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Hailemariam Desalegn and Shiferaw Shigute the TPLF collaborators are accountable for Ethnic Cleansing

By Tedla Asfaw

On Monday April 8, 2013 Ethiopians are gathering in front of the White House like we have been doing for more than two decades. Our  Voice is the  Voice of the Voiceless Ethiopian people who are living in a giant jail with no freedom at all. Freedom to live  shutting ones own mouth is not even allowed at present. The Ethnic Cleansing underway in Beni Shanguel Gumez in Western part of Ethiopia targeted  Amharas as enemy to be removed from their farmland in thousands.

Amharas  in the Southern Fiefdom are not new for such Ethnic Cleansing. Last year Amharas were kicked out of their livelihood from Gura Ferda in thousands. Their crime is looking and sounding different from Ethiopians over there.The people have been living along with their neighbours very well infuriating the Southern Warlord  Shiferaw Shugite. Instructed by his boss, the Tigrean Warlords,  Amharas farmlands was cleared to give it to Tigrean Land Lords and foreign land buyers.
The late Meles Zenawi on his fake parliament last year at this time  accused the displaced for being “anti environment “. He said, forests were destroyed for farming and  has to be stopped. What was his “solution” ? Instruct  Shiferaw Shigute, the Southern Warlord to take away land from Amharas and give it away to Tigreans  and foreign buyers.
After the death of the dictator we are now witnessing his “vision” put into practice in Beni Shanguel Gumez , Southern Fiefdom. More than 5,000 Amharas are forced out by terror and close to one hundred died of car accident travelling by truck to save their lives. The sad thing is that  they paid for the truck that takes them to their death. Many are travelling on foot, women forced to give birth on their way, children and elderly forced to walk and All living their property behind.
The Amharas are the people that are marked as the enemy of the Tigrai people by the ruling mafia clique and they are putting that “motto” into action to honor their dead tyrant. Hailemariam Deslaegn the current prime minster/worshipper is the one in charge of the Ethnic Cleansing in Western part of Ethiopia.We are asking the Obama Administration that Hailemariam Desalegn should not be allowed to enter to USA. We Ethiopians are asking other Western countries to do the dame.

The Southern Fiefdom is where Hailemariam Desalegn claims to be elected by the people. Therefore he is accountable to the Ethnic Cleansing in that part of Ethiopia. The President of that fiefdom  Shiferaw Shigute  another person that should be accountable for this crime and we demand the Obama Administration not to give entry visa to this criminal too.

We do believe that the solution to this problem is removing the TPLF Mafia. That is the job of the Ethiopian people. We have been disunited for more than twenty years. We are not there when our people needs us the most. Those who are trying back home  to do their best to expose the crime committed by the regime can not stop crimes like Ethnic Cleansing because they can not Walk the Talk.

Those far from home are only Talking but not Acting to change the situation too. Let us stop “fight” among ourselves and earn respect and support of the Ethiopian people by being their defenders. There is an Ethiopian saying, ‘SewMalet SewMalet, Sew Yehonenew SewYeteffa Elet” meaning people who are born into time of crisis and face the challenge to lead their people to freedom are heroes to the people. We are still looking for such Ethiopians more than any time in our history.

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