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Former High Ranking Military Officers Laud Carefully Planned, Effective Airstrikes

2 years ago


The airstrikes on weapon depots, military training centers and other strategic locations of the TPLF were carefully planned and effective, former high ranking military officers said.

The officers told ENA stated that the airstrikes are aimed at weakening the capacity of the enemy and drying its resources.

Former army Brigadier General Kassaye Chemeda said “the targets have a huge impact on the war; so they need to be hit. They must be completely destroyed because they have impact on the war.”

Appreciating the motivation of the people to join the National Defense Force, he stressed that the enrollment should continue as the youth should play their part in strengthening the capacity of the army.

Former Colonel Tefera Eshete on his part praised the government’s ongoing airstrikes and said it should continue to crack down on strategic strongholds of the TPLF.

The TPLF terrorist group is an invading force which came to massacre people in neighboring regions, and there is no member of the army that sleeps until this group is wiped out.

“The government is taking action to save the people and must strike TPLF military bases to save the people. These institutions are the backbone of the terrorist group. The Air Force has done  amazing work in terms of hitting selected targets. This should continue.”

The Ethiopian people are fighting for the truth, the former colonel noted, adding that the international community needs to understand the reality and support the efforts to save lives.

Former Major Wondu Wolde said “the government has taken appropriate actions. The selected targets are of military importance and this is the law of war. On the contrary the TPLF fired

artillery barrage on innocent civilians in Afar Region and killed 200. Contrasted to this, there is nothing wrong with the government’s airstrikes on TPLF which is a big threat to the public.”

Both officers have presently re-joined the National Defense Force.

They finally urged Tigrayans to say no to oppression of TPLF and refuse to pay so much  sacrifice for the sake of one group.



  1. First of all I would like to thank these three military officers for their past service to the country we still close and dear to our hearts. Abiy’s ENDF may have air superiority over Debre’s forces but the reality on the ground is a different story. Debre has been rampaging through a swath of territory hundreds of miles away from Mekele. Now he is throwing a serious of punches standing at the gates of Dessie, a city of close to half a million people

    There you have it. I have said this before when Abiy’s top brass told us that Debre’s fighting power was finished, kaput!!! Every time I hear of Debre is beaten I say to myself ‘what else is lost to him now?’ He was beaten lifeless at Weldiya, Mersa and then at Haik but he is now at an artillery range of Dessie. I am asking the ENDF to evacuate Dessie now to avoid senseless massacre of civilians. Don’t you see the real picture in this? Soldiers in the ENDF don’t have the zeal and courage to fight. Instead they want to go back to the towns and villages they come from. But Debre’s soldiers are to the contrary. They don’t want to die of starvation by staying at home. Their sensible choice is to fight to end it all and die trying. We have heard their predecessors’ raw ‘heroism’ in the 1970’s and 80’s fighting Mengistu’s army. There were accounts where young fighters just walked through heavily mined fields to open safe pathways for their fighter friends behind them after being blown to pieces in the process. That is more than zeal but utter sense fatalism. They will fight you savage badgers that will shock you to numbness. Abiy does not have that. When you add ‘story’ telling top brass to that, you have the perfect formula for humiliating defeat. Those Amharas and Oromos don’t know how….forget what I’m gonna say about them. Just forget it! I am asking Abiy to surrender Dessie and then the entire country pronto. Then you can come here and join your friends scavenging at missionary canteens. What? What did you say? Minnesota? Don’t even think about it? A fearless lawyer who you fired after catching lying in his resume, will be waiting for you there!!! By firing his artillery at Dessie Debre is throwing a jab as a diversion just to deliver a crushing left hook and take Kombolcha(if it is not in his hands already) to the south. I just took a peek at Google map I can see Debre smooth sailing through Habro, Kemise, Shewa Robit, his namesake Debre Birhan and bingo, Addis Finfine. Then he will turn his fearless and triumphant face towards the next and ultimate prize, Asmara. I tell you he may find some help there too. So Brother Isaias! You better start packing up now. Modern Day Alexander the Great will be coming for you. With his satellite feeds and virtual locations he is getting you will have no chance against him. I propose Algeria for you Bother Isaias! Those Amharas and Oromos have let you down!!! Nuff said for me now!!! Folks, don’t be surprised if Dessie falls soon. I won’t!!! Then my fellow countrymen/women! Our long and painful national nightmare will not be over but to begin with another unforgiving chapter in the history of that gem of a country which produced us all!!!

  2. Dear Ittu,

    Please do not picture a romantic idealist movement that that the western media pictures about TPLF and it’s war invasion by sheer use of human waves. That is not the reality at all as you well know. The TPLF trained military are always way behind and sending I’ll trained civilians at gun point from their back. Their military strategy was always that even in 1970s. The never engaged ever any Army in open war and won but hide as civilian to infiltrate and cause havoc and then call their military to come and control caos. In fact even when they arrived in Addis 30 years ago they did send more that 5000 operatives dressed as civilian because they were afraid that they may be a military resistance in Addis from remaining DERG army members. Thiia s the degree of cowardy of your admired fighters. And they did sail to Addis in the past only because the Ahmara population allowed it as they sold them the sneak oil of protecting the Orthodox religion from the atheist DERG. This time a kind is different and the Amhara population well know how existential threat is TPLF for all Amaharas. This is not a fight for power struggle or regime change but for survival for Amharas. TPLF is bent to destroy any remaining identify of Amharas and I believe will not be tolerated. If Tigreans really are just hungry social science rules state they would rebel first against their own masters that are living in opulence with their kids loving aboard with stashed stolen money. No this is not a self right fight but ethnic based piracy movent to rule all Ethiopians by force. And if Tigreans think they will sacrifice their lives for this futile aim that already they saw nothing bringing the back 30 years ago then is their issue to think about but I do not think no Ethiopian will ever go back under TPLF rule under any circumstances. It TPLF really was about it’s people and hunger it would not even need any food aid from WFP ,US or EU as it could use the 30+ billions dollar that siphoned and have it offshore. Instead it is using is to fuel this senseless war and bribe western media and politicians on its favor. And as for war efforts looks you do not look you have any military background but all I can say is just look at it hat happened in Afar and the Hummera front and you will understand how weak is Debre fighters. And they are only causing terrorism to civilian only inhabited by moving scattered across towns. And lately not even using main roads. The only solution to defeat these kind of movement is a final assault to Tigray itself and drag down from their hideouts the war mongering leaders. I only feel sorry for About regime for notarming adequately the Amhara special forces and Fano instead of the federal army leaving b hind armament in its retreat to TPLF. Amhara firc s and the Fano can play crucial role on not only neutralizing TPLF but also those who terrorize Amharas in Oromia and other regions as continuation of TPLF policy of blaming Amahara for every problem caused by ethnic based policies. At the end of you really think those who have the need to fight for their rightful existence as a right moral fight the Amharas and Fano are the ones that will come out victorious with Abiy collaboration or not. Similar to what happened in Afar. What is different in Amhara is Amahara and Tigray culture is blended and TPLF is using that to infiltrate and weaken the Amhara society but at the muddy waters will clear and TPLF will be history not only on Amhara region but in Tigray itself. We can bet how long will that structure or statue with a ball will stand in Mekele if you want….

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