It Appears the Fools Are Being Fooled by This Mediation Fiasco!

It is better to negotiate with Satan than with the Tigrai People Libration Front(TPLF). The Fools in Addis have failed to learn from Derg. While Derg was negotiating with TPLF, the “negotiators” were arming the TPLF soldiers and providing them  with intelligence guidance. The negotiation continued until TPLF entered Addis with Sudan Vehicles, and the game was over.

Are the fools thinking the likes of Getachew Assefa, Debertsion, and any other TPLF member are  people of their words?

The fools, if you want to save the country and save your lives, stop this nonsense negotiation fiasco and fight nail-to-teeth, and send them back to their caves in Tigrai. The American negotiators are cheating you like they cheated the Derg. If you do not learn from that, you are as dam as stone and you will be thrown away soon and the country will demise. As the adage goes, salt be sweet for your sake otherwise you will be thrown like stone. Fools do not be fooled by Devil time again.

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While you are negotiating they are probably arming the TPLF soldiers and providing them with intelligence services to get rid of you. If you do not think this you are mentally challenged, and you deserve to be removed.

Lemma Dinka 

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