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BRICS summit: Ethiopian group protesting outside summit over alleged human rights abuses in Amhara

Multimedia Journalist, IOL Politics

Members of the All United Amhara Association in South Africa picketing in Innesfree Park in Sandton, before the start of the BRICS summit at the Sandton Convention Centre. Picture: Kamogelo Moichela

The All United Amhara Association in South Africa has called on BRICS countries to stop the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed from allegedly killing thousands of innocent people in their country.

Dressed in their country’s colours of green, yellow and red, the group picketed at Innesfree Park in Sandton a few kilometres away from the Sandton Convention Centre where the BRICS summit is taking place on Tuesday.

They held placards that read: “Abiy Ahmed does not fit for peace awards” and “Under Abiy administration Ethiopia Collapse” to indicate their issues.

They wanted to deliver their memorandum of demands to various stakeholders, including Ethiopian officials attending the summit, but due to the heavy presence of armed security personnel and other law enforcement agencies blocking the streets, they could not.

Speaking to the media, Amhara Association spokesperson, Demissie Desalean, said they want to bring awareness that Ahmed was blamed for committing war crimes and genocide against civilians in Ethiopia.

Desalean said they are tired of the brutal killings of their people and want a stop to it. He called on the government to launch investigations into the alleged crimes against humanity.

This included bombing, kidnapping, killing, and torturing of the people of Amhara.

In their demands they called on BRICS countries to intervene.

Africa as a continent and members of the African Union must assert their sovereign rights over their natural resources and they must be treated with respect by the West.
I honestly believe a multipolar world is better for all countries.
Below is a video you may want to watch.

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