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Open letter to Prof. Ephraim Isaac: Princeton University

NY/NJ Tristate Hope for Ethiopia
24 November 2021

We are writing you this letter as concerned Ethiopians after listening to a meeting you called to discuss the situation in Ethiopia with former TPLF (Tigray people Liberation front) Ambassador Berhane Gebremeskel, and western Ambassadors who are recently lining up against Ethiopian interests including the GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam).

How could such a meeting be fair without the presence of any pro Ethiopian guests or at least one elected official recently voted in by millions of citizens? We are appalled to see a man of your caliber calling for a meeting only with anti-Ethiopian forces. As a scholar of ancient sematic languages and civilizations, we would expect you to stand for Ethiopian civilization, democracy and its territorial integrity. Moreover, we expect you to stand against misinformation and disinformation manufactured and disseminated by western diplomats, western media and terrorist TPLF as a pretext to western interference designed to dismantle our ancient poor nation.

The TPLF regime was an extremely corrupt, ethnocentric and cruel dictatorship that assumed power for 27 years. Once ousted from power, same group hidden in Tigray was sponsoring ethnic cleansing in other regions resulting in the killings of thousands, including kids and women. Contrary to what the former Ambassador and TPLF loyalists were suggesting, Prime Minster Abiy has extended an olive branch to TPLF leaders for two long years asking them to stop destabilizing the country, until they opened war on the nation by backstabbing the northern command forces. In fact, Ethiopians forgave the corrupt Ambassador and his friends including the late security chief Getachew Assefa, who have practiced heinous torture techniques including nail extraction and testicle crushing on thousands of political prisoners.

Sad to see none of the attendees including you would challenge the TPLF Ambassador while he is spewing a TPLF cooked and debunked story of genocide. We questioned your intellectual honesty when you described the man who was lying about everything that is taking place in Ethiopia as impressive and eloquent. How could anyone listen to a rhetoric “the Ethiopian government designated all Tigreans as terrorists” and not challenge or question it?

While we understand your admiration, and friendship to former TPLF dictators, as a scholar we believe you owe millions of Ethiopians some respect by recognizing their votes matter, and their elected officials have a saying on the future of Ethiopia. Neither you nor the western ambassadors or a former corrupt TPLF official will decide the fate of Ethiopia and thanks to God that is solely in the hands of its 110 million citizens. We hope you take the initiative to set up another meeting with pro Ethiopian forces and join the No More movement that has galvanized Ethiopians and all Africans in the diaspora.


NY/NJ Tristate Hope for Ethiopia

3 thoughts on “Open letter to Prof. Ephraim Isaac: Princeton University”

  1. your comment shows that some complex with that meting I think all of I don”t know you are working with TPLF also our Pm this type of heating is not good for our country

  2. The professor must know by now that he made a big mistake by arranging the zoom discussoon. A man of peace as he claims to be he should have admonished those who called for a quick overthrow of a democraticallly elected government by violent means. But I don’t he will ever respond to this rightful leter.

  3. If this person did endorse a violent overthrow of a diplomatically elected government she may not be out of woods easily. Waging war on a friendly foreign power is criminal. It is right there in the centuries old Neutrality Act/Proclamation). It outlaws any US citizen who aids in any form any group at war with a foreign nation that is a friend of the US. Ethiopia as we all know is NOT on war footing with the US but in friendly terms. That the official relationship. Both countries are staunch allies in the fight against international terrorism. That is the official protocol. Right? So hatching, endorsing or waging war on a friendly nation is a criminal act. Am I wrong? The professor should have known better for the fact that he invited a representative of a violent group that is now accused of gross violations of human rights by killing citizens, raping women and razing public institutions to the ground. I did not make up this either. Amnesty International has reported it and even the UN has moaned about it. I know some of legal matter savvy countrymen/women will tell me the Neutral Act is not without flaws. Yes it had tied Roosevelt’s hands behind his back and prohibited him from providing much needed material assistance to Emperor Haile in the 1930’s. But this one is a different situation. Here we have a democratically elected and US friendly nation on one side and there is an outfit of murderous mobs who is hell-bent to overthrow the friendly nation by violent means. Am I wrong? Dr. Eleni; you made a big boo boo on this one. You should have politely excused yourself from this pow wow held with malice intentions. It was terribly wrong. No excuses will justify it but honest contrition is the only way out of this mess.

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