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Ethiopia: ICRC resumes aid convoys to Tigray after six months

An International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) convoy carrying medical assistance, food and water treatment supplies arrived in the Tigray region on Day, Date Month, through Afar. This is the first ICRC convoy reaching the region by road since September 2021.

“Many people affected by the conflict in Tigray live in extremely challenging conditions, unable to access healthcare, sufficient food supplies, and basic goods and services,” said Nicolas Von Arx, the head of the ICRC delegation in Ethiopia. “In addition, a lack of medication and medical equipment has placed enormous strain on the region’s health-care system and medical staff.”

“The ICRC welcomes the current ceasefire and the willingness of the parties to the conflict to facilitate passage of much-needed humanitarian aid into Tigray,” he added. “It is vital that the assistance keeps reaching the region on a regular basis.”

The six-truck ICRC convoy carried medicines, medical equipment, emergency food, water pumps and water treatment chemicals, along with essential household items such as jerricans, solar lamps, mattresses and kitchen sets.

Prior to the convoy’s arrival, the ICRC conducted almost 40 cargo flights into Tigray since January, delivering life-saving drugs such as insulin, hemodialysis, oxytocin, tetanus toxoid, gloves and surgical material.

Meanwhile, in Afar region, 9,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) recently received food delivered by the ICRC, including wheat flour, split peas, salt and oil. A further 9,000 IDPs in Afar are currently being assisted with emergency household items.

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1 thought on “Ethiopia: ICRC resumes aid convoys to Tigray after six months”

  1. Great Job. Hopefully, besides the atrocious army of the TPLF, some aid would reach ordinary Tigrayan civilians.
    Now what is holding you (ICRC) from delivering aid to the nearly million strong internally displaced Amhara from Oromiya and Benishangul regions?
    These people have been evicted from their farms since a long time before the war. The ethnic cleansing has continued unabated. In addition, there is no road block or other obstacle to reach the areas where these distressed internally displaced Amhara re currently found. How come ICRC and other international aid organizations refuse to help these people that the government of Ethiopia too has ignored?
    Is ICRC also another enabler in the genocide against these people? What makes it fight to selectively deliver aid to one area and not to the other?
    I hope this is not the case and that ICRC would mend its ways and deliver assistance without discrimination.

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