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Ethiopia In Crisis

Four years into the transition of power and the ascension of Abiy Ahmed and the Prosperity Party into authority, we have to evaluate now if Ethiopia is on a democratic footing to break through the barriers or if it is on the verge of collapse.

This honest assessment must be done now, as the country is under tension from within and outside. Ethiopia is in the middle of a massively destructive war in the North with TPLF forces, while Sudan, cuddled and prompted by Egypt, is threatening to go to war. Internal ethnic conflicts and atrocities are shaking the core of the citizens. Conflicts are widespread and escalating while the government forces appear unable or unwilling to contain them.

Concerned Ethiopians compiled this brief video to show collective observation related to the crisis in Ethiopia.

Source: Concerned Ethiopians

2 thoughts on “Ethiopia In Crisis”

  1. I have to speak up now. I have been holding back what has been done to me many times these days. The other day my warraa Chercher friend and I went to a nearby grocery to pick up a few things for our planned 4th of July backyard cookout. After we arrived at the store and just before we entered we were suddenly stopped by two groups of heavily armed men. On one side there were those in the groups who call themselves ‘Fanos’ and the other group includes those who were given the name ‘Oromummaa’. The Fanos took me to their checking point in the parking lot and mentally tortured me. The Oromummaa group took my warraa Chercher lifelong friend to their checking point and mentally tortured him. The Fanos can tell if you are an Oromo and the Oromummaa group can tell who is an Amhara among a million people from 20 miles away. Then we came home and made coffee and when I was about to take my first seep bam! A Fano suddenly pops out of my cup of coffee. When my friend was about to take his first sip bam! An Oromummaa sprang out of his cup of coffee. I tell you these two groups are everywhere. I heard they are even on Mars. It was Eritrean soldiers first and now there are two more groups my friend and I have to put up with. I had given up on the Eritrean soldiers. They are everywhere, man!! They are in every village in Tigray. The other day they were spotted in Wallagaa killing every Oromo in sight after they teleported themselves along with 3 divisions of Fano soldiers. It is confirmed that they have massacred 35,285,972 Oromos in a matter of 2 hours. There is not a single Oromo left alive in Wallagaa and the entire Western Oromia. That was why a protest was organized to be held in DC soon where close to 6 million protesters participated. I am going to take Brother Isaias to court for that and the 3 presiding judges will be Kermit the Frog, Bugs Bunny and Miss Piggy and the prosecuting district attorney will be the fearless Don Corleone. Them Eritreans are here everywhere, dude! I heard they are also on Mars, every asteroid, moon and planet already. Them rascals!!!

    1. Hold yourself and be calm. Please reread what you have written. It makes no sense whatsoever. You are delusional and quite frankly. mentally unstable..

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