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On Ethiopia: Western Media Pushing Africa Stereotypes – Hermela Aregawi

Western media biased narrative supports armed rebels, undermines elected Ethiopian govt, & forces the stereotype that Africa is destined for war & famine. Thanks to Del Waters & @BNCNews for the opportunity to discuss these issues with Hermela Aregawi. The most interesting part is that Hermela Aregawi is from Tigrai whom TPLF is claiming to represent but speaks the truth. Listen to the video below.

1 thought on “On Ethiopia: Western Media Pushing Africa Stereotypes – Hermela Aregawi”

  1. Yetesfa Chialnchile

    You Heremela, Ethiopian Hero!!! Those western medias and fake journalists have to learn a lot from you as fairness, truth, professionalism and free from bias shall be a good quality of one journalist.

    Keep it up Hermela, even if you may not get a reward & recognition from some arrogant people, the almighty God will see for what you doing on the ground.

    Long live to Ethiopia, truth always prevail!!

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