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Mr. Trump’s outrageous criminal declaration of war against the Ethiopian people

October 27, 2020

Press Release
October 27.2020


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Association of Ethiopians in Europe is a civic organization established by Ethiopians in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Ireland and partners from USA, South Africa and Quwait.

We appeal to all Humans in America and the rest of the world on Mr. Donald Trump’s Declaration of War Against Ethiopia.

Mr. Trump spoke openly to reporters when he did a telephone conversation with the presidents of Sudan and Israel by expressing his disappointment that the Ethiopian delegation did not accept the broker role he tried to do to create agreement with the trilateral three states of Africa: Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

He spoke with these words:

“So the deal was done, and it is a very dangerous situation, because Egypt is not going to be able to live that way. And they will end up blowing the dam. And I said it… and I say it loud and clear, they will blow up that dam. Bomb the dam”

Mr. Trump added and declared by fully demanding Egypt to “bomb the Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD)”

This incitation to Egypt to “bomb the dam” is not just an irresponsible and war-mongering bluff. It is a crime against humanity.

We have seriously deliberated on Mr. Trump’s outrageous criminal declaration of war against the Ethiopian people and decided to appeal to all Americans and the rest of humanity to approve immediately legal action for the crime Mr. Trump committed publicly to be taken to court and ICC. We request before and/or after the election, even if he wins the election, he should be summoned to ICC and must face legal action. In fact, he should have been taken to court already from the day he bombarded the world with this criminal “bomb the dam”

What he said “Bomb the dam” is a crime and he has said it with his voice and words; to take him to court and put him in prison, the witness is his own words. All the humanitarian organizations have to do is make the legal case and do all they can to take Mr. Trump to court in order to bring justice to restore, rehabilitate and save humanity against such crimes.

We need leaders that are humble, sincere, honest and with integrity entirely dedicated to deliver high quality public service. Trump lacks moral intelligence and he values his own interest above all else rather than doing what is much expected from leaders to serve America and the rest of humanity.

In this corona virus time, for him to do war-mongering bomb the dam is a crime of crimes never to be expected from any leader in the planet at all.

Mr. Trump also lacks knowledge about the dam by saying Egypt will lose the water flow. The dam is a water savior and no water will be lost. There will be water during drought and when there is flood the dam will also conserve and all the downstream countries will never be losers at all. Egypt has far too much water from the Red Sea, Mediterranean, desalination of recycled water and the continuation of regular water flows from the Nile with GERD saving the water and creating systematic water flows by managing the seasonal variations very intelligently and scientifically. Trump claiming the GERD will make Egypt lose water demonstrates that he lacks knowledge and is not informed properly to know about the role of GERD as water savior and not loser.

Ethiopia deserves to finish the GERD as soon as possible and the electricity that is generated can also be shared not only to Ethiopia but the region as a whole. GERD is

truly a great African exemplary project to become one of the ways to provide electricity to all the people to transform, reform, perform and develop Africa.

The negotiation managed by the Africa Union should be respected and we kindly request the whole world to support the earliest completion of the GERD for the benefit of not only Ethiopia, but also for the rest of Africa and humanity.

We firmly and sincerely ask all the humanitarian organizations, Governments, the Africa Union, the United Nations, the European Union, Russia, China, India, BRICS and the Riparian countries, Egypt and Sudan to unite and file the legal case on Mr. Trump against his “Bomb the dam” criminal declaration of war against Ethiopia. We know Mr. Trump has attacked Africa as a “shit hole”; that is an insult he did on Africa that is horrible; but what he did with “bomb the dam” is a declaration of war. It is a crime against not only Ethiopia, but all humanity in the entire planet.

Ethiopia deserves peace and stability and the external interference has imposed an ethnic divisive rule that has been now connected with the GERD. Let Ethiopia create a peaceful, democratic transition by all your support not to bomb the GERD but to undertake successfully the final completion of the GERD.

Looking very much the legal action taken on Mr. Trump to bring justice and hoping to hear from those who have taken the action soonest.


Faithfully and Sincerely,

The Association of Ethiopians in Europe.

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