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Ethiopians in Germany welcomed Dr. Berhanu Nega | Video


  1. Birhanu’s captured Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 have started testifying they are terrorists with a mission given to them by Birhanu to destroy airports, hotels,….. kill ethinc leaders and blame it on government …. … kill and rob merchants

  2. Abelom aka Tigre thug:
    Just go away – crawl back into your Dedebit – Ethiopians had enough of your illiterate rant and garbage scribble – Down with WOYANE/TPLF.
    LONG LIVE Professor Berhanu, ARBEGNOTCH GINBOT 7 and all other patriots – ETHIOPIA SHALL BE FREE!

  3. Only the unemployed and the uneducated car washers were there. The problem is nobody is taking Berhanu NEGGA seriously, and most informed smart Ethiopians knows Berhanue NEGGA hopeless.

  4. Interesting comment! Don’t forget the unemployed and the uneducated car washers are also Ethiopians if your assessment is true which I am not sure. Look my fellow Ethiopian! Your analysis is naked and I am not sure it is a comment from “employed and educated person” of your status!

  5. Many smart people are running from a sinking boat Eretria .
    Few fools are hopping on to the sinking boat . Adios go to hell !

  6. New name for Eretrians
    Konta Kinte ( slaves )
    He is Kinta Kinte ( he is from Ertria)
    This Kinte (This Eretrian )etc

  7. Addisu Tefere aka Tigre Thug:
    I applaud you for correctly identifying yourself “unemployed and the uneducated car washers”. Are you the Woyane/TPLF Ambassador in Germany? You are a pitiful illiterate Tigre – Crawl back to your Dedebit Rocky Home. Nevermind the west will send you food as you are known for your perennial drought and famine.

  8. Is good to see that Ethiopians coming together to rescue their land from evil woy-ane mercenary government on the other hand seeing the loser woy-ane cesspool mouth Getachew Reda chased and made to hide under the table, well done to peace loving Ethiopians.

  9. Too much hollow talk but no result.
    Forget the useless Berhanue negga, we need new energetic blood to move us forward. Beside, who would support ye Eritrea BARIA ( Berhanue Negga) ?

    The truth is, Berhanue Negga had destroyed him political carrier when became Eritreas messinary.

  11. The tigrean shiftas come to protest against cool ethiopian public gathering. They wanted to disturb it. Unfortunatelly for this shifta they couldn’t invite their agazi tor. This tigreans insisted in their protest slogan they want to conbtinue their looting of Ethiopia(they call it Lemat )

  12. @ Getachew,
    Berhanue already spying and working for banda as bandas/eritreans agent. that is why we Ethiopians do not trust the “ye banda ashker/Berhanu”.

  13. Alemun Y. Is weyane ethiopian force?. Birhanu do not need any support from the people like u. U had cooperate with shabiya until 1998 to loot and destroy ethiopia. But we cooperate with shabya to kick anti ethiopia weyane.

  14. Berhanue Nega will take over the arat kilo palace in Ethiopia 50 years from now, of course that is with Eritreas help.

  15. Guys!!! Berhanu Nega is from Guragie tribe. His father was a very rich merchant in south of Ethiopia; suddenly, he died in heart attack in 80’s; since then Berhanu inherited his dad’s property and gambling political game on it. Instead of it; he was supposed to help his poor tribe by giving his knowledge practically in rural areas.

  16. @Mulegeta,
    Will Amharas accept Gurage to be their master ?
    I do not think the Amharas psyche in particular the Showa Amharas will accept an Gurage tribes men as their commander and chief. Most Amharas regard Worages tribes men as shoe shiners or coolies or lower end of the society not as their master (Leader).
    If the Amharas in particular the Showa Amharas ( Debub Amharas) hard time swallowing Tigres as their leader, then what made you think they will tolerate Worsges ? ?

    • Guys!!! The guy is talking about the past events. Nowadays, all the regions are divided in ethnic federal. The Amhara,Oromo, Tigre,Sidama,Gambslla and so on have their positions or governing by their own people. In fact, while the TPLF/EPRDF was controlling the country, for security reasons; some of the region were not occupied by themselves. Federalism is the modern way of governing the people. I think you are talking about the past one; otherwise; all regions are on the way, taking the position accordingly. Hailemariam is finishing soon his term; and the majority ethnic will take over the post. No Amhara or Tigre after all!!! Means, No Minilik, No Yohannes or No Hailslassie. they are all dead!!!

    Oh my God !!!! I did not know Berhanue Nega is from worage tribe, his tribe represent less than 2% of Ethiopias population. How is he expecting to be in power ? Forget being the main opposition figure, The way he is going I do not think he will make it to mp ( Member of Parliament).
    He better open Kocho factory.

  18. Guys!!! Berhanu Nega Bonger is not only Guragie; but who kept the Oromos land in a very vast area. Imagine; one province!!! One province!!! Now he seeks those areas to get back!!! Abebe Gelaw, Asefa Chabo, Alemayehu G/Mariam, Eskender Nega, Dawit Kebede etc etc are his Guragie group. These are all Guragie!!! Do you think you will get those lands?? Please, even don’t think!!!

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