History 101: Fiction and Facts on Oromos of Ethiopia

Prof. Feqadu Lamessa for Salem-News.com

(A guide for foreign journalists on Oromos and Ethiopian history)

(ADAMA, Ethiopia) – Recently, the Qatar-based media al Jazeera has published several articles concerning the Oromo people of Ethiopia. It is the first international media outlet to extensively report on our people and it should be praised for bringing our cause to the world stage.

One of the benefits of this exposure is it forces Ethiopian authorities to address human rights abuses in the country and to let them know that the world is watching. Oromos and other Ethiopians have been struggling for equal rights and democracy for decades. While it is important to report about Oromo people’ background and historical perspectives, it is however vital that we report accurate information. Instead of benefiting us, reporting inaccurate or biased information can actually harm our struggle for democracy. Instead of creating national consensus and peace, it can instigate bitterness and anger.Ethiopia officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

One of the reasons al Jazeera reported inaccurate information about Oromo history is because it depended on one-sided sources, especially from members or supporters of Oromo groups outside of Ethiopia (diaspora OLF, OFDM etc). But nobody can blame al Jazeera media because most people inside Ethiopia would be too scared to speak or contribute. The only option al Jazeera or any foreign media has is to use diaspora/refugee/external sources outside Ethiopia. This is a dilemma all foreign media outlets face while reporting about third-world countries like Ethiopia.

For educational purposes, some corrections are provided below to fix inaccuracies reported on al Jazeera media regarding Oromo history and our struggle for democracy. The corrections below are supported by non-political scholars, but they might be rejected by biased politicians (both from ruling party and from opposition party) for the obvious reasons. However, they are based on historical textbooks, European authors and scholarly accounts.

“Between 1868 and 1900, half of all Oromo were killed, around 5 million people”

Fact #1:

This is one of the most repeated inaccuracies, usually told by Secessionist Oromos, radical ethno-nationalist politicians outside the country or pro-OLF history revisionist websites like gadaa.com et al. However, the undisputed fact is that even the total Ethiopian population (the sum of dozens of ethnic groups) was much less than 5 million in the late 1800s, let alone one ethnic group being 10 million. So claiming that 5 million ethnic Oromos were killed by Emperor Menelik’s forces does not add up. The truth is several thousand Oromos were in fact killed during battles of that era. It was not a “genocide” as some politicians claim but it was a massacre of the ill equipped southern forces defeated by the Shewan military of Emperor Menelik which had more European weapons. Throughout those decades, the truth is more Oromos were killed by other Oromos than by non-Oromos because competing Oromo Clans often traded for weapons to have an upper hand against their local competitors, who were often their fellow Oromo and Sidama neighbors. And it was not the first lop sided victory of that era in Africa because various communities from all corners of Ethiopia had attacked one another during the “resource battles” and whichever group had more modern weapons had the upper hand. To summarize, Professor Mengistu Paulos of Jimma University said it best when describing right-wing Oromo liberation philosophy:

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“Most fictional accounts of ‘Oromo history’ blindly accepted as facts by some misled people are manufactured by former politicians turned Pseudo-historians like OLF writer Asafa Jalata, who is renowned for abuse of paraphrasing, often with out-of-context citations. For example, while quoting the 19th century Russian Alexander Bulatovich (who provided an ‘educated guess’ of annihilation of almost half Ethiopian population by disease, famine and war, including internal conflict between Oromo clans and with Abyssinians), the OLF-writer Asafa Jalata infamously claimed half Oromo population was killed by ‘evil’ Amharas. This was purposely done by Mr. Jalata to create a foundation for ethnic hatred between Oromos and Amharas. Ironically, even Mr. Bulatovich himself never had the capacity nor the legitimacy to do a reliable census, as he spent just a couple of months walking around Oromia and hunting elephants in 1890s.”

Fiction #2:

“…. largely Muslim Oromo people”

Fact #2:

This is a phrase seen in some media outlets but not most. Oromo people have never been a predominantly muslim people. In fact, both Christianity and Islam is not our ancestral religion because we have practiced an indigenous traditional religion for centuries before. Gradually, Islam and Christianity were both adopted (during Oromo migrations) by us and imposed (during conquest of our lands by Abyssinian/Christians & Somalis/Islam) on us thru out history. Even today, both the two major religions have equal representation among Oromos. The latest official 2007 census showed that around 48% of Oromos practice Christianity (Both Orthodox & Protestant) while around 47% of Oromos practice Islam. Yet, word on the ground is that the Islam population might soon surpass Christianity among Oromos in the future because Orthodox Christianity is decreasing inside Oromia.

Fiction #3

“Abyssinians labelled Oromos the derogatory word ‘Galla’”

Fact #3:

For many decades, this false statement has been used by Oromo separatists to create emotional resentment among Oromos against Semitic Abyssinians (Amharas, Tigrayans and Gurages). The fact is the derogatory word “Galla” was first used by Arab and muslim Somalis to describe Oromos as “gal” meaning “outsiders” and “Pagans.” Muslims used this label during Oromo migration because Oromo people had their own religion which the Muslims believed was paganism. Nonetheless, this derogatory word was gradually adopted and used by other Ethiopians.

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Fiction #4:

“Oromos were colonized by Emperor Menelik”

Fact: #4

Another popular claim made by secessionist Oromo politicians (and usually repeated by foreign journalists) is the fiction that Oromo people (as a whole ethnic group) were colonized by another ethnic group. Usually, the slogan goes “Abyssinians colonized Oromos” etc. This claim is popular among the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) organization and consequently among some Diaspora Oromo nationalists living in America and Europe. While a different version or a re-arrangement of the wording might still be true…in general, the Oromo nation as a whole was never colonized by another Ethiopian ethnic group. To start with, even a united one Oromo nation did not exist at those times. All non-political historical textbooks show the existence of battles between multi-ethnic BUT monolingual communities for many centuries through out Ethiopia. Even in northern Ethiopia (traditional “Abyssinia”) Oromos have migrated and mixed so much with Tigrayans, Amharas, Afars etc for centuries that the “Abyssinia” state itself was never a one-ethnic state. In fact, even around the 1700s, Rayya Oromos and Yejju Wallo Oromos conquered and dominated a portion of Amharas and Tigrayans; and thus made Afan Oromo the official language of Abyssinia for that brief period. Meaning: clans and ethnic groups have mixed up in Ethiopia for over a millennium but the dominant ethnic group always imposed its language since it was convenient. This linguistic domination however was not always as exploitive and as vilified as it is today; because many of the ethnic groups living along trade centers and trade routes often spoke the languages of other ethnic groups already, because there was financial or commercial incentive to do so. This is the background of the region. Therefore, when it comes to the Emperor Menelik era, all historians have argued that it is more factual to say a predominantly Amharic language speaking community gradually conquered a predominantly Afan Oromo language speaking community in the 1800s. So this does not mean an Oromo ethnic group was conquered by an Amhara ethnic group. In fact, just like Amharas of the north were divided,Oromos were also divided and in conflict among themselves. The obvious evidence for this comes from the fact that the Amhara Emperor Menelik was imprisoned by other Amhara regional kings when he was younger. And when he was freed, Oromo clans were also in fierce battles amongst each other, so much so that the Tullama Oromo, Limmu and Macha Oromos created an alliance with the Shewan Amharas of Menelik, leading to the infamous battles of 1880s that led to this said alliance easily crushing the non-allied Oromos in various bloody wars. In short, Oromos as a one whole were never colonized by exclusively non-Oromos. In fact, the original founders of the OLF organization themselves never believed it so they did not emphasize the word “colonization” in the beginning. But in the mid-1970s, OLF leaders needed to mobilize Oromos against Emperor Haile Selassie (who was half Oromo himself) and to justify the call for “Oromia independence” from “colonial Ethiopia.” Therefore OLF had to create a bad cop-good cop scenario for their convenience and simplified history for their people to create national resentment. This helped OLF to portray Oromos as suddenly being colonized by this foreign ethnic group (Amhara) that we (Oromos) have never came in contact with before. This is common tactic used by national liberation movements around the world. The truth that most Ethiopians know is that Shewa based Oromos and Amharas (ethnically mixed Ethiopians) were the main creators of modern Ethiopia. In his book “Who are the Shoans,” the historian and anthropologist, Dr. Gerry Salole once summarized that: “In terms of descent, the group that became politically dominant in Shewa (and subsequently in Ethiopia) was a mixture of Amhara and Oromo.”

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In Conclusion, the above are 4 of the main issues that create confusion for foreign journalists who report on Oromo people and Oromo politics in Ethiopia. While it is vital that al Jazeera and other media outlets cover the current suffering of Oromos and other Ethiopians, it is necessary to report responsibly. Otherwise, creating confusion and resentment between the younger Ethiopian population causes more problems than solutions. In reality, not just Oromos, but all Ethiopians have suffered under several governments and the only way they can achieve freedom and lasting democracy is when united, not when divided by tribes or not when being polarized by historical lies presented as truth. It is important that foreign media outlets make corrections or report accurate information to avoid inflammatory statements that are destructive and counter productive against Oromos and all Ethiopian people’ ongoing struggle for democracy, development and justice.

Feqadu Lamessa is a former Adama University professor and writer


Record set straight on Ethiopia’s Oromo people


  1. Don’t use an Oromoo name u ar stupid “minaminte” and another fikire tolasa.i know u ar one of the son’s of “bulguu nama ynaataa”. minilk and his likes ate 5 milion Oromoo was true. but not true for” bulguu’s” or for bulguu’s children.

    • Hello Fuliyee,

      Before insulting just give us a written documents about the masscare of 5m Oromo while the total population on Ethiopia was less than 10m? Just justify ur argument do not be foolish like your Jawa. Just forward your reference.

      Power manger do not make it unless you bring out truth. Facts speak themselves.

  2. Prof. Feqadu,

    Ere afe kumit yibel … be milionotch yeminkoter erso balut yeminamin sewotch eyalen ayinachewun bechewu yatebu wushetamotch (be abzagnawu beferenj hager tigegninet leteyek endiamechachewu) yeminawukewun tarik eyekeyeru hager siafersu zim malet yibka … balubet bota egziabher yitebkot …

  3. Majority of the oromo people knows the fact but the few are too loud to be heared. Therfore,the truth is covered by too politics. Politicians love today & never mind whatever happend yeasteday as long as it favours them the moment. We,Ethiopians,are not made easily & will not be appart by so much fictions from so many places. I am very glad to see some oromo historians who were silenced by loud separates come out & wintness the truth! It shame to hear Ethiopia colonize oromia! Even Eritirians don’t belive that as they were under ethiopian conony!
    Thank you Prof Fequadu Lemessa

  4. Breaking News:
    • Some Oromo people are claiming Minnesota ,USA belongs to Oromia since we have been here for a decade. They are also ready to make a parade to forward their claim to the state governor shortly after draft proposal for secession will be accepted by the community. An exceptional intellectual who represent this community stated last night on TV interview other community around our state do not have any respect to our community and we were also colonized by fascist USA govt for 10 years since our arrival. They committed both mass ethnic and cultural genocide against our community.

    You may not believe this but after 100 years they will definitely say as long as peole like Jawar can lead them.

    God Bless Prof Fekadu Lemaa for revealing truth!

  5. Thank you “Mokshe” (Professor Fekadu Lemessa). Like you my father is Oromo and I came from Selale. But, for different reasons I can only understand Oromogna and cannot speak. But, my father was like you, and never negotiated his Ethiopian background. I have never heard him uttering all those bla blas that we are now hearing from the few Oromo fanatics. For him and for me too, Amharic language belongs to no one. It belongs to all of us. No one knows the origin of Amharic or any other language in the world for that matter. Language is a media of communication. So, I don’t see the benefit of division based on language. As far as culture is concerned, the culture of Oromos and Amaras is also mixed. I have never seen my mother mistreating my father because of his Oromo background. There was in fact love in our house. Some Oromos are crying loud as if they are oppressed by the current Amarss. In fact, many Amaras are working in the South regions and are mistreated and harassed. So, we have to say a spade is a spade when it is necessary and I thank the Prof. for his explanation. Oromos should be free from Jawarian Syndrome and fight for freedom together with other Ethiopian people, especially Amaras. These two people are inseparable. Attacking the Gojam and Ginder Amara for the sins of some elite Shewa Amaras and elite Shewa Oromos is unjustified. Let’s forget the negative aspect of history and appreciate Menelik for what he did against Italians. Let’s bring those OLF members who killed innocent children in Arba Gugu, Bdeno, Water and Wellega to court. This is to teach them a lesson not tp repeat the mistake in this modern time. The rest you have said it Prof. Tnx.

    • “Fekadu”


      You stole the name as your body in this article did. Did you say Oromogna? You are caught red handed. Don’t change your colour you hater. You are caught red-handed.

    • Fekadu Moreda, and the false name(Fekdadu Lemessa):

      It has been over 22 years since the tactic “I’m half Oromo” has been in the game. We true OROMO sons and daughters are used to this and not moved a bit by it. Because our demand is genuine and we never aimed at the right of other nationalities in the prison house state called “Ethiopia”. All black people are proper Ethiopia–Cushities according to the bible. “Professor Fekadu” if you truly a professor you would know that today’s Ethiopia is not the Ethiopia in the bible.
      As far as Fekadu Moreda, The Oromo sons and daughters of this era, do not have any thing against the love between your father and mother. I mean whether your mom mistreated you Dad or not is irrelevant to our quest for self-determination right. Also nobody knows whether your dad is/was an Oromo. In addition you made known your chuvenistic push that your language, Amharic should be used by all. I tell you the truth that NEVER NEVER happens anymore and it’s your Merdo.

  6. Very good article A lot of facts in it. Those stupid and narrow mind Oromo might not agree with you cause they dont like the truth. I can tell from the article that you
    are highley educated. God bless you and keep the good work

  7. As an Oromo Ehiopian I was disappointed by Jawar Mohammed’s opinion and also as an Ethiopian Oromo from Ambo I never trusted OLF organization because most of the Oromo youn people were jailed because of OLF. This articles separates Facts from Fictions

    Thanks so much fom a great Ehiopian Oromo
    I am Ethiopian first & Oromo is my Ethnicity

  8. Is this an Amhara extremist fabrication or a Tigrean one. Just for your information there has never been a professor with that name in Adama University. Your effort to portray your fabrication by an Oromo name shows your political bankrupsy.

    I could use Dr. Getachew Haile’s name and declare that “Afan Oromo” must be an official language of Ethiopia or better yet, use Meles Zenawi’s name and declare that Oromia must be free. Does that make sense? Shame on you, kids.

  9. Dear Prof. Feqadu Lamessa,

    The right person that tells us the truth(fact) about the oromos history and problems are the elders and scholars of the oromo people instead of those people that trade on behalf of the oromo people by having their names just like you. Please don’t write a fiction as if it is true. Do the right thing in your life. Thank you.

  10. The article on aljezera also climes that the atrocities of menelik army’s, who cut off strong man’s hand and sliced females berest. I wonder why FEQADU, LEMESSA did not mention,confirm or deny as historian instead mute.

  11. A great fuctual article.I liked it.But one thing i would lik to say that orthodox is losing ground to the protestants christian not to islamThat i think is an error.I think the muslim community has high birth rate as do the christian ethiopian community.Therefore,one can not expect the size of muslim oromo community surpassing the christians.

  12. Second Dr.Fikre Tolosa, or we got two master lier. Try if you can to change 99%of Oromoo nationalism. Because you don’t have any evidence for your article but we have plenty evidences which is written by many non Oromoo historians. Second we saw by our eyes the skeleton scattered at chelenqo and the people their hands legs and breast cut by Menelik soldiers. I can mention many places where genocide carried out in Oromia region. Instead try to hide the truth I think it is good if you accept it. This is not for politics but it real.

  13. Thank you prof. Lemessa: we are all oromos. But surely not that of Jihadist Jiwar type of oromo nor the opdo of tplf.

    • Belachew,

      You should declare bankruptcy. When one fabricates should try at least some thing that is sound–likely. Jawar never goes to Mosque or has religious affiliation. If you don’t like his views, you can disagree with him around issues. But when you label him with the most unlikely way, you’re hurting yourself and/or insulting the intelligence of the readers of this blog.
      I don’t know if you’re one of the Woyyanee thugs but you reminded me of them for they label anyone that oppose them a “terrorist”. In fact, according to their book Dr. Birhanu Nega is a terrorist. Do you agree with that?

  14. This is a timely article which brings the introduction to the true history of the great Oromo people
    Every Oromo Ethiopian and Ethiopian of any descent should challenge the ethno-extremits and the likes of Asafa Jaleta based on these unassailable FACTs, actually we should make them Talking Points whenever we encounter the Imagined baseless stories of the Extremists!
    Thanks Prof. Feqadu -God bless !

  15. We are in a digital era. Please, search and find if you can get any article or desertion by the so called prof.Fikadu or Fiqadu which ever suits him. I found the article itself to be fiction than facts.

  16. Only truth liberates. Those who try to build on lies will inherit the wind. Thank you Professor Feqadu for your timely and precious contribution at these dark times in our country.

  17. Dear pro.
    Do you really exist. You are professor of what? I tried to google you… no such person exist or lived in this world. So if you or your identity is not really, how can we trust you?

  18. Anjete kibe teta. We want people with broad mind not stuck in ethnic mentality. OLFists know well that their agenda will never see day light. Only those whos stand for HUMANITY will prevail. Look what OLFists hve achieved in 40 years and OBANG METHO have achieved in 5 years.

  19. As a fan and reader of history residing in oromia,i never come across such a historian name and its equally deplorable to see that such a distorted history of oromo is written by a prof.like u esp.in 21c.Prof,what’s ur mistakes: 1.u can’t tell ur field of specialization. 2. Ur previous work. 3.why now?(as these issues are already there).so telling urself as an oromo didn’t prevent u from exposing urself as an ethiopianist agent who try to brainwash the oromos with distortions.prof,just go&ask arsi/hararghe and other elders’bout menelik atrocity rather than denying history.finally,lets accept,don’t say ‘forget’ the past injustices to build the future in consensus and show ur role in that as an educated man if u really are. Oromia shall be free!

  20. Prifessor, i wish you were on aljazeera program lately as only extremist oromos were favourabley allowed to express their opinion. Thankyou!

  21. Amharas please do not write a falls History of your self and others. According to History of Abssinia and the other ethiopians, galla, hadiya, cambata, jandaro…. many other, the history of ethiopian in general is distorted. what the abesha cricles wrote and what the western has wrote is back and forth and it is quite different and opposite.

    The following book is of great interest to read and know who the Habesha are: They got all false history and origin.

    The abbyssines or habesha, called habesh in arabic are from Arabia, they moved to present day ethiopia through the Bab-el-mendeb. here is the evidence on page 7 and 8 of this book. http://dlib.stanford.edu/text1/dd-ill/ethiopia.pdf

    Their origin of habesha is from Arabia, they betray this, but they claim sheba is their queen. But queen sheba was the queen of ancient of arabia. arabia was part of ancient ethiopia, not present day ethiopia. There was no any evidence that she (sheba or Makida) was with Solomon as claimed and gave birth to Minlik the first. Here name, sheba or makida, was not listed in solomon wife lists. so this put the solomonic dynasty in quesition, makes it false history or creating a good history.

    In general books writen on abyssinia before the 17th century all tell that the abysnians do not want to tell about their history and their origin while they claim that some of current ethiopia ethinic groups out side the current ethiopian boundaries. By the way the ancient ethiopia comprises of in the east arabia, in the north south of egypt, south India, west Nubai. Ethiopia Ejochuwan wede igziabiher tizeregalech malet, not the current ethiopia, but the ancient ethiopia, that comprises of all these location.

    I am some times fell shame learning untrue history of ethiopia, writen by the ethiopian habesha cricles. we all need to learn history of ethiopia again.

  22. A new history of Habesha.

    Guys please read page 7 and 8. of course the whole book is interesting to read.


    Habeshas are from Arabia, crosssed to Africa, through Bab-el-mended, to escape the then existed problems. That is why they do not look like the native african people, I mean their color.

  23. Z-Habesha,

    What is wrong with you? How do you disseminate a fabricated story under a non-existing professor. There has never been a teacher let alone a professor with that name in Adama University. Why do you fall into the traps of bankrupt politicians. You could have just asked any body and you get a straight answer. This is a Tigrean or an Amhara extremist. Could as well be Tedla Asfaw who jumped on the story right from the get go because the story fit into his narratives.
    Guys, take deep breath. Oromo issue is solid and is not to be swayed by internet articles. The children of Oromia are holding their flag and ambition high for the future and no one pays attention to your fabrications. Drop dead if you will. You just got some topic you talk about in your narrow social gatherings.

  24. Really amazing! There is no Prof. with this name in Adama University, i can witness. There is one guy called Dr. Fikadu Lemmesse who was working as administrative and lecturer in Haramaya university and now he is A.V.P of Dirre Dawa University. He is engineer by profession and i pretty sure he don’t have time to write such a fabricated lies. There is another contradiction in this article this guy was former Adama university prof. and writer while at the beginning of this article the guy is still writing from Adama. Then this proves, it is not written by Dr. Fikadu Lemessa of Dire Dawa University. Then i am pretty sure there is no other guy in higher institutions in Ethiopia with this name and title. So, why you guys fabricate? If it is must first try to lear how to cheat best! I know this is fabricated by Tedla Asfaw, no one else! Just right after posting this fabrication on different medias he comment claiming as he attend university with the writer very long time a go. My friend Tedla don’t waste your time fabricating such non sense lies with oromo name!

  25. The OLF’s version of the Oromo history is very embarrassing, null, and lack of evidence. If indeed the so called OLF leader has a solid facts on what they believe, they should come out from their little cage and speak out the truth. If science proved Lucy, three and half million years old, the mother of all human kind, I am pretty sure it will be very easy to find what exactly happened in a century ago. Writing a fabrication history doesn’t lead you to victory! The last 50 years OLF performance has declined simply because there is no facts to support what they are claimed. The Egyptian and the Arabs in general working hard to divide the country, paying lots of petro-dollars to the Oromo intellectual, they start giving media coverage like Aljazeera to divided the country in ethnic’s line, published lots of falsified article on Oromo’s history. Once for all, this erroneous propaganda must stop and if OLF leaders have gut, why not come out and debate in public! Lets the truth comes out.. as the good old book said, “the truth shall make you free” !!

    Being in love with political organization and accepting the facts are quite different. Here are some examples how Egyptians targetd the OLF to achive their dreams:
    Dr. Shamsaddin and Lammiioromia (the master of hate)
    The recent article:
    One of the articles originated from two scholars from American University. Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington and Frankie Martin, an Ibn Khaldun Chair Research Fellow at American University’s School of International Service, wrote a piece entitled “The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa” and claimed that Emperor Menelik from 1860-1900 killed 5 million Oromos.

    • Waktolee,

      what’s the problem with you, Habeshas? Do you think using an Oromo name would make you justify your flaud analysis–I mean if you have one.

  26. This is an anecdote written by the Habesha elites to distort the fact. Facts are on the ground. Where is the so called “Professor” currently? Where is he teaching at. “Former” Adama University teacher……KKKKKK….. Is he in a different profession, retired or dead? I smell “Aleqa Taye and the likes”.

  27. Thank you profoundly Professor Fekadu Lemessa for your courage to bring the truth to light about my parents and ancestors – the great Oromo people. It is time to forge ahead as Ethiopians in the quest for victory over tyranny. Few ill-informed extremist Oromo elites are desperate for they suddenly find themselves politically bankrupt and on the wrong side of history

  28. God bless professor Lemessa. He shot down the utter nonsense perpetrated by a small group of people who claim to represent the Oromo people from their comfort places. We will never hear these people to speak out when our Oromo brothers torchered by tplf tugs until their blood flow as a river. The only time you hear from them is when their lies are exposed. Oh! they defend their lies vigorously. You might wonder for whom these people are working. All educated people should be dealing with facts; we might not like the facts but they do matter. I do not want to Judge, but it seems to me there is hidden mystery about these people. All I say is may God protect us from the likes of these people. As a half Oromo myself professor Lemessa very well speaks for me. Thank you professor!

  29. You guys are exactly like Wayane. Wayane says, “we have won by 99.6% vote.” You guys say ‘We have one Oromp Professor who speaks the truth”. That means, just like 99.6% is for Wayane, your fabricated/fictitious Oromo professor (a single person) is 99.999% of Oromos for you. This proves nothing but, that both Wayane and Amhara elites share the same culture of lies. You guys never get better. None of you is better than the other too. Idiots.

  30. The Habeshas are back at what they are good at. They used barely literate debteras and monks to chronicle daily activities of their kings and used to call that as Ethiopian history. These days they are scrambling to cover their ass when scholars dig historical facts that contradict their previous assertions. Some times they hide behind Oromo names to give themselves legitimacy in their argument. It is a sign of desperation. They see their empire surely crumbling in front of their eyes. They have become helpless. They could do nothing. The Oromo’s determination is un yielding. They cry bravado in an empty space. They should have realized long time ago that the journey that was started about 50 years ago with the Bale uprising would culminate at the door step of Oromia when people grab the power to make their own political decision. Here they counted on one Oromo name to “destroy” Oromo people’s aspiration. Not one of the toxic propaganda from MORESH, WEGEN LE WEGEN, ANDINET, EPRP….(all different colours of Neftegna names) could not convey as much as a fabricated message in the name of an “Oromo Professor”. That is moral decadence at its lowest ebb.

  31. as every single day pass; I am learning again and again that we the Oromo should move away with the Absinnians. The Habesha people have nothing with Oromo that any human race in the world don’t have with us. For the geographical proximity, I wish we all shall take the Path of Norway and Sweden to peacefully coexist side by side(this is our only job left; to assure as much as possible things should go in peace at least in the long run).
    As every single day pass, more and more Oromo kids(including me) are learning our incompatibility from genealogy, history, politics and culture view..
    Oromo is a nation of peace, harmony and tolerance from its all social and cultural fabric while Habeshas are not as I am witnessing each and every day.
    Oromo aspire for justice, equality, freedom and dignity while Habeshas dream for hegemony, exploitation and confusing.
    ……..the best option: to go and build our own home(assignment of me and the Oromo young generation to come)

  32. Oromo has no history of migration. Oromo created in Oromiya and has been there since its creation. This is created by habesha historians to claim the beautiful oromia as if their own land and oromos came later.

  33. ZeHabesha: if you are a fair journalist, please post the response titled “The Fictitious Professor Feqadu Lamessa” (written by Tolossa Gurmessa) from AWRAMBATIMES on your website.


  34. No Oromoo Prof. So-called Fekadu Lemesa = Nike name of Prof. Merga Bekana Ethiopian Elction board chairman. or one if TPLF security person, 100% no such person of stupid Oromo Prof. how wrote stupid things. Fekedu please don’t chit your self, stop fake history.


  35. Sadly still most “Oromo” intelctuals function in fear environement.
    Yes Oromo religion was Waqafeta. But the Muslim and Orthodox Christian “Oromos” were Muslim and Orthodox before hey became Oromo.
    We know from history and DNA results 90% of the Oromo speaking population is not Oromo geneologicaly. It was an assiimilated population by force.
    What the Oromo assimilators could not wipe out was their religion. Therfore they remained Muslims and Christians.

  36. Fact 1# attempts to deflect from the harsh reality of how Menelik’s ambitious unification was accomplished. Prof. Feqadu Lamessa states: “Throughout those decades, the truth is more Oromos were killed by other Oromos than by non-Oromos”.

    I don’t understand why this is relevant? Is it to say Oromos killed each other anyway, so it doesn’t matter if others killed them?

    Prof. Feqadu also asserts: “It was not a “genocide” as some politicians claim but it was a massacre of the ill equipped southern forces defeated by the Shewan military of Emperor Menelik which had more European weapons”

    Prof. Feqadu is saying Menelik was a battlefield victor not a conqueror of a community independent of his rule. The fact is Menelik was an invader and the people had no choice but to surrender or fight. They chose to fight and, according to Prof. Feqadu, that would make the killings a massacre of an army not a genocide. What a joke!

    Fact #3 attributes the unfortunate label ‘Galla’ to Arabs. The Arabs might have coined the term but the professor does not deny the fact that this labeling was widely and openly used as a derogatory term to castigate Oromos. Using not creating the term is the real problem.

    Fact #4 dismisses the claim that Oromos were colonized based on the fact that there was no unified Oromo state. If so, we should not call the partition of Africa by Western powers colonization because there were no single unified states at the time. They were post-whatever-you-call-the-partition realities. I don’t claim to know much about this but what is your definition of colonialism, Professor?

    My thought on this article is that it got it wrong probably on every bit of issues it raised except Fact#2. Instead of serving as a guide for journalists, it simply betrays an attempt to side brush an unpleasant narrative. However, it doesn’t help to sweep it under the carpet; it’s better to admit and move on even if that means moving Menelik statue from Piasa to a museum. [You know what is happening to the Confederate flags and monuments in the US. Why are we different?] At least, let’s not tell people to believe our own version of history. They are entitled to have their own perspectives. I am saying this about our government: Identify more with the living and the now and less with the dead and the past. And doing this for the sake of peace and healing the wounded is more heroic than praising an uncomfortable past.

  37. You shouldn’t be a professor to tell the truth, truth is not only with educated but also with non educated people it is universal truth free us from ignorance thank you for educatiing us pro.

  38. Thank you Professor! We need the real historians, like yourself, to start speaking up and teach the youth- so our beloved Ethiopia could be built and healed. I do agree that politicians have the nerves to fabricate anything to position their arguments in ill manner (this goes out to every politician in the world). Hope this article goes viral …. well done! Will be sharing this with AlJezera ??

  39. I thought you are a real man, but when I face your article, it is a fallacy. I short WHAT YOU WROTE IS FICTION AND THE REVERSE (WHAT YOU WANT TO CONDUMEN ) ARE FACTS. Your name also, a fiction, I know the Name you used, he was in the university. But you are not him because the person is with me and the fact is you are fiction writer Neftegna.

  40. Thank you Professor it is well said. We never had people like you who said the truth, not even the other side of the story extremists propagate for that matter. Extremists and ethino-nationalists has to produce and fabricate something as a an instrument to reach where they want to, POWER. And as you well said, lies are the major one.
    Some people on comment side mentions the professor never exists, another lie. Please refer the link to find more on this professor.

  41. The world population in 1800 was just under a billion (985 million) of which 2/3 were Asian. Adrica’s population in 1800 was 81.2 million. If the Oromo people were 10million at that time, it would mean they were about 12.3% of all of Africa’s population! If the rest of Ethiopia were also the same number as the Oromos, then it will mean the Oromos and the rest of Ethiopia made up almost a quarter of all of Africa’s population. Does anyone really belive that?? So no, 5 million Oromos were not killed in 1800 as there could not have been 5 million Oromos at that time.
    By the way, i write this as the grand daughter of an Oromo who was proud of being Ethiopian. Oromo is his ethnicity, not his nationality.
    The source is at the link below: Source for population in 1800 :

  42. Thank you Prof. Feqadu Lamessa for writing an informative, a must read article!!
    As important as journalism is for democracy, and for the voiceless citizens; it can also be extremely dangerous to society, if baseless, manfactured stories get reported as truths.
    Every journalist should know that his/her most fundamental obligation is to the truth — which in this case, Aljezera failed miserably and has became the cause of distractions and deaths in Ethiopia.

    Thanks again professor Lamessa.

  43. The authors of fictious history have similar minds with some individuals in the comment section. Unable to argue against the facts, they jump into denial of Prof. Fekadu’s existence. Wherever the writer is lets see your counter argument evidenced other than fictious ethnic crys.

  44. Another fiction!!
    An individual named Dr. Abas Genemo has said, “Menelik has sent a killer virus using the wearing/Gabi of Ras Dargie ” . He accused Menelik using biological weapons manufactured in the laboratory. Imagine the time of Menelik with such sofisticated laboratory!! And transported with clothes!

    Recently, Prof. Eskiel Gabissa has told another fiction that I was embarrased by.
    He said, “the first ancistors of the Oromo came out of water”. Clearly saying Oromo is water born.

    The surprise is that there are individuals subscribe for such fiction. They want or unable to question what they says. The only consideration is who says!

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