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TPLF Terrorist Group Leader Debretsion Met Obasanjo Today

November 7, 2021

TPLF Terrorist Group Leader Debretsion Gebremichael met in his office with African Union special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Olusegun Obasanjo. In addition, Debretsion also met and discussed with the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths.

Both guests returned to Addis Ababa today evening.


  1. I wonder what they talked about. Will this be the way to pass messages between the US and the TPLF. They were never interested in peace to begin with. Have these so called peace seeking delegation seen the tears of mothers begging this stone heart TPLF leader not to go to war before all this happened? He mocked then. Will he do the same at this critical time? No one really knows. Peace negotiating after all these destruction and killings? That’s what a mindless leader does. All their supporters and peace time calculations to grab power again has evaporated with their soldiers to the blue sky. Now they may have realized they are not going to make it to Addis Ababa. They are being killed and driven out from the areas they are controlling by the peasants and the youth with unceasing determination. All that talk and formation of alliances here and there is now into the wind. The intoxication of TPLF fighters using ” Puff puff pass” or the token (TPLF magic) that were given to the youth to hang around their necks to protect them from incoming bullets did not work. They have fallen as they killed.
    Despite the falsified Western media support and the US helping the TPLF, the Ethiopian people are rejecting any interference from any country especially from the USA in their own affairs. The most incredible fact about the US foreign policy is they are supporting the most homegrown ruthless group that killed, prisoned and tortured millions of Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic group for 27 years. One may ask why is America so blind to the facts on the ground? Trust me, they know the truth. They have an affinity to destroy stable countries and for some unknown reason that makes them feel good. What a travesty of a foreign policy!
    A day or so ago, we were told by different media outlets nine different political groups were uniting to fight the central government in Ethiopia. The fanfare of these stooges were orchestrated and planned by the US. On one hand they are sending an envoy to Ethiopia to have a talk and on the other hand they are organizing an opposition group in Washington DC. Ethiopia does not need any political group to fight from abroad. The country is open and free for all who denounce armed struggle to be at home and present their view and win through the voting system. However, the goal of these so called opposition group are to be future horses to be ridden by the USA and other third party powers who are closely allied with the USA. Their aim is to cause harm and the fragmentation of the country. Woe to the whole world if that does happen to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is not Yugoslavia. The devastation will be far reaching and heart wrenching. It is high time for the US and other Western countries to base their actions on facts. Realities on the ground tell us a different story. The TPLF is the most hated group in Ethiopia because of their actions. They are the most sadistic and ruthless group that walked the land of the Ethiopians. They must be defeated or surrender to have peace in the horn of Africa. I arrest my case. Enough said!

  2. I hope and pray Brother Obasanjo will somehow be able to get these two leaders to terms where Debre will unconditionally recognizes the current federal administration is a democratically elected government and Tigray will remain as one of the regions in the federation. He also will order his troops to disarm to a level proscribed by the constitution at par with other regions. The federal government will also suspend all the air raids and order all other regional forces assembled near Tigray to stand down but stay on the alert. All provocations will stop on both sides. Both sides will agree to bring those who committed crimes against unarmed civilians and captured soldiers to justice in open and fair courts. I don’t think if these are possible but I believe this is a good start to bring this senseless and destructive conflict between brothers to an end. Neither the two can thumb their noses at this mediation sanctioned by the rest of Africa. Debre, stop it! Abiy, stop it! Enough, enough, enough with that.

  3. What a joke..the hell with you journalist people’s…you will try to spread rumors…that is a joke…I will say it again that is fake news…

    You should post this instead…TPLF will crumble at the feet of Ethiopian warrior at the battle front…that is what is happening and will continue until each junta is dead… Ethiopia will not become the next Afghanistan.
    #stay away with your false pretenses

  4. So the strategy seems to be repackaging a terrorist organization. Visit by Obasanjo (AU envoy) and UN Under-Sec to legitimize a leader of a terrorist org (by flying in for a meeting “in his (Mekelle) office”). Second step would be to bring back “whatever” to a sitting government. Any rejection of “preconditions” set by Tplf would be taken as rejection of peaceful transfer and hence grounds for violent “regime change” by the newly Washington-Tplf organized “Ethiopian multiparty!” Sound familiar?

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