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Elites expose WHO Director’s lies about humanitarian truce in Tigray


Ethiopian elites expressed that partisan, dishonest and falsehood fabrications are becoming the daily practices of WHO Chief, Tedros Adhanom (PhD), as he has capitalized destructive moves against the Ethiopian government regarding humanitarian truce in Tigray.

Journalist-Filmmaker and Africa Correspondent for Channel 4 News, Jamal Osman twitted that Ethiopia yesterday sent 21 humanitarian aid convoys carrying food items from the United Nations World Food Program (UN’s WFP) to Tigray.

The government of Ethiopia “reaffirms its commitment to work closely with stakeholders to ensure the full delivery of humanitarian assistance to those in need,” he noted.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)Advocate Professor Iyob argues “I really doubt Tedros Adhanom’s mental health condition. Tedros is spreading fictitious propaganda while he should have appreciated the government’s effort in delivering humanitarian support to Tigray state. Did anyone listen to him speaking about Afar and Amhara IDPs?”

Supporting the above idea, Dereje Melaku on his part said, since Tedros hides his crimes back by the U.S. and does not want see peace in Ethiopia – he always lies. Dereje asks, does anyone hear him denouncing rapes perpetrated by terrorist TPLF.

Dawit Afeworki on his part said that Tedros lies as Getachew Reda does about the recent humanitarian truce. Is Tedros Director of WHO or another spokesman for the terrorist TPLF? He has yet to address the plight of the Afar and Amhara victim civilians.

The Ethiopian Herald

1 thought on “Elites expose WHO Director’s lies about humanitarian truce in Tigray”

  1. Dr. Teidros Adhabom with his political background as an executive member of the fascist party, TPLF is not fit as the director general of the WHO. His directorship is also against the UN charter which is against fascism and racism. As the upper organ of the WHO, the UN leadership has the responsibility not only to investigate the misconduct of Dr.Teodros Adhanom but also his fascist political background and roles in the crimes against humanity the TPLF has been committing in Ethiopia. The prosecution of the Nazis should also apply to the Fascists such as Dr. Teodros Adhanom.

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