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Ethiopia -ESAT TIKURET, Hailu Mamo with Dr. Yonas

1 thought on “Ethiopia -ESAT TIKURET, Hailu Mamo with Dr. Yonas”

  1. I really don’t know what this PhD person is talking about. He is saying that those non-Oromo groups living in Oromia have no right to property and vote. That could be true in certain localities in Wellega. But in other areas Amharas and other minorities still live and live in their properties they inherited from their parents and grandparents. They still work on and make a living from the farms they owned for generations. I was born to Amhara mother and father and grew up in Oromia but now live overseas. I still have hundred of relatives who still live in that region. They had cast their votes during the last election. This guy must be one of those who never lived anywhere in that country except some interior and remote village in Gojjam or Gondar. This is one of those short sighted intellectuals who create problems more than help the effort to ease tensions. He is totally lost.

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