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Husband Killed his Wife

Stockholm:- Marta Bogale has been living in Stockholm, Sweden for 23 years, her husband, whose name is not mentioned, came to Sweden 6 years ago from Asmara, Eritrea. They knew each other when they used to work on the same company in Stockholm.

After they started dating, they eventually got married and moved together. She is 32 and he is 29. As sources told Admas Radio, after they started to live together, they tried to have a wedding ceremony 2 years ago but the ceremony was postponed on his request for unknown reasons.
Recently, in August 2014, She gave a birth to a baby boy. But 3 weeks after she gave a birth, Police said the husband stabbed her repeatedly to death. The news was a shock to the Ethiopian Community in Stockholm. Her father, who saw her body, fainted but recovered in the hospital the next day. The husband sent to jail and her body was buried in “Heliga Korsets kapell Skogskyrkogarden” cemetery in Stockholm.
Reason for killing is not known yet. (Source Admas Radio ATLANTA)
[Pic. The couples during the good times]

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