By Kidane Alemayehu


Although it is a well known fact that Ethiopia is the source of 86% of the Nile River water that cascades through the Sudan to Egypt, its ownership of the important natural resource including the soil that is carried from Ethiopia to the two countries is not accorded the necessary recognition. On the contrary, mainly due to colonial malfeasance, Ethiopia has not benefitted from the Nile River as adequately as it should.

According to works by Dr. Richard Pankhurst, Dr. Said and Dr. Minga, Ethiopia used to be paid 50,000 gold coins per annum by the Ottoman Turks for the use of the Nile River when they were ruling Egypt. However, when the British colonized Egypt and the Sudan, they applied practices that inappropriately reflected their ownership of the Blue Nile River. Later, Egypt and the Sudan followed the same policy and entered into agreements apportioning the water to themselves.

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The main reason for the above predicament was mainly due to the fact that the Ethiopian Government had not acted on the preservation of its nation’s rights regarding the Blue Nile River. However, due to the important initiative undertaken for the construction of the important GERD Dam, Ethiopia is currently in the process of taking effective steps for exercising its rights to benefit from its major natural water resource.

A useful example to refer to here is my experience in Lesotho, a nation that is situated in the middle of South Africa and possesses immense water resources. I was involved, as a leader of a Lesotho delegation in 1977, in my capacity as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Works, at a negotiation meeting in Cape Town regarding the utilization of Lesotho’s river by South Africa which resulted in an investment of over US$1 Billion and the payment of an average $50 million annually to Lesotho by South Africa. For more details, it would be useful to refer to my book: “My Journey with the United Nations, the Quest for the Horn of Africa’s Unity and Justice for Ethiopia”.

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It is obviously important for the Ethiopian Government to ensure that the nation’s rights to benefit from its very important resource, the Blue Nile River, is fully protected and utilized for the benefit of the Ethiopian people with due regard to the needs of the Sudan and Egypt in compliance with international laws.


  1. There was news pieces related to this dam on another website earlier today. It tells that Ethiopia has begun the 2nd filling of the dam. That is a wicked way of twisting facts to demonize those Allah Blessed black folks who are trying to utilize their property to take their fellows citizens out of wretchedness. They are not the one who began filling the day this week but it was Mother Nature itself. I was watching the radar(I do that always as routine) and I was seeing a big blob of rainstorm right on top of Lake Tana. For a few days it was pouring down in buckets. Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile, right? Hello!!! Where do they think all that rain would go? Into the very river, right? Today the sky looked clear over the lake. O Mother Nature!!! I love you hon!!!! Rain! Rain! Rain the living daylight of el-Sisi!!! No blinking on this one!!! It is not those black folks fault!!! It is Mother Nature doing her job. Capisce! Hello! Hello! I gave up!!!!

  2. Make that:

    They are not the ones who began filling the dam this week but it was Mother Nature itself.

  3. Hey all of you Ethiopians and their buddies!!! I just got hired by el-Sisi. From today on I am the abogado of Egypt and Sudan for all legal matters regarding the Nile River. Here is my cross examination. What does the River Nile hold? Your answer was water. Very good and correct answer. For a change you know something. My next question is ‘What do you call the liquid state of water?’ You are so challenged to answer that correctly. Your answer was ‘Instagram’. I tell you the judge was roaring in laughter upon hearing that. Your friend thought if someone said ‘Instagram’ his mother is being insulted!! I will tell you what the liquid state of water is called. It is called H2O. What does that mean? It means water is owned by two elements only, Hydrogen and Oxygen. In the Nile case H is Egypt and O is Sudan. Egypt2Sudan! Where do you see a third element? End of story! I won the case! Ethiopia, you’re out!!! I won! I won for my benefactor el-Sisi!!!! This was a very easy case to handle for me. It was like open and shut case! Now, one word out of you! Just one word!!!

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