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Open Letter to the Heads of Sudanese Armed Forces an Sudanese Rapid Support Force


Dr. Bekele Gessesse (


I am absolutely disheartened to hear about the ongoing devastation in the Sudan, deaths, displacements and destruction of homes and service cenres, including food, health, water and power supplies.

Sudan was a second home for me and my brother when we run away from brutal military dictatorship in Ethiopia in the 1970s, until we left for Great Britain on a scholarship.
Sudanese people were so humble and supportive. I will never forget the word ‘Fedel’, an expression of invitation to share food with any passerby whether they know you or not.
It is such a blessed people who are suffering today unnecessarily.

I would like to express the following sincere request to the main warring parties to bring back peace.

2. Agreement on a binding and lasting cease fire.

A number of cease fire pledges and agreements have been broken. There is no any alternative to agreeing on a lasting cease fire, for the sake of those millions who are in an unimaginable life crisis. I will ask you in the name of Allah. Otherwise, please do not forget the eventual inevitable consequences in the face of the International Court of Justice, like what has happened to Omar Al-Bashir.

3. Formation of a Transitional Provisional Administration for a couple of years.

This shall be composed of all stakeholders, including religious leaders, academicians, etc, until a democratically elected civilian government is formed. In the mean time they shall facilitate a national reconciliation efforts to bring back peace. Please learn from the genocidal devastations in the neighboring countries sush as Ethiopia.

4. An eventual formation of a democratically elected civilian government.

With all my best wishes, Inshaalla

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Heads of Sudanese Armed Forces an Sudanese Rapid Support Force”

  1. የኢትዮጵያ ምሁርን ነን ባዮች ነገር

    የራሷ እያረረባት የጎረቢቷን ታማስል፡፡ የራስዎ ሕዝብ እየተጨፈጨርና አገር አልባ ሲሆን ሌላ መካሪ ሲሆኑ ትንሽ አይሰማዎትም? የተመከሩት ሰዎችስ ተክ ተክ ብለው አይስቁብዎትም?

    ተምኑ አይነት ዘመን ደረስን!

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