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Ethiopian federal Police with Russian-made BRDM-2 fighting vehicles

The Ethiopian federal Police said that for the first time, it has taken possession of Russian-made BRDM-2 amphibious armored scout car that was acquired with the help of the federal government and the Chief of General Staff of the Federal Armed Forces.

During a visit by senior official, including Federal Police Commission Commissioner General, Demelash Gebremichael, to newly trained commando units and members of anti-riot police forces who took part in the training conducted in the capital Addis Abeba, the Federal Police further said that it has also acquired possession of modern new weapons and police gears as well as various types of police vehicles.

During the visit, the news trainees demonstrated to the senior leaders the training they have been conducting with the new BRDM-2 armored scout cars and the new modern weapons.


Commissioner General Demelash has expressed his gratitude to the Chief of General Staff of the Federal Armed Forces, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, and the Defense Engineering Industry Corporation, for the support, according to the

The Federal Police also said that in order to safeguard the peace and security of the country and the people by, it’s using mobile and fixed security cameras.


1 thought on “Ethiopian federal Police with Russian-made BRDM-2 fighting vehicles”

  1. From Russia with Love?

    Amazing to see how the empty handed, hand crossing OPDO Qerro has gone from bare hands to wielding machetes to brandishing snipers to armored tanks! Does that mean that the grand Ethiopian genocide in the works will be less brutal and more “civilized”?
    TPLF boasted US-Supplied Humvees on Addis Ababans. Now OPDO is showing off Ruski gifts?

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