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Fasten your seatbelt Ethiopians: TPLF lie machine is going to take us for the wildest ride ever

My people, be prepared: Woyane is going to blow up on our face like a cheap Chinese made firecracker at any time. If you can’t see it coming; you are either in denial stage living in a bubble or insane enough not to tell what is going on.

Some people don’t want to admit TPLF is a lying machine on the top of a deadly comedians’ club. I am   not talking about white lies for political reasons at the expense of the people that is becoming common in modern era but, a world class lying machine with dry humor.TPLF, the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT)

Imagine a collection of people coming together to set up an entity for specific objective of lying for an entire people of a nation and carry on with life based on lies. Love it or hate it; that was the foundation of TPLF and continue to be a lying and conniving machine that spits more lies in an hour than a cookie factory dispense in a month. If you have been chewing the lies all these years; don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Therefore, Ethiopians must accept we are not equipped morally or spiritually to go down in the gutter to master the art of lie like Woyane. Because of it, we paid a hefty price as people and a nation waiting for the truth to come out.

They say, ‘a lie goes around the world before the truth put its pants on.’ Therefore, TPLF lying machine is designed to relay on the relative speed of its lies to stay as long as it did. Thus, Ethiopians continued to react after the damage is done i.e. too little too late.  Disfranchised and confused by TPLF potent lie machine the truth remained sidelined or buried for far too long thanks to the lie pushers’ infamous Medias.

There is a good reason (incentive) behind the ‘success’ of TPLF’s lying machine which I will elaborate on my soon to come article titled ‘TPLF is a global crime syndicate NOT a political party’ to show why it successfully disfranchised Ethiopians to get where it is.

But, for now; TPLF lying machine’s intricacy and effectiveness can be explained by the nature of lie itself. Lie not only is fast to go around the world than truth but it doesn’t require effort or knowledge to wreak the truth. Thus, identifying the gathering threat and employing lies with visual and subliminal message; TPLF mastered disfranchising Ethiopians and undermining the democratic movements’ to accomplish its mission of sustaining its criminal rule.

The latest comedy drama from TPLF Inc. designed to wreak the truth illiterate how TPLF lie machine works.  With five Ethiopian lookalike actors-tourists telling their Safari trip that started from Eritrea airport to Uganda and Kenya by air and bus to cross the Ethiopian-Kenyan border at Moyale entry on motorcycles, the five actors that were issued ID and money to purchase weapons, by some miracle end up 100s of k.m away in Arba Minch posed as Patriotic-Ginbot Seven combatants to surrender for Woyane Federal Antiterrorism Task Force without a scratch. In the background of the drama, it shows skyline, freeways and trains and armed soldiers running around in woods in what appears in search of more Patriotic-Ginbot Seven combatants than the five actors confessing their crimes and begging for leniency.

The comedy drama not only outperformed the last TPLF mole Mola Asigdom’s three country safari tour-defection drama produced by director Binyam Kebede of EthiopiaFirst Media Production Inc. as well as broke the speed of light, hiking and surrender at the same time and concluded with the message; TPLF, the onetime self-declared non-Ethiopian enemy posed as Ethiopian is the saver of Ethiopians from the one time friend Eritrea-Shabia’s  sponsored Ethiopian terrorist group from destroying the progress TPLF posed as EPRDF regime made in democracy and economic growth.

As bizarre and hilarious as the drama sounds, it was designed to divert the issue from the struggle by pocking hole on the truth– enough to be believable among Ethiopians particularly the Diaspora to undermine Ethiopians support for the democratic movement to oust TPLF regime. As expected the entire TPLF mouth piece and lookalike Medias posted the video in hope of helping TPLF make it out of the jam it put itself in.

But, no two Media are in the middle of TPLF lying machine comedy video production and dissemination like the infamous Awramba Times led by Dawit Kebede and EthiopiaFirst led Binyam Kebede. The latter is known as a freelancer only in it for the money, the former with deep conviction for Apartheid rule.

Unlike all the coward mouth pieces of TPLF in hiding, credit is due for both for showing their face to defend the indefensible and willing to be accountable for their role when the times comes. But, their only defense for peddling so far are “I didn’t know’ or pleading insanity. But, like all; they operate in a bubble TPLF created for them — obsessed to undermine oppositions to sustain TPLF corrupt ethnic Apartheid regime.

Awramba Times that started as impartial Free Press to end up as TPLF lie machine specializing in Diaspora affairs in partnership with the Government Miscommunication Affairs Minster surprised many in the Free Press community as well as Ethiopians at large. The infamous Dawit Kebde, the editor/owner Awramba and the Former journalist-tourist-refugee turn spy returned home for the sole purpose of undermining Ethiopians in Diaspora on the expenses of US tax payers. Running out of excuses; racism or what is referred as ‘reverse psychology’ became the reason to come home and join a regime that institutionalize racism.

Ironically, Awramba Times still claims it is US based online Media while the editor; the only known owner lives in Addis Ababa escorting TPLF Miscommunication Minsters to transmit propaganda straight from the source.  The onetime political refugee and prize winning journalist that fraudulently received over 35 thousand dollars from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US government agency to promote the Free Press and democracy in Ethiopia to end up joining TPLF lying machine against the Free Press and democracy demands; NED or the US authorities to make him accountable in US court of law where he claim to operate for fraud.

Lately, the supposedly Free Press and Democracy promoting Awramba Times in collaboration with TPLF Anti-terrorism Task Force frantically producing make-believe video dramas and news pieces to undermine the democratic movement especially targeting Patriotic-Ginbot 7 movement via Eritrea. Its own comedy drama contains altered audio clips from Voice of America Amharic program to make it look like VOA is mouth piece of the regime as it was alleged in several reporting — allegedly infiltrated by TPLF agents.  Other fraudulent clips to undermine PG7 implicate the editor Dawit Kebede personally for using US government agencies as a conduit to violet the civil and human rights of citizens and asylum seekers on US soil.

The latest TPLF bond fraud caught by US Security Exchange Commission is the tip of the iceberg what to come — implicating many TPLF agents in the Diaspora ranging from financial fraud, spying, terroristic treat… against US nationals and refugees of Ethiopian origin that requires not only notifying the proper authorities but to take legal actions against the offenders.

The important thing to convey here is; TPLF maintained its lying machine going primarily to disfranchise Ethiopians in order to sustain its illegitimate rule. After all, its entire lying, spying, and corruption and atrocity machines are built around disfranchising Ethiopians to prolong its rule and corruption in the name of one thing or another. Therefore, by default; all TPLF members from top-to-the bottom are part-and-partial of the machine against the people of Ethiopia awaiting their day in the court of law.

Regardless, tracking TPLF’s lie machine one can easily conclude; the vehicles TPLF lying machine use to disfranchise Ethiopians from coming together to help the democratic movement and to franchise foreigners to recue its Apartheid rule and corruption is where its life depends on. Thus, TPLF lying machine’s drama-tour sends consistent messages; how bad Ethiopians are for Ethiopians and how good TPLF and foreigners are for Ethiopians as a template ever since its inception.

What started with how bad the ‘Amhars’ were for Ethiopians when TPLF began disfranchising our people covered every Ethiopian group like a wildfire  and ended up running out of Ethiopians searching for foreign enemies. Ironically, the self-declared non-Ethiopian enemy of Ethiopia known as Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) ended up the self-proclaimed Ethiopian defender.   Can we blame TPLF for playing us as fools with dry humor while picking our pockets?

Personally, I blame the halfhearted elites that feel; identity is an automatic meal thicket for power and prestige on the expenses of the democratic rights and liberties of our suffering people. Thus, failing to appreciate our people’s cry for freedom and democracy; they left us all in the dark for TPLF hyenas to eat as alive; often joining in fist.   A hyena has one characteristic that fit TPLF’s behavior. That is; it can’t operates with light present.   More light is what Ethiopians need to chase TPLF hyenas and, I will like to take this opportunity to appreciate ESAT for shining light on the hyenas of many kind—domestic and foreign.

Coming back to TPLF lie machine and its latest comedy drama, I thought no one will come close to the last EthiopiaFirst comedy production’s drama directed and produced by Binyam Kebde until TPLF Federal Antiterrorism Task Force’s comedy video came along to prove me wrong. Carefully observing the message it is sending tells you; it is all about disfranchising Ethiopians not to join hands to end TPLF occupation.

Therefore, failing to stop Patriotic-Ginbot 7 movement popularity among many Ethiopians; TPLF lying machine frantically producing video to make the same Eritrea-Shabia it once loved as Tigray Liberation Front to hate as Ethiopian Federal regime to wage undeclared war as the last and the only resort to avoid the unavoidable surrender.  TPLF can’t survive without enemy and its latest enemy happen to be PG7 via Eritrea or as the comedy drama and the apologists wanted us to believe; Eritrea via PG7. Essentially, TPLF pushed Eritrea out for the sole purpose of using it as a scare tactics for its grand plan.

The question is; what is the true identity of TPLF? No one, including its henchmen knows yet. But, looking at its latest incoherent lying spree; it is safe to say; TPLF is running from its own shadow – slowly dying on its own self-inflected lies way before the truth catch up to it.

Therefore, the greatest treat for Ethiopians and Eritreans alike turned out to be; the same TPLF that claimed Ethiopia never existed to turn around to become more Ethiopian than the Ethiopians or in reverse;  from Eritrea is a colony of Ethiopia to look more Eritrean than the Eritreans  to end up claiming Eritrea is biggest enemy of Ethiopians.

Why Woyane agonize to look more Ethiopian than the Ethiopians it hates to love is the million dollar question to ask? Stay tuned for the answer soon.

At the meantime, the war drum with Eritrea is back again. TPLF is terrified of peace and democracy hiding behind video comedy drama to preserve its corrupt Apartheid rule.  Its apologist are terrified of what will happen to them if Apartheid regime ends and democracy reigned—scrambling to hide or run.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching. To be-or-not-to-be for democracy is scaring the daylight out of Woyane and its corrupt associates. You may ask; what possible reason one can have to choice the ‘devil’? The answer is in the same TPLF lie machine’s incoherent video dramas. Therefore, the question become ‘to see or not to see the devil’

My people, be prepared: Woyane is going to blow up on our face like a cheap Chinese made firecracker at any time. If you can’t see it coming; you are either in denial stage living in a bubble or insane enough not to tell what is going on.

God save Ethiopia from the Woyane hyenas in the dark

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