Ethiopian Protesters Confronted TPLF Delegates in Canada:Video

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Ethiopian Protesters Confronted TPLF Delegates in Canada


  1. I have not talked to you all for a little while because I have been business working on the final phase of work started for the impending independence of my beloved Oromia. Here is the latest:
    1) The majority members of the executive committee of the ruling party of Ethiopia have given their consensus for a plebiscite to be given to all Oromian to decide the future of their country we all call Oromia.
    2) The Referendum will be held before the end of 2014 so the new Oromia Nation will be announced on January 1, 2015.
    3) In the new Oromia the rights of all minority groups will be protected by the constitution.
    4) The new Oromia Government has agreed to bring those who committed crimes and caused harm to the lives of minorities will be brought to justice in the first 90 days after independence.
    5) The new Oromia will pursue a foreign policy of non-alignment.
    5) The new Oromia will provide a contingent of it gallant army in the fight against terrorism where it is asked to participate.
    Ladies and gentlemen!!!!
    This is a very exciting moment for all Oromians and our neighboring nationalities too.
    You will all be cordially invited to the party on January 1, 2015!!!

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