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Ethiopian rebels claim victory over three-day battle with government soldiers

GONDER, Northern Ethiopia – Ethiopian rebels on Wednesday capped with victory a three-day battle with government forces after they killed at least 25 soldiers, wounded 11 and captured three in the remote Chirquana, a locality between Aykel and Armachehu in northern Ethiopia, a rebel spokesperson has told Ethiomedia by phone.

The Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) said an army platoon on February 25 broke into the rebel-held free area, and the surprise attack was aimed at capturing what the government believed was an EUFF rebel base.
“We spent February 25 and 26 in defensive positions,” the rebel spokesperson said. “We gained the upperhand on the third day, and moved into a counter-offensive position that routed the enemy.” Other soldiers also fled to Aykel, what was formerly known as Chilga.

The rebels also acknowledged the role played by their local militias.

The government in Addis Ababa has never aknowledged nor responded to EUFF rebel reports, though EUFF has been inflicting a series of attacks specifically on government forces.

The Meles regime has been taking ruthless measures over a span of two decades against the civil society, and some political groups like EUFF believe it is a waste of time to trust a profoundly anti Ethiopian regime as law-abiding that would respect the outcome of elections and transfer power peacefully.

Though Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died six months ago, his regime is still intact, and his policy very much in effect a la North Korea style.

EUFF have in recent times stepped up combat operations, becoming a bone in the throat of the vestigial Meles regime which may be forced to officially acknowledge its nemesis now widening its operation zone across much of northern Ethiopia.

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