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Federation Speaker Urges Int’l Community to Put Pressure on TPLF

Speaker of the House of Federation, Agegnehu Teshager urged the international community to put pressure on the terrorist TPLF to end its inhumane acts of obstructing humanitarian assistance delivery to the people of Tigray.

Speaking with ENA on current affairs of Ethiopia, Agegnehu said the fact that the terrorist TPLF is preparing for another invasion proves its true nature—i.e. the group has never learned from its mistakes and continued to be as anti-people force,

Agegnehu noted the declaration of the current humanitarian truce by the Ethiopian government for ensuring the smooth flow of humanitarian aid to the Tigray and allowing effective agriculture activities.

Unfortunately, the terrorist group is using the truce as an opportunity for another aggression by mobilizing a large number of fighters, he underscored.

The government has been providing humanitarian assistance in the Amhara, Afar and Tigray regions, but the terrorist group has been obstructing the delivery of aid assistance on several occasions.

Whereas, the Ethiopian government has been reinforcing its commitment to make international humanitarian assistance accessible, the brutal group has obstructed the delivery.

“The situation in the northern part of Ethiopia, especially in the Amhara, Tigray and Afar regions, is a matter of concern to us as part of the federation and we are monitoring it. As a result, the federal government is providing significant humanitarian assistance. Currently, the activities being undertaken to providing the necessary assistance to the people of Tigray —i.e. food, medicine and other assistance is commendable. So, due appreciation and support need to be given for the international community.”

The speaker further said that TPLF is trying to thwart the reform that has been realized by unprecedented people’s struggle, adding TPLF’s las resort is: “Ethiopia should be dismantled as long as it does not lead it.”

Some foreign observers including the Ethiopian government have been saying that TPLF is mobilizing a massive number of fighters again from the enormously depleted Tigray population to wage another devastating war particularly to areas adjacent to the Amhara and Afar regions.

Noting that the terrorist group is clearly preparing for another invasion and this is being exposed by international journalists, the speaker said that TPLF continued its distractive agenda of “going down to hell to destroy Ethiopia.”

However, the terrorist TPLF is preparing for re-invasion of neighboring regions that would lead for extreme sufferings of the enormously depleted people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions.

“As the TPLF is preparing for another conflict, it is clear that the people of Tigray and the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions are the ones who are going to suffer most from this war; the House of Federation urges them to be vigilant in the face of such recurring conflicts. Also, it is imperative that all peace loving forces put pressure on TPLF’s forces to refrain from any confrontation.”

The speaker also indicated that the supply of seeds and fertilizers to farmers in war-torn areas is underway. In Tigray, however, the terrorist TPLF continues to be an obstacle to agricultural and humanitarian activities.

Noting that the terrorist TPLF is forcing people from children to the elderly to go to war in Tigray, Agegnehu called on the international community to openly condemn the act.


2 thoughts on “Federation Speaker Urges Int’l Community to Put Pressure on TPLF”

  1. “Federation Speaker Urges Int’l Community to Put Pressure on TPLF” May 15, 2022

    In my humble opinion, this is a matter for ETHIOPIA by ETHIOPIANS in ETHIOPIA. FULL STOP

  2. “The government has been providing humanitarian assistance in the Amhara,..”
    This is a big lie! There is close to a million Amhara displaced from several parts of the country and most of them have received little or no assistance from the government. Close to 300, 000 Amhara displaced from Oromia following terrorist attacks are left with no assistance in places like Sekela, Finote Selam etc. Most have been left to languish in open fields and jungles with no shelters since over a year. When a few hundred representatives took a trip to Bahr Dar, the regional capital, they were hastily and forcefully chased away.
    The same was the fate of so many that arrived in Addis Ababa. They were labeled “Trash” and chased away by local police. Chased away from place to place, no body even knows where they finally ended up as they were relieved from their cell phones. What assistance are you talking about? Who are you trying to fool?

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