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Press Statement of Ned Price, State Department Spokesperson

The United States notes with grave concern unconfirmed new reports alleging egregious human rights abuses, atrocities, and destruction of civilian infrastructure by Tigrayan forces in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia. We call on all armed actors to renounce violence against civilians. We also urge authorities to investigate these reports to determine their veracity and to commit to inclusive, transparent processes to hold responsible parties accountable.

The United States reiterates our support for diplomacy as the first, last, and only option to cease hostilities, just as we call for an end to human rights abuses and violations; negotiations without preconditions; unhindered humanitarian access; and the start to inclusive national dialogue.


6 thoughts on “Press Statement of Ned Price, State Department Spokesperson”

  1. The behind the scene and de facto secretary of state for the state department is Mrs. Susan Rice and she is known to be a close friend and supporter of the TPLF. This collusion is the main reason for the misguided and counterproductive policy of the US towards Ethiopia. The US public should be made aware of the role of Mrs. Rice and her cabal in the state department in damaging and undermining the long standing relationship between Ethiopia and the US:

  2. American State Department and its entities – Why are you not sending a group of investigators and see for yourself instead of echoing from afar. Tigrean forces are Nazi soldiers. They are evil incarnate. You have been supporting and arming them for 27 years and you still are defending them for no valid reason. The American stance on the current Ethiopian conflict is an insult to all peace and democracy loving people of the world. You have sided with evil. You have fabricated news, pressured the UN and countries to side with you on the issue with out a grain of truth. Furthermore, you took the Kool Aid given to you by paid lobbyist on behalf of the TPLF and its impeded agent and you have drunk it with no qualm. America needs to wake up and stand for the rights of the masses not just for their own interest alone. Siding with the TPLF was the last straw for me to say the America I know is no longer standing with justice but terror groups. That is what the TPLF is. Go see for yourself. Do not listen to the government of Ethiopia or Aid agents or anyone, go find it for yourself. What you will witness is the opposite of what has been feed to you in the last year or so. Let us be objective and call a spade a spade.
    Once again do not tell us anything about media coverage and cry wolf TPLF agents and paid former government officials of the US and EU or the UN what they are saying. They all are worthless bunches who have been tricked by CNN, BBC and many other media outlet coverage of the conflict. TPLF is fascist. Ask the Tigrean people they will tell you. Ask former TPLF leaders that are sheltered in Western countries. They are the best source of the truth. What we are witnessing in the Afar, Amhara region is utter madness of the TPLF atrocities. No one should support such sadistic group no matter how big the pay out is. They are devilish. America must stand for the weak and defenseless. That is who they killed and raped and took every little thing back to their home base Tigray. It is high time for the American government to wake up.

  3. Yetesfa Chilanchile

    Why u been so late on saying spade a spade???????????? Truth prevails at one time though you were and still playing the game on acting by TPLF group. Thanks to God!! The world knows everything for the mess doing.

    Long live to Ethiopia!!

  4. The use of the term ‘ unconfirmed’ by the spokesperson may upset some folks among us but for someone from a position of power cannot say for sure about any atrocities unless they are investigated by independent groups and confirmed. That is a discipline(protocol) for such officials everywhere. Otherwise he would end up having Governor Beshar’s moment when he told us there were at least 70 dead at the candle’s factory in Mayfield, Kentucky but as of today there were only 8 dead and 8 missing at that factory. Now it is up to the Ethiopian Human Rights Council to travel to the location and investigate pronto. Then Mr. Ned Price cannot refute the council’s report because it was just rated grade ‘A’ by the UN.

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