from a fairly sheltered, privileged, and politically conservative background.”

During his second year in college, he began to examine his “assumptions about America and world relations” and scrutinize the “myth of equal opportunity in America.”

Coons began to “suspect the ideal of America as ‘a beacon of freedom and justice, providing hope for the world’ was not exactly based on reality.”

His examination revealed the “horrible failures made possible by American hubris and dogmatism.”

Coons says his life changed as a 3rd year college student.

Filled with doubt and disappointment over  “American hubris and dogmatism,” Coons left for Kenya in 1983 saddled with three questions:

What do other nations think of us?

Can private enterprise and democracy solve the problems of developing nations?

Is Marxism an evil ideology, leading millions into totalitarian slavery?

Coons lived with a poor Kenyan family for a month and learned about the hardship they faced.

Coons found Kenyans suffering “poverty and oppression more naked than in America.”

He was surprised to hear from a “very wealthy (Kenyan) businessman and his family beliefs held by many Americans that the poor are lazy, slovenly, uneducated.”

Coons concluded such views were common among Kenyan elites who “had done well only by working for British colonialists.”

Kenya gave Coons a new perspective. “I saw there poverty and oppression more naked than in America.”

Coon’s friends would tease him, “Africa took in a clean-shaven, clear-thinking American and sent back a bearded Marxist.”

Coons had his eureka aha! moment after his Kenya pilgrimage: “I realized that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs  in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America might be largely untrue.”

Coons drew a life lesson from his Kenya experience and his privileged education at Amherst:

The greatest value of Amherst for me, then, has been the role it played in allowing me to question and to think. I had to see the slums of Nairobi before the slums of New York meant anything at all, but without the experiences of Amherst, I never would have seen either.

Coons campaigned for Ronald Reagan in 1980, and in 1983 and became a “fanatical founding member” of the Amherst College Republicans at Amherst College in Massachusetts.

Coons life took another turn after he met a “creature he had never known before- A Democrat.”

Coons was most impressed by the lunatic democratic left which he found spellbinding and “terrifyingly persuasive.”

In 1988, Coons transformed himself into a “democrat creature” and cast away his true-blue Republican heritage.

In 2022, the bearded college Marxist student who was horrified by “American hubris and dogmatism” morphed into a bald/bold hawkish interventionist in Ethiopia.

Chris Coons: the bald/bold hawkish interventionist US Senator in Ethiopia

In Apothegms and Interludes (aphorisms) chapter of “Good and Evil”, Fredrick Nietzsche writes, “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

Young Coons travelled ten thousand miles to Africa to find himself and returned determined to fight and slay the monsters of oppression and American hubris, dogmatism and myth of equal opportunity.

Nearly four decades later, Coons has become the very monster of American intervention, oppression, hubris and dogmatism in Ethiopia.

Coons, despite his youthful idealism, did nothing to save the Kenyans swirling in the abysmal vortex of “poverty and oppression more naked than in America.”

Instead, nearly four decades later, Sir Knight Coons in shining armor and armed with a lance mounted his white horse and rode off to save the Ethiopian damsel in distress.

But Coons is himself a victim of the greatest monster of them all: White Man’s Burden.

It is a monster that diabolically possesses so many white liberal Americans, particularly elite politicians, academics and media personalities, who see Africa as an abysmal “***t hole continent” that must be saved, but are completely blinded to the abyss of the slums of New York, Newark, Chicago, Wilmington and the rest.

I wonder why Coons, then as a college student, and now as a U.S. Senator cannot see abyss of New York slums or the naked poverty and oppression in Wilmington, DE, with a large black population only ten miles from his hometown Hockessin, DE, but can see bright as day the “ethnic cleansing,” “genocide” and “human rights violations” in Ethiopia.

Coons was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Coons attended Tower Hill School, a private college prep school offering instruction for pre-school through 12th grade.

Tower Hill is ranked by the Wall Street Journal 24th in the nation and 1st in Delaware in percentage of students attending eight top colleges.

Graduating from Tower Hill, Coons attended one of the most exclusive higher educational institutions in America, Amherst College.

Amherst is the intellectual birthplace of six Nobel Prize laureates, 20 Rhodes Scholars, numerous Pulitzer Prize recipients, MacArthur Fellows and winners of the Academy, Tony, Grammy and Emmy Awards!

Amherst College is for the elites of the super-elites, and today has less than 1,745 students, not even 2,000!

When the clean-shaven Coons travelled to Kenya from Amherst, he was a rebel without a cause, rejecting his Republican family roots.

But he returned a bearded Marxist rebel with a cause, SAVING THE HALF CHILD AND HALF DEVIL AFRICANS!

Coons decided to carry the cross of the White Man’s Burden, mandated by Rudyard Kipling for every white man of means.

Kipling wrote in verse:

Take up the White Man’s burden—
Send forth the best ye breed—
Go bind your sons to exile…
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child…

When Joe Biden sent his best buddy Coons to Ethiopia, Coons assured him he can take care of the “half devil and half child Ethiopians” in a jiffy. 

Coons proclaimed his messianic crusade to save the “half devil and half child” Ethiopians  less than three weeks after the terrorist TPLF attacked the garrison of the Ethiopian Northern Command on November 3, 2020.

 Coons crusade against Ethiopia began with the demonization, monsterization and messianic damnation of the Ethiopian government.

On November 20, 2020, Coons tweeted,

I condemn the violence against civilians and urge Prime Minister Abiy, leadership in Tigray, and President Isaias to deescalate tensions and implement an immediate ceasefire. Full humanitarian access must be assured, opened, and protected.

Of course, Coons was not  condemning “violence” but demonizing PM Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afewerki.

Coons did not even mention the monstrous terrorist TPLF criminals who were solely responsible for the violence and destruction Coons condemned.

Contrast Coons with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy.

On November 4, 2020, the day after the TPLF attack, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had made the U.S. position clear:

The United States is deeply concerned by reports that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front carried out attacks on Ethiopian National Defense Force bases in Ethiopia’s Tigray region on November 3… The United States stands with the people of Ethiopia and will work with all who are committed to peace, prosperity, democracy, and the rule of law.

Pompeo and the Trump administration were demonstrably principled and unequivocal. No U.S. support for terrorists!

On November 15, 2020, Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy tweeted,

The United States strongly condemns the TPLF’s unjustifiable attacks against Eritrea on November 14 and its efforts to internationalize the conflict in Tigray.

For Coons, there was moral equivalency between the legitimate government of Ethiopia and the terrorist TPLF.

It would be the same moral equivalency between the U.S. government and the Proud Boys terrorist that attacked Congress on January 6, 2021.

Except to issue in terrorem commands and pronouncements that flow from the arrogance of imperial power, Coons never acknowledged Ethiopian sovereignty, unity or dignity in the current conflict.

On December 1, 2020, Nagy gave an interview to the BBC and laid it all out:

It is important to remember here there is not equivalency.  There are not two states which have been belligerent with each other. You have a sovereign government on the one hand Ethiopia, and on the other you have a region of Ethiopia the leadership of which basically started a conflict against the government.  And interestingly enough, the Ethiopian Constitution has provisions for a region to secede from Ethiopia but, you know, the best evidence is that the Tigrean leadership did not want to secede from Ethiopia. They wanted to use the opportunity basically to overthrow the prime minister and return to the type of privilege that they had enjoyed within the Ethiopian state for the last 27 years…

On November 4, 2021, on the anniversary of the Terrorist TPLF attack on the Northern Command, Coons in concert with indicted criminal Senator Bob Menendez and Senator Jim Risch from the “Lily White State of Idaho”, introduced the “Ethiopia Peace and Democracy Promotion Act of 2021” to force the Ethiopian government to negotiate with the terrorist TPLF.

The bill’s introduction was supposed to be a special propaganda gift to the terrorist TPLF as it was introduced on the very anniversary of the TPLF terrorist attack on the Ethiopian Northern command setting off the humanitarian disaster in Tigray.

On December 6, 2021, Coons wrote a sensationalized op ed in Foreign Policy giving propaganda boost to the terrorist TPLF:

Ethiopia is sprinting toward calamity. Last week, as the rebel forces of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and their allies advanced toward the capital of Addis Ababa.

Coons further took sadistic pleasure in the pain the U.S. had inflicted on Ethiopia.

The U.S. government has responded to the crisis in Tigray by suspending security assistance to Abiy’s government, imposing targeted sanctions on those fueling the conflict and violating human rights, and revoking the preferential trade access Ethiopia has enjoyed through the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

Prophet of Doom and Gloom Coons also declared in his op-ed, “Ethiopia is at risk of becoming this generation’s Yugoslavia: a great nation and a regional leader that violently shatters along ethnic lines.”

Coons is either willfully ignorant or maliciously deceitful in overlooking the fact that it is the terrorist TPLF that created apartheid South Africa-style Bantustants called “kilils” and organized Ethiopian society according to strict ethnic, cultural and linguistic lines.

The TPLF’s aims in spreading the propaganda of a balkanizing Ethiopia along “kilil” ethnic lines (“ethnic federalism”) were two-fold: 1) As a “representative” of a minority ethnic group, the TPLF created ethnic enclaves to prevent the Ethiopian people from ever coming together at the national level and stamp out any sense of Ethiopian nationalism. 2) In the event, the TPLF is ousted from power, the kilils will serve as  powder kegs of ethnic conflagration and implosion which will allow the terrorist TPLF to sneak back to power.

Coons Yugoslav admonition on Ethiopia is nothing new. He merely parrots what the TPLF, the so-called think tanks and other know-nothing Western press-titutes have been braying for years.

In January 2019, Foreign Policy pleaded, “Don’t Let Ethiopia Become the Next Yugoslavia.”

In November 18, 2020, two weeks after the terrorist TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Northern Command, Foreign Policy began pushing “Ethiopia is about to become the next Yugoslavia canard (bull****).

In December 2020, Foreign Policy editors posed the question, “Is Ethiopia the Next Yugoslavia?”

For decades, TPLF leaders bragged Ethiopia will become another Yugoslavia if they are no longer in power.

In 2005, the late TPLF thugmaster Meles Zenawi predicted  that after his TPLF gets the boot, there will be the equivalent of an “Interahamwe-type Hutu militia which massacred Tutsis in Rwanda”.

Zenawi repeated his prediction of ethnic bloodbath time and again.

Zenawi’s sidekick and step-and-fetch it, Bereket Simon, went one step further when he predicted, “Strife between different nationalities of Ethiopia might have made the Rwandan genocide look like child’s play.”

TPLF “general” Tsadkan Gebretensaye straight up predicted civil war when the TPLF is ousted from power.

TPLF boss Abay Tsehai predicted Ethiopia will be Africa’s 21st century Rwanda. He said things in Ethiopia are getting out of control and Ethiopia and is careening into becoming the next Rwanda.

TPLF boss, Seyoum Mesfin, also expected a civil war but believed his TPLF will crush all opposition and remain dominant. In a bizarre interview, Seyoum effectively equated Ethiopians to Nazis and Tigreans to Jews in the Third Reich.

The fact of the matter is that before the terrorist TPLF created “ethnic federalism” based on “kilils”, Ethiopia was divided into 12 provinces or governates-general (taklai ghizat) and administered centrally without the legal requirement that one be a member of a particular ethnic group to live in a particular “kilil” ultimately creating a consciousness of ethnic insularity and forcing Ethiopians to abandon any sense of national identity.

In point of fact, Coons is clueless about what he is talking about!

But Coons is not as dumb as he appears.

By talking about Ethiopia as the new Yugoslavia, he is trying to use the credibility of his office and his close association with Biden to create alarm, panic, confusion and hysteria and convince  Ethiopians and the world that Ethiopian is going to hell in a handbasket and that the US must intervene military and save the the day.

On March 2, 2021, Coons tweeted,

While the Ethiopian gov’t has taken a few initial steps to open some humanitarian access & communications channels into & within Tigray, much more is needed to improve the operating environment for aid workers, scale up the response & get lifesaving assistance to all who need it.

Coons did not mention a word about terrorist TPLF attacks on humanitarian trucks, use of humanitarian tricks to transport child soldiers and obstruction of deliveries.

On March 10, 2021, Coons coordinated with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and for the first time Blinken used the term “ethnic cleansing” to describe human rights abuses he said have been carried out in the “Western Tigray” region of Ethiopia.

On March 17, 2021, Coon’s partner in dismantling Ethiopia, and co-sponsor of S.3199 (“Ethiopia Peace and Stabilization Act”) and indicted criminal, Senator Bob Menendez “called on President Joe Biden to assess whether parties to the conflict in Ethiopia are guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide.”

On March 19, 2021, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced Biden was sending Coons to “convey the administration’s grave concerns about the humanitarian crisis and human rights abuses in the Tigray region.”

The real reason was to deliver an ultimatum to PM Abiy Ahmed that if he does not negotiate with the terrorist TPLF, Ethiopia will face crippling US sanctions.

On March 23, 2021, Politico observed, Coons is

emerging as what some sources called a ‘shadow’ secretary of state for a president beset with foreign-policy challenges. He is a senior member of the Foreign Relations Committee, but it’s highly unusual for a senator who doesn’t chair a panel to travel internationally on the president’s behalf.

Truth be told, Coons was Susan Rice’s gofer. (More on that later.)

On April 17, 2021, Coons tweeted,

I’m disappointed PM Abiy has not yet fulfilled his commitments to withdraw Eritrean forces, remove obstacles to humanitarian access, & hold perpetrators of human rights abuses accountable. I’m concerned by atrocities continuing to occur across #Ethiopia—inside & outside of Tigray.

On June 9, 2021, Coons tweeted,

I look forward to continued work with @SecBlinken  to urge the Ethiopian government to fulfill its public commitments, open humanitarian access, and reach a political solution to this conflict.

On October 1, 2021, Coons tweeted,

I condemn the gov’t of #Ethiopia’s unprecedented decision to expel the leadership of UN agencies providing life-saving aid to millions across the country. The gov’t should focus on advancing peace rather than obstructing the delivery of food, medicine, & other vital supplies.

Coons did not mention the “leadership of the UN Agencies” were caught red-handed meddling in Ethiopia’s internal affairs in flagrant violation of UN rules and policies.

On March 29, 2022, the TPLF Support Troika, Coons, Risch and Menendez,  threatened to deploy the nuclear option on Ethiopia by passing S. 3199, “Ethiopia Peace and Stabilization Act.” In a statement the Troika declared:

The vote today in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will empower the Senate, if necessary, to move forward and consider the Ethiopia Peace and Stabilization Act on the floor if the progress of recent days does not hold.

On March 29, 2022, Coons under withering criticism and pressure tweeted,

If the humanitarian truce and ceasefire is upheld, this bill will not be necessary. I pray it won’t be, and as long as this peace continues, I’ll work to make sure this bill goes no further. However, my colleagues and I must be ready to pass this bill swiftly if fighting resumes.

I told Coons what I thought of him and his bill, which is presented in full in this commentary.

Chris Coons, Senator from Delaware

As Coons champions the cause of “human rights” and rides his white horse to save black Africans, what has he done for the people of Delaware?

What has he done for African Americans in Delaware?

The total population of Delaware in 2020 was 986,809. African Americans represent over 22 percent of the population.

Coons was first elected to the Senate in a 2010 special election.

Since taking office Coons has introduced dozens of bills and resolutions in the Senate.

The question is how many of them have anything to do with Delaware or the people of Delaware?

Coons sponsored/introduced 60 bills/resolutions between 2011-22 on international affairs.

Not one of them had anything to do with Delaware or the people of Delaware.

Coons sponsored/introduced 33 bills/resolutions between 2016-22 on commerce.

Not one of them had anything to do with Delaware or the people of Delaware.

Coons sponsored/introduced 18 bills/resolutions between 2014-2022 on labor and employment.

Not one of them had anything to do with Delaware or the people of Delaware.

Coons sponsored/introduced 17 bills between 2013-2022 on energy.

Not one of them had anything to do with Delaware or the people of Delaware.

Coons sponsored/introduced 15 bills between 2011-2021 on health.

Not one of them had anything to do with Delaware or the people of Delaware.

Does Coons really represent Delaware, or the people of Delaware in the U.S. Senate?

Today, 114,000 Delawareans, mostly African Americans, are “food insecure.”

“Food insecurity” is defined as a lack of consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life.

When “food insecurity” occurs in Africa, Coons, USAID, etc., are quick to call it “starvation” or “famine.”

What has Coons done to rescue 114,000 Delawareans from food insecurity?

Not a doggone thing!

On March 29, 2022 Coons tweeted:

While I’ve been encouraged by Addis’ announcement of a humanitarian truce and the TPLF’s agreement to a ceasefire last week, I still voted to advance an amended version of the Ethiopia Peace and Stabilization Act to punish parties who continue to fuel the conflict. (Italics added.)

Coons is ready and eager to punish “starving” Ethiopians with crippling sanctions than take care of his starving African American constituents.

Incredible hypocrisy!

It is like the proverbial American commander in the Vietnam War who said, “It was necessary to destroy the village to save it.”

For Coons, it is necessary to destroy Ethiopia with crippling sanctions in order to save it!

On May 30, 2020, Coons tweeted “I was proud to march today with fellow Delawareans protesting the killing of George Floyd and the unjust deaths of so many other African Americans. We must demand justice for George Floyd and actions to address structural racism.”

But when Biden signed the toothless and symbolic George Floyd Executive Order, Coons was nowhere to be seen.

Coons talks the talk and does the photo ops but does not walk the walk!

Regrettably, an executive order is not worth the paper it is written on.

Since assuming office on Jan. 20, Biden has rescinded 31 of Trump’s 220 executive orders.

There is no guarantee the next Republican president (guaranteed!) will not rescind many of Biden’s executive orders.

Senator Coons, Susan Rice’s propagandist

When Coons travelled to Ethiopia in March 2021 to “talk” to PM Abiy Ahmed as Biden’s special emissary, that was just a cover.

Coons was sent not by Biden but Susan Rice, the Princess of Darkness herself.

It was clear to anyone paying attention that Coons was talking Rice-speak. He was speaking from Rice’s script.

Every public statement, tweet, op-ed, words and phrases were the brain children of Susan Rice trying to desperately save her beloved TPLF.

The bullying, threats and imperial commands spouted by Coons were  programmed into Coons by Rice.

Rice’s diabolical plan to restore the terrorist TPLF to power was guided by what I call the “Battle of Jericho” strategy.

According to Joshua 6:1–27, the walls of Jericho fell after the Israelites marched around the city walls once a day for six days and seven times on the seventh day then blew their trumpets.

On the seventh day, the tumult of their shouting and the rams’ horns caused the wall to collapse. The Israelites then captured Jericho.

Rice believed if she could get everyone from Joe Biden, US senators, members of the House of representatives, Western press-titute media, international human rights pimps and the rest to blow their trumpets of “genocide”, make tumult and shout out  “ethnic cleansing”, sound the drumbeats of  “human rights violations”, create hysteria about “humanitarian access” and declare, “Ethiopia is on the verge of implosion in ethnic warfare.  TPLF is on the verge of taking power.  All Americans must leave Ethiopia”, in the U.N., the U.S. Congress, the US State Department, the European Union, etc. and mobilize international public opinion, Ethiopia will crumble and fall like the walls of Jericho and the TPLF can capture power.

Rice and Co. found out Ethiopia’s wall is built out of diamond bricks – unbreakable unity, defiant sovereignty and uncompromisable dignity!

But Coons, Rice, Biden and the whole lot of them should know one thing for sure. Humpty Dumpty terrorist TPLF ain’t never coming to power even if hell freeze over and the devil goes ice-skating.

Or recalling my earlier doggerel:

Humpty Dumpty TPLF sat on a crumbling wall, (“kilil”)
Humpty Dumpty TPLF had a great fall (when it attacked the Northern Command)
All Queen Susan’s horses and all the TPLF king’s men
Won’t be able to put Humpty Dumpty TPLF together again.

Is Chris Coons in any moral position to lecture and hector Ethiopia on human rights?

Coons needs to step back and see and examine what he is doing.

He should see himself in the mirror of the abyss.

He pretends to carry flag of human rights and right the wrongs he sees in Ethiopia.

He is toiling to right the wrongs he sees by creating in his own image monsters of nations and people.

Those who seek the Holy Grail of human rights often become the instruments of an Unholy Monster of hubris and dogmatism.

Coons got a first class “liberal education” at Amherst College.

Liberal education is a philosophy of education that helps develop the individual holistically.

The aim is to provide individual broad knowledge and transferable skills, but most importantly, instill a strong sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement and develop the capacity for critical thinking on social, political and economic issues.

Young Coons started by examining his “assumptions about America and world relations,” its “hubris and dogmatism” and the “myth of equal opportunity in America.”

He began to “suspect the ideal of America as ‘a beacon of freedom and justice, providing hope for the world’ was not exactly based on reality.”

Coons was guided by three questions, which he did not answer:

“What do other nations think of us? Can private enterprise and democracy solve the problems of developing nations? Is Marxism an evil ideology, leading millions into totalitarian slavery?

In his examination, Coons learned about the “horrible failures made possible by American hubris and dogmatism.”

In 2022, Coons is the personification and deification of American hubris and dogmatism in Ethiopia.

Coons and his handler Susan Rice believe they can break Ethiopia’s back by crippling sanctions while preaching the bogus gospel of human rights.

The fact is neither Coons, Biden nor Rice give a rat’s ass about human rights in America or Ethiopia.

Since Coons became senator in 2010, the U.S. State Department has issued its Annual Country Human Rights Report on Human Rights Practices.

Between 2010 and 2018 when the terrorist TPLF was in power, the US State Department released 8 such reports detailing the gross human rights violation of the terrorist TPLF.

In its 2011 report on Ethiopia, the State Department reported widespread human rights abuses including “unlawful or arbitrary killings by security forces, forced disappearances by government forces; torture; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention by security forces; political prisoners; interference with privacy; censorship and site blocking; substantial interference with the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of association…

In its 2018 report on Ethiopia, the State Department reported exactly the same expansive human rights violations.

At no time since Coons became senator has he lifted his voice to condemn or protest human rights violations by the terrorist TPLF in Ethiopia.

Not once.

Today, Coons is the chief architect of US crippling sanctions against Ethiopia!


Coons is the gofer of the chief architect of US crippling sanctions against Ethiopia, the Princess of Darkness Susan Rice.

Just like Princess Susan was the chief architect of  crippling sanctions against Eritrea in 2009.

Today, Coons believes the Biden administration can dictate what is best for Ethiopia.

When Coons set off to Kenya from Amherst College, he took with him three questions.

I shall rephrase, update and answer Coons questions.

I. What do Ethiopians think about the Biden administration’s interference in their internal affair?

I would argue with certainty that 99.9 percent of Ethiopians are deeply disappointed about the Biden administration’s unashamed support for the terrorist TPLF.

Ethiopians deeply resent and are apoplectically enraged by the Biden administration’s flagrant interference in their internal affairs.

Specifically, Ethiopians resent and condemn the ongoing and relentless efforts of the Biden/Rice administration’s

1) relentless efforts to restore the terrorist TPLF to power.
2) campaign of lies, fake news and disinformation and demonization of Ethiopia.
3) coordinated effort to thwart and discredit Ethiopia’s first democratic elections.
4) use of crippling sanctions to force Ethiopia to negotiate with the terrorist TPLF, and
5) economic and psychological operations (PSYOPS) warfare against Ethiopia.

II. Can America’s arm-twisting, knee-capping and crippling sanctions solve Ethiopia’s internal, regional and international problems?

There are three answers to this question.


Hell No!

And what part of No /hell no do you not understand?

Some inconvenient truths must be preached to the Biden administration.

Ethiopia has been around as a nation  much longer than the United States.

Before the English barons in 1215 slapped King John with the Magna Carta, arguably the bedrock legal foundation for modern Western legal systems, demanding that he subordinate himself to the “law of the land” (rule of law), Ethiopian kings were practicing the rule of law which they codified in the Fetha Nagast in 1240, 547 years before the U.S. Constitution was written (1787).

Ethiopia defeated the mighty Italian Army on March 1, 1896 in a battle that lasted for one-half day though it is reported as having lasted two days.

Emperor Menelik II’s victory at Adwa over the Italians has been described as “one of the great military campaigns of modern history.”

When America declared independence in 1776, Edward Gibbon, the great  historian of Western civilization, wrote of the need to defend the Ethiopians, then called “Abyssinians, an unwarlike people from the Barbarians who ravaged the inland country and the Turks and Arabs who advanced from the sea-coast in more formidable array.”

Gibbon wrote the Abyssinians were interested in a “rational project of importing the arts and ingenuity of Europe; and their ambassadors at Rome and Lisbon were instructed to solicit a colony of smiths, carpenters, tilers, masons, printers, surgeons, and physicians, for the use of their country.”

In 1896, Rome did not send a “colony of smiths”. Rome sent a colonial army to subjugate Ethiopia. That colonial army suffered ignominious defeat at the Battle of Adwa.

Gibbon was right. Ethiopians have always been about three things: PEACE, PROSPERITY and PROGRESS!

Ethiopia does not need to be told how to handle its affairs by the U.S. or any other foreign power.

The Italians, along with many others, have tried to dictate how Ethiopians should run their affairs. They were ALL defeated.

It is important to learn from history!

III. Is the Obama/Biden New World Order an evil system leading millions into globalized neoliberal slavery?

On March 24, 2022, Biden addressing the Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly Meeting, which included the bosses of General Motors, Apple and Amazon, concluded his remarks by saying:

Now is a time when things are shifting. We’re going to – there’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.

Biden is talking about a reinvention of the Obama/Biden New World Order (OB/NWO) organized by a secretive global power elite with a globalist agenda conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian one-world government which will replace sovereign nation-states.

This ain’t no conspiracy theory. It is a fact now publicly admitted by Biden!

The OB/NWO today operates through global multilateral organizations and in concert with domestic elite groups who orchestrate significant political and financial events, ranging from causing systemic crises to pushing through controversial national policies in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination.

“Human rights” is one of the powerful weapons of the OB/NWO.

“Human rights” is the Trojan Horse of the OB/NWOers.

By mouthing off the sugary language of human rights, OB/NWOers seek to morally disarm nations, demonize and dehumanize them and subjugate them to their diabolical plans.

Americans must say NO to OB/NWO, NOW!

Ethiopia, the white liberal, his White Man’s Burden and the teachings of Martin Luther King

In his “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote about his disappointment about the “white moderate” (liberals).

Dr. King wrote:

I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.

I will put it more bluntly than Dr. King.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of forked-tongue white liberals carrying the White Man’s Burden on their shoulders, the apocrypha gospel of human rights in one hand and alms in the other running around Africa threatening crippling sanctions.

I have reached the unregrettable conclusion that Africa’s great stumbling block in its  stride toward freedom, autonomy and sovereignty is the white liberal politician (and their black lapdogs) in the U.S. Congress, the White House, No. 10 Downing Street and Westminster Hall, the EU, etc.,  who professes human rights while practicing imperial wrongs; arrogant, hubristic, self-righteous and sanctimonious thugs who prefer to pontificate about abstract rights than doing the right thing and preach peace but practice economic, political, diplomatic and military warfare to ensure the dominance of the New World Order they are secretly building.

I got no problems dealing with Republicans. I can handle their straight talk . They say what they mean and mean what they say.

Republican President Donald Trump said he does not give a damn about “s***hole countries” and will not interfere in their internal affairs.

I can live with that. I got no problems with that!

dealing with Republicans is not like dealing with the chameleon democRATs.

Ethiopian wisdom teaches, “One must never put a deadly snake in one’s pocket believing it is domesticated and tame.”

So it must be when Ethiopians deal with white liberal snakes!

Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but verify.”

I say, “Trust white liberals about as far as you can thrown them!”


Remember, remember 8th November, 2022 DD Day — Drive DemocRATs and DemocraTICK party outta Congress Day!

1 thought on “Senator Chris Coons: Bearded Marxist in Kenya, Bald/Bold Interventionist in Ethiopia”

  1. Easy Brother AL, easy! Whether the congress is controlled by Democrats or Republicans Good Ole USA has been pouring billions into the nation’s coffers of the old country mainly destined to the projects intended to improve the well being of the citizens. As its foreign policy USA does not endorse those who are hell bent to split up that nation. Because of such consistency I decide my best choice at the ballot box based on the issues that affect my constituency in particular and the nation in general. Inflation is way up and at front these days. Whoever comes up with a better plan is going to win the election. Democrats are up to the task and I don’t know how they will be able to stop the shellacking barreling at them next November. But whether they win or lose USA’s generous hands will not be retracted from helping those innocent black folks. Meanwhile we all have the rights to criticize officials including legislators and I wish we don’t use their physical attributes in doing so. After all ruckus back and forth on the house floor, debates and political rallies, at the end of the day this bastion of democracy will go on being so because it was created and nurtured by the eternal golden rule of brotherly/sisterly love.

    Peace y’all!!!

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