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President Isaias Afwerki has sent Message of congratulations

FA3Vy95X0AAqnd7In his message, President Isaias underlined: “Eritrea and Ethiopia have gone a long way in past three years to turn chapter of confrontation and hostility and lay groundwork for robust peace and friendship between the two sisterly countries, with its positive implications to wider Horn of Africa region”.

FA3Vy96WUAUbV7DPresident Isaias further stated: ” I trust and am hopeful that the trajectory the two countries have embarked on will be further enhanced and consolidated in the period ahead in spite of efforts by negative external forces of regression that seem bent on turning back the clock of history”.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Eritrea

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  1. Let me guess correctly why Brother Isaias did not attend the inauguration. That is because two days ago the gold race commander-in-chief Field Marshall Debre had sent his gold race commando unit and captured Asmara taking Brother Isaias and entire cabinet along with his army prisoners. All that inauguration video you saw were fake and those African leaders shown at the ceremony were all fake body doubles. How come anybody else can not think like Debre and his gold race? He put Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Marie Curie and Nicolas Tesla to shame. Done!!!!

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