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Flawed Policy and Dangerous Outcome–Ho we can help Ethiopia

In his highly acclaimed book, The Alchemist, renowned Brazilian author Paulo Coelho writes “Courage is the quality most essential to understanding the Language of the world.”

I agree with him. Ethiopians can and must muster the courage to defend justice, the rule of law and our common humanity, Defending Amhara is at the same time defending humanity and Ethiopia.

I just listened to a powerful message purportedly expressed by Jawar Mohammed, an Oromo political and social activist who, like the rest of us,defended Abiy Ahmed during the first months of the honeymoon era. That period is gone. I am gratified by the number of former Abiy supporters who are abandoning the ship of state and government. policies have consequences.
Instead of dismantling terrorists TPLF and OLF/Shine and the rest that have made Ethiopia hell on earth, the Prime Minister and his entourage went after the very forces that defended Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity during the TPLF initiated war. The government of Ethiopia that had thanked Fano and Amhara Special Forces for incredible feats during the war that saved the Ethiopian state and government decided to change the course of history solely for political reasons. Fano and Amhara Special Forces never declared war against any Ethiopian nationality or ethnic group. Why are they targets?
It is against this fact that Abiy’s regime went after Fano and Amhara Special Forces by colluding with TPLF and OLF. To his credit, Jawar Mohamed had the courage to demand that Prime Minister Abiy stop his reckless, unfortunate and ill-advised campaign against Amhara and its defenders.  Jawar could have added a key fact. It is inconceivable for Ethiopia to exist without Amhara.
Other non-Amhara political and civic leaders must join in the call for sanity in Ethiopia, Sanity means stop the state of siege now. Stop arresting and incarcerating  persons who stand for justice now.
I urge you to listen to the videos that quote several people including  Jawar Mohamed extensively and inform us of the real split within the Oromo dominated Prosperity Party.

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