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The TPLF Appointed Abune Matias of Tigre as the 6th Patiarch of EOTC (The Horn Times)

11 years ago

The Horn Times Breaking News 28 February 2013

*Call for mass action reverberates across the globe

(By Getahune Bekele- South Africa)

In a move expected to create more tensions and divisions, Ethiopia’s ruling minority junta has appointed yet another divisive figure as the 6th patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – Abune Matias, otherwise known as the chief Rabbi of Tigraye republic.
The late Abune Pawlos’s chosen successor and the favorite of the ruling TPLF junta, Aba Matias was elected on Friday 28 Feb 2013 after Bishops of the illegal pro-TPLF synod in Addis Ababa voted for him under the watchful eyes of warlord Abbay Tsehaye.

Recently denounced and condemned for walking in public with Tigray republic’s self appointed grand Mufti sheik Elias Redman to show his support for the government’s crack down on current Muslim uprising in Ethiopia, Aba Matias is expected to be banned from entering some monasteries and Churches due to his controversial election against the divine cannon of the fathers by an illegally assembled unholy synod just like his predecessor the late Aba Pawlos.

According to the Horn Times reporters in Addis Ababa, Aba Matias received a whopping 500 votes out of 806 available while non-Tigre Bishops like Abune Yosefe got less than 100 votes in the stage managed scandalous election organized by habitual election thieves, the TPLF warlords.

Hastily recalled from the Holy city of Jerusalem by the TPLF and ordered to stand election amid controversy concerning his citizenship, Aba Matias will face enraged Ethiopians in the coming days.

More news and commentaries to follow shortly.

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