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Ethiopian Airlines is transporting weapons and military personnel to Amhara region

Chief of Ethiopian Airlines deploying drones

We have a breaking news about a grave humanitarian situation in Ethiopia and warning to all passengers who are using Ethiopian Airlines.
There is civil war in Ethiopia between the Government and Amhara Fano Militias right now. Airforce Military chief, General Yilma Merdasa has been recently appointed as the chairman of Ethiopian Airlines. He is now leading the Drone bombardment of civilians and transport of Military weapons and Personnel in northern Ethiopia which killed hundreds of civilians already. The whole world should be aware of this act of Genocide by Abiy Ahmed against the Amhara People. Please contact us for more information or visit our website.

General Yilma Merdasa, appointed by Abiy Ahmed as chairman of Ethiopian Airlines (chief of Ethiopian Airforce at the same time) is deploying drones to bombard Amhara People in northern Ethiopia.
Does ICAO charter permit this?

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1 thought on “Ethiopian Airlines is transporting weapons and military personnel to Amhara region”

  1. That is Abiy Ahmed’s way of destroying Ethiopian Airlines, a national symbol and flagship. Abiy has identified and targeted all Ethiopian institutions for defamation, corruption, dismantling and destruction. EAL is one of the most important targets.

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