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Scramble For  Africa in The Twenty First Century

Hager Wodad
July 7, 2021

History shows there was tremendous competition among European nations to acquire colonies in the African continent in the 18th and 19 centuries . They came to Africa with the bible in hand to preach the word of God and about the kingdom of heaven and civilize these brute Africans.

Europeans among themselves knew they were competing for sphere of influence and natural resources. The savage Africans needed civilizing and Europeans justified their crusade (i.e devastating wars) under the slogan “Glory of God and Gold” as they killed, destroyed, and enslaved millions of Africans. They divided the African people so they fight against each other and many examples can be sighted ..(Nigeria being one).

Despite the devastating wars, there was Ethiopia, a country in Africa, that stood against the colonial campaigns. Italy invaded Ethiopia and was dealt a crushing defeat on March 1, 1896.

The news of an African country defeating an European country shocked the white Europeans. They could never believe a black man, King Menelik of Ethiopia, could out maneuver the Italians with their modern weapons.

Again on October 3, 1935 Italy invaded Ethiopia. This time, the black world specially African Americans in the United States supported Ethiopia and some volunteers came to Ethiopia to join the fight on the side of Ethiopia. Ethiopia stood as symbol of freedom and struggle for blacks everywhere.

Today Ethiopia is being maligned by the likes of Linda Thomas in the United Nations Security Council who is president Biden’s representative. President Biden and his administration are spewing despicable campaign towards the people of Ethiopia. He has surrounded himself with a coterie of TPLF advocates like Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and Linda Thomas.

The Ethiopian Government was forced to take the law enforcement operation on November 4, 2021 when the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked the Ethiopian Northern Defense Forces (ENDF). Immediately, the Biden administration started echoing the TPLF’s propaganda with no counter balancing input or sources.

The previous president was clear how he felt about Africa and African Americans. President Biden’s approach to Africa raises some questions. Is his approach really different from Trump?

He has taken the TPLF’s lies and propaganda lock, stock and barrel. So has Linda Thomas in the United Nations Security Council spewing “vast displacement”, “countless human right abuses”, “famine and starvation”, “killing of civilians”, “systematic rape of women and girls” etc..

These charges that Linda Thomas is referring to are a direct reproduction of the TPLF propaganda campaign of lies as expressed by a diaspora TPLF hack Alula Solomon and the internal Tigrai Media House that crank out daily lies.

The question that needs to be asked is . Why is the United States echoing and misinforming the world when it fully knows the TPLF is the initiator of the crises by attacking the ENDF? US is also rallying allied Western European countries on the lying campaign through their media.

Europeans have done this in 18th and 19th centuries for scramble of Africa, but today’s campaign is being waged by the United States.

The Biden administration has put blacks in the forefront to hide its anti-African policies. In the year of Black Lives Matter, with black brothers and sisters in the US Senate, the US Congress and the administration, it seems they are pushing Biden’s policies to weaken Ethiopia, without question.

Ethiopia is a strong and a moral African country with rich, dignified anti-colonial history and home of the African Union, a symbol of African unity on the African continent.

We have seen actions mirroring questionable motives within the US before. For example, often times prominent black Americans like Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson are met with slanderous assumptions. They were accused and charged with rape and child abuse. To this day no one “really” knows the truth about Michel Jackson and Bill Cosby. We see our African American brothers and sisters murdered by police and victimized by systemic racism that is shockingly rampant with no end in sight.

The US is now accusing the ENDF as rapist of woman, girls and children. To the West, the ENDF is a savage and indiscriminate killer, rampaging through Tigrai, destroying everything that stands in its way. You get the picture.

African blacks, particularly Ethiopians are still African savages. The US is selling and trying to achieve this through fake media institutions like CNN, New York Times ,The Guardian, Washington Post, BBC …..who propagate and recycle the same horryfing news month after month.

US hopes to achieve its objective of weakening Ethiopia, Ethiopia’s moral standing, and her prestige in Africa and the world using black faces (sometimes outright uncle Toms and aunt Jemimas). The black world and Africa should not allow this to happen.

Secretary Blinken is misinformed and his imperial power projection comes through very clearly and shows how much distaste he has for Ethiopia. He is telling Ethiopia do this or else. Somehow somebody forgot to tell Secretary Blinken Ethiopia is a sovereign country not a US territory.

We call on all people around the world and black leaders and all US friends of Ethiopia and countries of Africa to rally together and stop this madness of president Biden under the guise of fighting China in Africa.

The scramble for Africa is happening today by weaponizing a collective Western media with horrifying words like rape of woman, girls and children, human right abuses etc…

In 17th and 18th centuries it was “God and Gold” . Today it is protection of human rights, feed the hungry..etc.

The agenda of yesteryears and today’s are essentially the same.


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