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I saw Mr. Satan in Person once more!

October 27, 2020

Yinegal Belachew, Ethiopia

A friend of mine sent me an address; I wish he didn’t, of course, for I got some other headache for the day. I had enough of it due to the current grotesque shape of my country. This is the address:


I was so wrong for ages. I used to believe the white people are kind, generous, non-envying, non-jealous, brilliant, academicians, level-headed, what have you, if not all at least most of them. But this link proved me the otherwise. Especially the leading circle in every walk of life should be reckoned as devil-incarnate; they are fulfilling the end time predictions, I think. You can prove this by watching what this Satan white man speaks blatantly. Unless one is mentally sick or totally mad, as a sane human being, it is not normal for a person to present a “research” among scholars which says “Africa should be impoverished [in order for Europe and America to have their luxurious life continued].” I, as an African, as an uneducated poor citizen, as a God-fearing son of a peasant, cannot have a gut to say such self-belittling, such diabolic words in front of an audience, unless I am non-human. He is so high in the spirit of Lucifer; he is so proud of his boundless stupidity. What a shame to the so called “civilized world!” Thanks God I am not white and thanks God I am not black or yellow, either.  I am simply human.  Look how these devilish creatures are cruel; look how they are inhuman and greedy. Look how this ignorant ‘intellectual’ white man is extremely selfish to the extent of impoverishing and killing millions of Africans for the sake of securing worldly materials such as food. You see, they kill for food, like lions and hyenas do; they are no different from tigers and cats. If humans are not better than animals, what can we say? If the most learned individual turns humans into nothingness, just into edible stuff, what can we expect from the unlearned ones like Meles Zenawi and his disciple Abiy Ahmed the Grand Master of whom is Mr. Tummy Spaghetti? It is puzzling! … You know Mr. David  Dumbhead Trump; I have no words to express this mentally retarded individual. Nearly all residents of this world know his dunce nature; he uses his wallet for thinking. He uses his limitless authority to speak whatever comes in his nightmare. We heard him declare war on Ethiopia last week. He is commanding the army of Egypt to blow the GERD and stifle the breath of about 120 million people. Oh! What a courageous man he is really! This planet is full of Don Quixotic foolish men like this guy. It is surprising that the US is led by such laughable individual. Who wrote this book? “The beautyful ones are not yet born”?  True!

It is these satanic creatures that are bringing about the wrath of God. In actual fact, though it is wishful in light of human’s selfish nature, if the people of the world live together in harmony, the resources of the planet are sufficient to all. On one hand, instead of controlling tens of hundreds of billions of dollars by an individual, and on the other hand impoverishing billions of people here and there, if we use our conscience properly and utilize our common wealth in a fair way, hunger and all wars of survival would have by now been a talk of the past (history). But gluttony, selfishness, hatred and the like are disrupting the peace and stability of our mother Earth under some pretexts such as ethnicity, race, religion, and the like. On top of this, the conspiracies of various schools of thoughts and clandestine organizations such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and Knights Templar all or most of which belong to the Governor of the Netherworld, are also the major threats of this planet. It is not my gift to express whom they belong to; it is their own choice. They proudly claim to be the sons and daughters of the Fallen Angel. That is not my headache, of course, now. But I would like to associate their gut of smashing billions of people , purportedly, with the mission they are given from their boss. You can join some dots now: what does CERN do? What does HAARP do? (Do you remember the earthquake in Haiti?) What do World Bank and IMF do? What was, and is, if it is still alive now, the mission of NATO? Whose whip are they? To punish who? Who controls major financial firms and media outlets?  Who sends untimely rain to targeted countries? Who persecutes Christians worldwide? Who beheads Christians? Who sends locusts and birds to farms of the poor people in Africa and elsewhere? Who invents viruses, germs and bacteria and sends to the world? Nothing is secret now. What is secret is the reason why the majority of the people of the world are ignorant to the extent of not knowing the trap at their doorstep. I love this saying of Albert Einstein, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.

I understand that this planet is a school from which strong people graduate in flying colors to fit the next world, where there is no fight for carnal interests such as food and sex and there is no killing of Abel by Cain. There is no any source of disgrace and shame such as, “Impoverish Africans so that we can eat to our fill!” Now, I got a chance to know better this world, thanks to that white man.     Shame on him! Shame on those who kill others for the sake of filling their belly. What a pity!

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