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PM Abiy calls on “our people” to temporarily hold occasional affairs, organize and march via legal manner to”prevent, reverse & bury terrorist TPLF”

October 31, 2021

PM Abiy Ahmed called on “our people to temporarily hold occasional affairs, organize and march through legal manner with every weapon and power/might in order to prevent, reverse and bury the terrorist TPLF that has come to the destruction” of the country.

The statement by PM Abiy was released shortly after the Amhara state Council issued nine point resolution declaring, among others, suspending the regular activities by all government institutions in the state and state-wide curfew.

PM Abiy said that the “terrorist TPLF group continues to be a scourge for Ethiopia, like an evil boy who burden his mother with a scourge of an evil.” He accused the TPLf of being inspired by “its hate propaganda,” and said “with the forces it had mobilized, the TPLF has opened fire on four fronts, and continued its activities of pushing the country to its demise.”

The National Defense Forces and patriotic Ethiopian forces who refused to accept the attack on their motherland have joined hands to defend against the attack on Ethiopia on all fronts, PM Abiy said, and added that all “attempts by the enemy were being thwarted by the ground army and in the air.”

Realizing that its attacks on all fronts will not work, the TPLF has recently brought all its force to the Wollo front, the PM said, and accused the TPLF that it has “assembled everyone from 12-year-olds to 65-year-olds” for “two main reasons.” The first is in order for its forces not to lose hope and to boost their moral, the TPLF is wishing to score victory on the Wollo front. The second is its do or die attempt to replace its heavy weapons that were destroyed by the recent air strikes by the Ethiopian air force. Eager for victory, “the enemy has lost a large number of troops on the Wollo front,” and “our heroic army are battling in all fronts by paying sacrifices,” the PM said.

“In the future the enemy will gather its remaining forces and carry out similar attacks,” the PM said, and cautioned that “knowing that the source of our adversity is our weakness and neglect, we must be vigilant and be watchful. Our number is strength when we stand together and understand [each other]. Our separation is convenient for the enemy. If we can listen to and cooperate with each other, the power of the enemy will begin to crumble,” he said.

Therefore, PM Abiy called on “our people” to “temporarily hold occasional affairs and organize and march through legal manner with every weapon and power/might in order to prevent, reverse and bury the terrorist TPLF that has come to the destruction. This great nation has not overcome great historical challenges by standing and watching on the sides or being content with just a few victories. We have defeated the attacks by standing together and standing guard with perseverance for our country.”



  1. Dear Neighbor Amharas and my own Oromos,

    I hope one glaring fact has come to you just like it did to me yesterday. It was a sudden aha moment for me. Suddenly I came to know the fact that we don’t really don’t know how to fight. We have gone through so much evolution that we now have ourselves not cut out to fight, We are content to be so aroused by listening to our gerersaas and zeraaf battle cries. That was what I found out yesterday. I accidently came across an old cassette that has a recording of a traditional gerersa belched by an Itu young warrior. I listened to it once and told myself ‘beeees!'(repeat) and listened to it again. At the end of the 2nd play I found myself ready to go to war. In my comfy home, that is! Then I started shaking in fear. That was the aha moment I am talking about. We Oromos don’t know how to fight. You Amharas are just like me and my Oromos. You don’t know to fight and you get scared just thinking about it. I can prove it to you. You see it now. There are about 32 million Amharas and about 41 million Oromos in the old country with a combined population of 73 million. You can see it now that these 73 million people are being beaten like a bank robber in the old Wild West and chased by less than 6 million people. We are so cowards that we run 3 days before the enemy arrives. We have produced individuals who know better how to tell lies than military science. Pardon me, I have to run because the rest of my Oromos has cut and run already. I have to catch up with them before Debre grabs my tuchus. Gold race is coming! Gold race is coming!!! Gold race is coming!!!!

  2. This guy has no sense of shame or embarrassment when he keeps talking about any issue not based on the bitter reality on the ground but according to his political personality of illusion and delusion. He is the guy who did not do to stop if not mitigate the very unprecedented sufferings and bloodshed of millions and millions of innocent citizens for more than three years. Alas! he didn’t even have some element of morality and humanity to express his condolences to immediate families of genocide victims and the people of Ethiopia in general. He didn’t not have a sense of at least moral obligation to declare a one day mourning by making the national flag flew half. Is this the head of a government the Ethiopian people deserve? Alas! Doesn’t he have any clue why and how his excessive and senseless lie has made and keep making the country the land of misery and bloodshed? Doesn’t he have some grain of shame when he tries to tell the people to fight just a mob fight because his military forces have terribly failed to do so? Alas! is it not politically idiotic and morally bankrupt political personality? Why he tells this very outrageous story after he let TPLF march from Tigray all the way down to Dessie? This is not only idiotic idea but also criminal political personality!
    He must be told clearly and straightforwardly that he must take deep breath and search his lost soul right away, not later!!

    ሀሃሳብ እና አስተያትዎን ይስጡ

  3. I do think all Ethiopians need to come and and have the D-Day in the future and on just one daygo out and attack at unison in every town all these ethnic zelots from every ethnic group to have lasting peace. We do not have any military leaders with any moral or decency to care for the general public except political parrots and with the society so fragmented the only possible way is to organize clandestinely for the D-Day event and do as much as possible urban and gorilla fighting that the only language these goons understand and the same ambush TPLF did for ENDF using Tigrean population should also be prepared for TPLF expansionist. Make their life’s as misserqble as to hate they have come this far. I think the Ethiopian patriots should also have the same prepared for PP goons as well and then change this stupid constitutional order imposed on Ethiopians without any consultation. Thinking in ethnical line is not the solution but hunting these Nazis is the final solution. There is a single ethnic party that does not have its hands stained with innocent blood in Ethiopia today both in power or in opposition and only their eradication and a new constitution that the people has voted on referendum will solve the problem the country is facing. I do see a real danger of general war Wieser than in Syria coming to that country on the current path.

  4. Coolie, coolie, coolie!!!! Coolie, coolie, coolie!!!! Coolie, coolie, coolie!!!! O my goodness gracious! Folk, the response to my call is so overwhelming!
    I am being mobbed by 73 million individuals each yelling ‘pick me, pick me!’ They are all Amharas and Oromos. 41 million Oromos and 32 million Amharas! Not a single Somali or Afar. They are all Amharas and Oromos! Damn, damn you Oromos and Amharas!!!
    Hey Ittu! Didn’t you last time tell us these two are the backbone of the country? What happened now?
    That was a mistake by me because I was bamboozled and cheated by them. They are not the backbone but the butt of the country. Damn. damn you Amharas and Oromos! Coolie, coolie, coolie!!!! Coolie, coolie, coolie!!!! You kilaab haammaaleen!!!

  5. What did I tell in one of my comments in the past that I posted as a skit/punchline? I think I told you Debre will enter Addis/Finfine by the end of this year. I think I stretched the date just too far out. It is now moved up before the end of November, 2021. You wanna bet? Anyone of you Amharas and Oromos? Nobody hah!! That was what I thought. Bunch of sissies!!!

  6. And the big question is of ENDF ahs issues with it’s movement being passed to the TPLF why ENDF is not capable of camouflaging it’s movements like dressing up its fighters as civilians and only get ready when I am combat and moving hardware in Mon suspicious wa? All the informat that have been accused and arrested in current conflict is beuqse they did see the army on their streets of their towns not because they did have military intelligence. Moreover of you do your mov mental top secret no satellite imagery would work and if you have internal high rank tipster is more easer the counterintelligence to hunt him based on disclosure clearances. The whole thing as painted is that TDF is some sort of idolized fighters when they are just brats praying on weak civilians. The whole affair is a sole responsibility of incompetent political and military leadership. The military also is brain dead with ethnic politics as if it was in other country that care for the society would have by now ousted this incompetent government suspend this stupid constitution that is bleeding t country and declare Marshall law until power is transitioned to proper civilian body after consultation with th people of Ethiopia. I hope brave enough officers from several ethnic background and not ethnic baggage in their ideology take the right forceful steps to bring hope toillions of Ethiopians and avoid a larger bloodbath that at that time minorities will pay the hefty price everywhere. There will not be any safe place once that starts in luring in the caves of Tigray for no one.

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