Former Prime Minister Tamrat Layne will tell about his controversial “encounter with God”

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The Elders Pray for Tamrat Layne
The Elders Pray for Tamrat Layne

Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Tamrat Layne will tell about his controversial “encounter with God” in an exclusive filmed interview at 7 p.m. today at Lifetree Café in Fremont.

After serving as prime minister, Layne was convicted of corruption charges and served 12 years in prison. During his incarceration, Layne claims he experienced a supernatural visit from God.

Admission to the 60-minute event is free. Snacks and beverages are available. Lifetree Café is located in Salem Lutheran Church’s annex building.

Lifetree Café is a place where people can gather for conversations about life and faith in a casual coffeehouse-type setting. Questions about Lifetree may be directed to Brian Dinoso at 402-720-5361 or



    • Mr Tamrat.I remimber when You Jion TPLF.the ethiopian Youngesters was
      Aganist The TPLF Organzation. You and few was joining them.
      Still few They are with them.After Multiyple unlawfully Murders happen
      Many Many mystices be quiet,and most religios they have to go under
      Monsters best place for You. You have many bloods in your head.

  1. No! No! He should rather tell all the evils he did as a former prime minister and a rebel. With God? Nobody believes it. (NISIHA BIGEBA YISHALAL)!!

  2. Mr. Tamirat, you better tell us how many people you killed and how much people’s money you robbed when you were Prime minster of that poor country-Ethiopia.
    As for the meeting with God, Please don’t fool your self and become an embarrassment to your children. Your lies will have a profound effect on your children because they will hate to go to school and be laughed at by students about their liar father. Don’t ever act as if you are an innocent man, just because you have not been prosecuted and stood trial yet about your last crimes. The day will come and you will get justice. you can’t even see your best friend Davil, late alone God. Wushetam!

  3. Please confront this criminal and demand from him that he should apologize for his heinous crimes he committed against Amaras.

  4. If the former Prime Minister is really become Born Again Christian and Accept people born again Christian don’t fear to tell the truth, why should he tell the truth to the people of Ethiopia of what he had done as Prime Minister of Ethiopia. I am expecting him to tell us the truth first about our Patriarch Abun Merkorios in writing.

  5. This must have been the joke of the century. Is he kidding? I hope he has met satan (devil). It is too bad to play game with God. Tamirat I believe God will punish you for your sin and crime you have committed through out your entire life. This is the worst sin where you might not have receive forgiveness from God.

  6. Tamrat is a thief and a political prostitute. He was the first politician to declare war on the Amharas of Ethiopia. He was incompetent and corrupt and he was doing what he was told by his master the late devil Meles Zenawi. Politicians are survivalists, and some of them are comedians. TAMRAT DIDN’T BELIEVE THE WORD HE IS SAYING, HE JUST WANT TO SURVIVE AND RELIGION SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY HIDING PLACE UNTIL THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT. IF ETHIOPIA HAS THE RULE OF LAW AND A RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT, HE WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO STAND TRIAL.

  7. ”የጊዮርጊስን ግብር የበላ ተናገር ተናገር ያሰኘዋል” ይላሉ አበው። አቶ ታምራት የንፁሃን ዜጎችን ደም ያፈሰሰው ፥ እናት አገሩን ለማፍረስ የተጫወተው ወሳኝ ሚና እኮ ነው እያቃጀው ያለው። ገናም ብዙ ያቃጀዋል። መንፈስ ርኩስ እንጅ መነፈስ ቅዱስ እንደርሱ ካለ በንፁሐን ዜጌች ደም በተጨማለቀ ሰው ላይ አያድርም።

  8. This guy ia born again actor. He is fooling all the white church so he could make out of them.He is not better than that cruel Meles. We all know about Tamirate stole a lot of money and was cheating on his wife. Go and fool those innocent white church people..He is the one who gave order to kill all Amara people in Bedeno, harar…..Mr. Tamerat did u forget about,,,sukar…sukar Sugar ……you should be ashamed of yourself facing all Wthiopians

  9. Ato Tamerat confessing is good to save your soul. First of why did you try to act as an Amhara when you are not an Amhara? Was it part of the dedebit strategy to carry out the genocide against the Amhara ethnic group. After you released from prison I watched you when you were addressing a congregation at Addis and you said”You will it talk about what you did and how you came to know the Lord to that effect….:” . I think it is about time you confess how you encouraged the Oromos and the Somalis and others in the south to raise thier sharp tools to masacre the Amharas even children and pregenant mothers. How do you sleep at night. You and the likes of you as followers and the devil TPLF prepared the manifesto to carryout ethnic cleansing of the Amharas, just like Hitler uprooted the Jews from all partls of Europe finish them. It is parallel to that. The genocide of the Amhara stated right after you guys enter Addis Abeba even before according to Ato Gebremedhen started in 1979 in the Northern Gondor. You animals killed only the Amharas. How about those who surrender themselves thinking you were liberators. All of them were killed with poison and with sharp metals not to waste bullets. And you follow order or carried out the agenda forcing the legally appointed “papas” to step down to replace him with secular cadre the late Paulos. You should be tried in World Court for participating in such henious crime of himanity. The crimianl plan you and your boidies started is being carried out against the Amharas as we speak. A pregnant women forced to evacuate Benshangul and give birth on the road side. Children died of suffocaiton in a crowded bus and thier body descarded like animal on the open field and do not get decent burrial remember Amharas are Christains. You and your masters the late prime minister, Sbehat, Bereket, Tsehaye etc planned to destroy the Orthodox Church and the Amhara because you think Amhara means Ethiopia and vice versa. Do you still entertain that ideology? Being born again does give you the protection from being tried for the crime you and your masters excuted.

  10. Hello Tamerat,

    If you have a very good heart, it is time to work for the people by telling the truth what you know and what you did during your powerful time. You good for nothing man, you come back again to tell what? You can fool the white not the Ethiopians who knows you better than your expectations. That is why you want to make your discoure to them. Do you think Jesus Christ stands only for the white people? I hope , you have a satanic movement activities than religious mission. You better think two times. Do not make a mistake again. I remember one time when you say Temekere …temekere…. algebaginm…..The Ethiopian radio has recorded your voice about the judgement of Melese up on you about the SUGAR. Do you know that I am always using the term sugar in your name . I stopped to say to use the term sugar instead I use the term Tamirat layne,, because of YESUKARU KILLET/

  11. Shane on you Mr ex- prime Minister. You come back again to trll what? Where were you until now. You better shut up your mouth until you tell us the all the Woyanes secret about thr destruction of Ethiopia. Otherwise, every body is ready to open a file to allegate you in genocide you commited of the amhara Bedeno and Arba gugu.

  12. you are born again christian i am saying to you God bless says if any man be in christ he is a new dear one day i will see you on heaven

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