It is time now to put aside our differences (Michy)

The attempts to lead a country in terms of prudence can be traced back to ancient times. Plato, Aristotle and Socrates in classical Greek philosophy and later Cicero in Rome felt dissatisfied with the world as they found it. They had tried to answer the eternal question of what the world ought to be. They had insisted that there should be some universal moral values on which political life could be based.

As all knows, the relations between states are ultimately mediated by and constructed upon the emotions of fear and self interest. The long standing relationship between Ethiopia and the USA seems to be spoiled because America has a fear that it will lose Ethiopia. The relationship between USA and Ethiopia diminished because the USA can not impose its self interest unless Ethiopia is weak. The problem might impact everything from international politics, law and economics to security, diplomacy and governance. But it is not the end of the world. Ethiopia was a sovereign entity long before the birth of the USA and can manage all shortcomings by following the method of influencing the decision and behaviour of USAthrough cultural experiences.

Unfortunately, the US wants Amhara forces to leave the land that was annexed by the TPLF. Amharas are not in Tigray, They are in Wolkait, Tegede, Kufta-Humera and Telemt, that is part of Bege Midir. Amharas are not in Tigray, they are in Raya, part of Wollo. TPLF annexed Wolkait and Tekede west of Tekeze River as a tactic of establishing a logistic corridor during the war with the DERG. TPLF also took Raya in the south violently and the Rayan people fought bravely for years for an end rule by the TPLF. If the USA gives orders to Gonderes or Wolloyes to go away from their own premises it is unwise. They are the indigenous people and losing their land means losing lives. USA should apprehend the truth and accept that Amharas are victims of TPLFs Ethnic federalism. Ethnicism has no knowledge. Ethnicism is colour blind, backward, primordial and has no solemn respect to poor Amharas. Amhars are good in principles and know how to handle the issues in good manners and well-bred social behaviour. Americans know how to think. Philosophy is affiliated with the USA and we are sure that its prudent leaders could understand all the pains and hardships of poor Amharas.

Tragically, the current Ethiopian ruling party, the Prosperity Party (PP) has no good diplomats. Most of them are delegated by PM Abiy to sit idle in the honourable Embassies of Ethiopia. PM Abiy simply does not want to be frustrated by old rubbish tribalists or dependents of TPLF. But he errs when he promotes them to be representatives abroad without the art of dealing with diplomacy in a sensitive and tactful way. However, thanks to H.E. Ambassador Dina Mufti, who tried to handle the controversial issue of the GERD in a skillful manner. Thanks to Ethiopians and Ethiopian origins abroad, USA and Europe will take the problem and issues into account. They know that philosophy of international relation is largely influenced by way of reasonable thinking based on the cost-and-benefit analysis.

Sorrowfully, PM Abiy has no good advisors. Some of his mentors are self-centered while others are venal or dishonest. Among his consultants there are foreign citizenship holders. Ethiopia has a sovereign soul. Foreign citizens are not connected with the soul of Ethiopia. Foreigners remittances contribution to development, technology transfer or collection of money by go-fund-me or other means are fine but they are not allowed to get involved in domestic politics. All that are not connected with the sovereign soul of Ethiopia should refrain from such activity. This principle has to be taken into consideration.

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At the last minute, the Ethiopian parliament classified TPLF and Shene as a terrorist organization, good but too late. It had to be done the first day while PM Abiy holds office to rule the great Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people supported PM Abiy believing that he might tear out the TPLF constitution and pave the way for a transitional government. He ignored it and the Ethipian people as a whole and Amharas in particular paid the price. All three years PM Abiy and co. are walking together through complex and hazardous roads. The road is still paved with confusion and bad principles. The main problems of Ethiopia are hiding in the middle of the TPLF constitution and the counterfeit federalism which Dr. Abiy does not want to take steps to abolish. Now, PM Abiy has to walk very carefully but he needs good advisors to guide him. PM Abiy is walking but there is a narrow channel trench on the side of the road, It seems that his journey is full of trouble. PM Abiy cannot fly or climb down into this great ditch, He should think again and again.

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30 years of mal-administration, inefficient and corrupt management pushed Ethiopia into disorder and confusion. We are on the verge of tears. There are troubles ahead. Egypt, the desperate and Sudan, its camel are preparing to wage war against Ethiopia. We should take proper action over the situation. The government should mobilize the people at once. The spirit of Theodros, Gebrye, Menelik, Taitu, Habtegiorgis, Balcha, Gebeyehu, Abebe Aregay, Mesfin Sileshi, Abdisa Aga, etc., should provoke the evil spirits of Egypt and Sudan. Dr. Abiy should get advice from experts and former military professionals. All Ethiopians should be ready for immediate action.

We need to be on the side of PM Abiy and help him make the essential large-scale decision at this time of trouble. We may have different religions, different languages, different political opinions but we belong to one Ethiopia. It is time now to put aside our differences. Ethiopianism will once again flourish and the whole Africa will be prosperous.

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Long Live Ethiopia


  1. I am willing to help PM Abiy Ahmed. I will match whatever income and benefits he was getting while serves as a PM, paying him his salary and making sure he gets his retirement for the rest of his life if PM Abiy Ahmed resigns and stays out of Ethiopian politics starting from one month time from now. All he has to do is name his price, I am willing to settle with him in a lifelong monthly payment or in lump sum one time payment which he will receive the same day he reigns .If he wants a one time lump sum settlement my layers will draft a contract inorder for me to pay him a one-time lump sum, all he will have to do is to sign a lifelong deal saying he will stay out Ethiopian politics for the rest of his life, money is no object for me so he can name whatever price as long as he keeps his end of the bargain, I know it is money well spent. He knows how to reach me even though I was not able to reach him despite my many attempts to personally reach him for more than a year now.

  2. It is time now to put aside our differences? No it is time to run, man!!! I told you yesterday you Amharas in Gojjam and Gondar to leave those regions immediately. And take all those Oromos who now live in the entire area 300 miles adjacent to the shores of the Blue Nile along with you. Because the invincible soldiers of Egypt and Sudan are coming for you. Egyptian army is the most feared one in the world. It had beaten Israel not once but twice both in 1948 and 1967. If I were you I will hand over all that area along the keys of the dam you are building on the river. Run! Run! Egyptians are coming! Egyptians are coming! Egyptians are coming!!!

    Hey Ittu! You’re wrong about Egypt beating Israel. Israel was the one that licked Egypt in 1948 and 1967. In 1967 only 300 Israeli soldiers surrounded and captured an entire Egyptian division of heavily armed of over 12,000 men.

    I don’t care! You were/are supposed to obey my order and leave the areas I mentioned. Run! Run! You better run!!!

  3. You killed thousands and millions and telling us to get united with you ? you wanna use oromos and tigreans as shield when you think of Egypt and Sudan????

    stay away mister

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