Ethiopians Demonstration in Geneva against misinformation, Foreign Interference

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In a demonstration they have staged today in Geneva, Ethiopians denounced dissemination of fake news, and misinformation regarding Ethiopia and interference of foreign countries and international organizations Ethiopia’s internal affairs.


Protesters have also condemned egregious acts of the TPLF Junta for decades not only in Ethiopia but the horn region at large.

The protesters called up on the international community to respect sovereignty of Ethiopia by refraining from sharing fabricated lies of TPLF lobbyists and stopping disseminating misinformation regarding the nation.


The demonstrators also urged the UN, EU and the US not to be influenced and misled by fabricated lies and fake news from TPLF apologists.


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  1. Interference is done when foreign countries act on their own will. When the acting Executive leader asks us for our help and we give him that is not interference ,it is just assistance. Dr. Mulu Nega’s administration made it clear he needs our foreigners assistance in restoring peace and security. So far the Amara regional troops helped Tigray region in restoring peace and security and the Amara regional troops need to be commended for that but it is starting to look like the Amara regional troops are not willing to call it quits. Theyp Amara regional troop’s think they should stay in Wolqait and Raya for the long haul, forever. The demonstrators should always remember Wolqait and Data so far they did not say a word about Wolqait and Raya.

  2. ቁጥራቸው በርከት ያሉ የኢትዮጵያ አማራ ግለሰቦች በሀገር ውስጥም በሀገር ውጭም ለየተባበሩት መንግስታት ይሠራሉ። እነዚህ የተባበሩት መንግስታት ተቀጣሪዎች ምሁር ተብዬዎች አማራዎች ቴዎድሮስን ሲያሞካሹት ለጉድ ነው። ህወሀት እንኳን እንደ የአማራ የተባበሩት መንግስታት ሠራተኞች ቴዎድሮስን ለማድነቅ አልተሩዋሩዋጠም።

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