Please sign the petition: Stop the Eviction of Amhara from their Settlements

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Amhara People in Benshangul Kilil

Dear Friends,

Recently, I learned through local news media reports that Ethiopians who are originally from the Amhara regional state but were settled in the Benishangul Gumuz regional state are being uprooted en masse from their settlements. According to the information that I have, the eviction is poorly organized and is marred by several cases of human right violations. This petition is in protest of this eviction and is intended to get the plight of these voiceless Ethiopians to the attention of the Ethiopian government and international rights organizations. Please sign the petition and invite your friends to sign as well. This is the least we can do to show our solidarity with Ethiopians who are being victimized by a misguided and irresponsible policy.



  1. In 2005, you neftegnas had been repeatedly saying there is NO “Amhara” nation/tribe, just like Mengistu said. Now which “Amhara” you talking about is being evicted? Just wondering! :p

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