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Massacare of the Displaced Afars by TPLF Terorist Group!!

Tedla Asfaw
Agust 09, 2021

TPLF armed gangs massacred more than 200 Afars including 100 children, women, and elderly sheltered in school and health clinics according to Gaas Mohammed, Afar Human Rights Organization, for German Amharic Radio today, August 9, 2021.

Major Ibrahim from Afar confirmed the shelling of the shelter by TPLF and innocents lives were lost including 30,000 Quintals of wheat stored there. UNICEF is aware of what it call “incident” on its twitter today.

Afar 5

The rebel leader Tsadkan who boasted of sending his soldiers to control the main highway from Djibuti to Addis said nothing about the massacre. For them non Tigrayan lives does not matter. The Fake, biased, pro TPLF Western medias, Afar Lives Do Not Matter !!!!

TPLFsoldiers including thousands of children who were sent to control the vital highway perished in the Afar land and many gave themselves and are now in Semera for medical treatment.

Those who shelled the shelter were those who were flushed out from the four Afar areas to avenge their huge losses according to Major Ibrahim.

Gaas Mohammed has denounced the silence of international media on the Afar massacre of children, women, and the elderly by the TPLF !!!

No doubt, had such an incident occurred in Tigray all the foreign media would have made the story breaking news.

Look what they are reporting on washed-out dead bodies in a river in Sudan. Sudan and TPLF claim bodies of Tigrayans killed by Ethiopia and the media is just taking their claim as a fact and accused the Ethiopian army of the bodies found in the river.

On the other side, more than 200 shelled


and burnt to death and the Afar regional government was slow in reporting this crime. The Ethiopian government say nothing so far.

The crime site should be protected and investigation has to start immediately.

Tsadkan who told BBC the mission of his soldiers to control the highway must take responsibility for the Afar massacre.

Desperate shelling of Woldeya, North Wello last night by TPLF killed also people and damaged properties.

Tsadkan’s troop’s crime in Amhara and Afar regions was never condemned by the USA, EU, and the UK.

The protest in Addis Ababa yesterday was a direct rebuke of foreign powers condoning TPLF’s crime. Hands Off Ethiopia !!!

TPLF warlords that got the support of foreigners and their media are now on a suicide mission using child soldiers and it is a matter of days before the final operation by the Ethiopian Defense Force in coordination with regional forces to crush these forces once and for all. The lesson of Tamel Tiger must be written on TPLF !!!!



  1. TPLF Terrorists will be held responsible for every atrocity committed against innocent Afars, Oromos, Somalis, Amharas. Ethiopians will remember forever what this Terrorist enemy of Ethiopians has done to them.

    Terrorist TPLF is also responsible for brainwashing, twisting their minds and body and turning the Benishangul Gumez and OLF Oromos into savage fool criminals like an autoimmune disease that eats its own flesh. Those people have turned into a robot for TPLF agenda at their own people and country expense.

    Looser Terrorist TPLF is running around like a rabid dog with no success to get more fools because its support are fading away fast even from OLF and Benishangul Gumez.

    So Terrorist TPLF has resorted to its last chance of destroying developments in Woldia and threating to destroy more which is entertaining people to destroy the Axum Oblix and more unless Terrorist TPLF accepts its loss and stops its this foolishness and get on with the reality. NO Ethiopian wants to see TPLF to come back!!!!!!!!!!! The Sovereign country of Ethiopia has ONLY one PM and only ONE government and that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a sad story and an outrageous act of cruelty! This is a heart wrenching reality of senseless and destructive war. It was/is what I nervously expected to happen. Elders, children and the physically immobile seem not having anyone to protect them. That gentle giant of a country is being attacked by every predator imaginable near and afar. Now the carnage on the youth is on in full swing. The government has just declared a nationwide mobilization. Now even the smallest chance for any peaceful resolution is closed shut. Tens of thousands of youth on both sides will bite the dust. There will be captives and among the captives will emerge a group willing to be incarnates of Layne and Doula beasts of burden just to bring that gem of the colored to nonexistence and gone for good. Then you will see the entire 120+ million people on the move. That will make Syria and Yemen just another weekend stroll in a park, a cake walk!!!

    There you have it. Weren’t we told that the TPLF was hit so hard that it would never be able to wage a war? Weren’t we? Then where all this heavy artillery gun suddenly came from? Today is Woldia and very soon it will be other and even larger cities. Where all this heavy artillery come from? Folks, someone has been taking us on a very long ride!!! I hate to see and think of it this way. Those upright fathers and mothers who produced us all seem to have been replaced by dishonest and despicable smart alecks. I’m gonna ask the same question again and again. Where all this heavy artillery gun came from?

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