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Israeli Knesset Member Urges US to Stand with People, Gov’t of Ethiopia


Israeli Knesset member and former Deputy Public Security Minister Gadi Yevarkan has urged the US administration to stand with the people and sovereign government of Ethiopia to bring an amicable solution to the challenges in the country.

Yevarkan made the remark in a letter he wrote to the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stating that “As pound member of the Ethiopia Jewish Israel, I am writing to you to express my concerns on the US policy towards Ethiopia.”

He said that the violence against civilians in Amhara and Afar are worrying and so is the humanitarian situation in the affected areas including Tigray.

Millions of people in various party of country are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance he said, adding “It is time to act with prudence to avert the crisis.”

“I believe the United States government should send a clear message asking the opposition forces to renounce violence and call to end the conflict in Ethiopia in peaceful ways,” he underlined.

Ethiopia is in the midst of building new democracy system, based on values and advanced by the US, Yevarkan pointed out.

He recalled that the world has recently witnessed the active participation of millions of Ethiopian citizens in free elections that took place few months ago, following which a new government was elected, headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

He urged that the international community need to solidify the democratic process and nurture the efforts of the people and government of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a strong ally to the US and the state of Israel he said, stressing “I appeal to you and United State Administration to take decisive action to prevent the suffering of the people by demanding the opposition to stop violence.”

“It is time to work with all parties to advance peace. I would like to ask you to stand with the people of Ethiopia. I believe that the US will adopt a fair approach to encourage and work with the sovereign government of Ethiopia to bring an amicable solution,” Yevarkan stressed.

He said “I hope your efforts will enable Ethiopia to forge a long-term and sustainable peace. You can change the course of history by engaging the government in a more positive and productive way.”

He expressed that stand ready to cooperate and work with you to achieve these goals, for the well-being of all the people of Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia is my country of origin, and our community maintains our bond with our relatives who still live in Ethiopia. We pray for peace and prosperity of Ethiopia.”

Ethiopia seen as an ancient nation with a rich cultural heritage, were Jewish people lived together with their fellow countrymen for millennia. The safety, security and stability of Ethiopian people is of paramount importance to all of us in Israel, he underlined.

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    Thank you sir for your valuable support for the old country you left behind like the rest of us. I hope and pray that your and other concerned folks’ effort will bear fruit.

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