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The Ethiopian American community has supported Congresswoman Karen Bass for decades. She has, unfortunately, chosen to support TPLF’s brutal ethnic-dictatorship and the rampant atrocities it perpetrated against our people through her silence.

Most recently, following the TPLF’s treasonous attack against the Ethiopian National Defense Forces to overthrow the government, Congresswoman Bass:

• Never condemned this terrorist act by the TPLF even after the US Department of State condemned it as an attempt to overthrow Prime Minister Abiy.

• She never condemned TPLF’s ethnic cleansing of Amharas in Mai Kadra despite irrefutable evidence and wide coverage by Human Rights organization around the world.

• She has refused to acknowledge TPLF’s use of child-soldiers despite being presented with a plethora of evidence including evidence from the New York Times and actual testimony from child-soldiers.

• Never condemned TPLF’s atrocities; mass execution of elders and children, widespread rape, and pillaging of hospital equipment.

• After returning from her trip to Ethiopia, in what sounded more like a bad joke, she said she heard that the truck drivers didn’t want to go back! As an excuse for TPLF’s confiscation of over 300 UN trucks that were used to transport food and medicine to the people in Tigray and using them to transport soldiers, including child-soldiers, into Amhara territories.

• Never criticized, much less condemned TPLF when it rejected the Ethiopian Government’s unilateral ceasefire and expanded the war into Amhara territories.

On the contrary, she has sponsored a bill, H.Res445, which places the Ethiopian government and our Ethiopian National Defense Forces on the same footing as the TPLF and refers to them as “belligerents in the conflict”.

Ethiopian Americans and all people of conscience must express their disappointment at the ballot box and ask everyone, including her supporters:

• Is it fair to ask the African Diaspora, indeed any fair-minded, conscientious person to vote into office a politician that looks the other way when an ethnic dictator, the TPLF, threatens to pitch the over 3,000 different ethnic groups in Africa against each other and turn Africa into a fratricidal bloodbath?

• Should a politician who does not have the backbone to condemn ethnic division in Africa be allowed to be mayor of the most ethnically diverse city in the entire United States?

• Should a politician who lacks the courage, the moral fortitude to condemn the use of child-soldiers in Africa, by the TPLF, be rewarded by being allowed to become mayor of the great city of Los Angeles?

We say NO! to Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles


The House Foreign Affairs Committee’s (HFAC) is planning to pass the new resolution on Ethiopia, H.Res445 – amended, on October 21, 2021 for consideration by the full House of Representatives

Although this revised resolution appears to be more balanced compared to the previous version, it has several important factual omissions.

It fails to mention:

– TPLF’s use of child-soldiers in its invasion of Amhara and Afar towns. This, despite being presented with a plethora of evidence including by the New York Times and actual testimony given by captured TPLF child-soldiers.

– the widely reported and documented massacres of Amhara civilians by the Tigray People’s

Liberation Front (TPLF) in the Amhara Region,

– the ongoing ethnic-cleansing campaign by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) in the Oromia Region, and

– the atrocities being committed by Gumuz militias in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region

Although the humanitarian crisis in the Amhara and Afar regions, caused by the TPLF’s invasion, is larger in magnitude than that in the Tigray Region, there is no mention of it.

There is also no mention of the fact that Amharas in TPLF-occupied areas have no access to telecommunications or humanitarian assistance. The resolution’s omission of the scale of human suffering and lack of access to humanitarian assistance in the Amhara Region is alarming.

The resolution calls for the investigation of atrocities is centered on the Tigray Region with atrocities in other areas made secondary.

The resolution is misleading in that it paints a picture of an Ethiopian defense coalition made up of Amhara regional forces and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces without any mention of Afar regional forces, along with forces from all regions in Ethiopia



  1. On may 19, 2021 the Senate passed S.Res97 sponsored by eleven Democrats and Seven Republicans. On May 28, 2021 the House of Representatives introduced H.Res445 sponsored by Four Republicans and 23 Democrats.
    Both the Senate and the House resolutions, not only weigh the Ethiopian Government as equal to the atrocious terror group TPLF but also places the blames on the former, the Ethiopian Government, almost absolving the later ( TPLF). Both the Senate and the House Resolution (S.RES 97 and H.RES.445) have magnified the culprit in the conflict TPLF as victim and the Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments as aggressors.
    Both the Senate and the House Resolutions were sponsored and spearheaded by Democrats to undermine the Ethiopian Government and to bolster the terror group TPLF and its allies. Democrats in name, but rooting for lies and deceptions. What a disappointment voting for Democrats or Republicans for that matter!

  2. A call to unite Africa:

    ALL Ethiopian and Eritrean, the African Diaspora, African Americans and Americans care fro Africa.

    Please forward this article to friends , to African American advocates, churches and other important places throughout in USA.

    You can make a difference!

    Thank you.

    Mr. Adam

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