Ethiopia denounces U.S. decision to impose visa restrictions on Ethiopian officials

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ADDIS ABABA, May 24 (Xinhua) — The Ethiopian government on Monday denounced the decision by the U.S. administration to impose visa restrictions on Ethiopian officials in connection with the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

On Sunday, the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, announced visa restrictions for any current or former Ethiopian or Eritrean government officials, members of the security forces, or other individuals responsible for, or complicit in, undermining resolution of the crisis in Tigray.

The Ethiopian government said the decision came at a time when the Ethiopian government has been engaging positively and constructively with the U.S. administration on issues of common concern.

It said the attempt by the U.S. administration to meddle in its internal affairs, is not only inappropriate but also completely unacceptable.

“Ethiopia should not be told how to run and manage its internal affairs,” the statement issued by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs read.

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Noting that Ethiopia attaches great importance to its historic and friendly relationship with the U. S., the ministry stressed that the implications of the visa restrictions and other related measures taken earlier will seriously undermine the two countries’ longstanding and important bilateral relations.

The latest decision by the U.S. is said to be in addition to its previous decisions to restrict economic and security assistance to the East African country.

The Ethiopian government further warned that such measures would affect the two countries’ relations.

“If such a resolve to meddle in our internal affairs and undermining the century-old bilateral ties continues unabated, the government of Ethiopia will be forced to reassess its relations with the United States, which might have implications beyond our bilateral relationship,” the ministry stressed.

It, however, stressed that it will not be deterred by the decision by the U.S. administration, and will continue its relentless efforts to overcome current challenges and lead the country on the path of lasting peace and prosperity.

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Fighting erupted in early November last year in Ethiopia’s northernmost Tigray region between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which used to rule the regional state, and the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF), causing immense impact on the region and the country. Enditem

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  1. Recent fabricated lies and listed in your letter entitles « Press Statement: On the U.S. Decision to Impose Visa Restrictions on Ethiopian Officials
    «  posted at Zehabesha on 24May 2021

    “የመሠረታዊ ቁስ እጥረት & አቅም እንጂ ወደ ሕዝቡ ለመድረስ የሚያግደን አንዳችም የሚያግደን ነገር የለም” በማለት ለአሜሪካና ለአለም አቀፉ ሕብረሰብ አደተለመደው ሲዋሹ ይታያሉ፥
    « The humanitarian actors operating on the ground know full well that the challenge at hand is related to issues of capacity and additional resources and not so much about access. « 

    Break a leg and I hope you will regret all your masivly committed war crimes and stand up for humanity. God forgive you, but we will not forget it ever and never!!

    Prosperity party is pursuing the agenda of denial against any founded accusations and this gives ample time to this widely known war crime perpetrator to come up with fabricated justifications accompanying a statement bearing the admission of its war crimes just as this party admits the presence of Eritrean soldiers in Tigray and then later acknowledged the war crimes committed by them.

    Did Eritreans committed those war crimes behind closed doors in a manner that hinders the Ethiopian government to indentify the actors and nature of the atrocities ?
    Some Amhara elites , those who stand against Prosperity Party and Abiy and attribute all crimes to Oromuma, do demonstrate the same attributes. They supported Abiy and his crimes for so long and later come to their sense and they accused and denied him.

    How long will take them to condemn the crimes committed by Abiy and its party against non-Amharas ? They should condemn his all war crimes not solely those atrocities against Amhara and become voice for all those voiceless regardless of their tribe, religion and place of birth ?

    Amhara elites like Prof Al Mariam and others based in US suffer from Intellectual disability (ID), once called mental retardation and hence it will take them long time to react and admit their atrocities. The ardent supporters of Abiy and hs war crimes should be brought to justice, ICC ? Supporters of Abiy and his party are singing a romantic hymn to Prosperity party » I Al Mariam , I love prosperity party till death do us part » Fiki Eske mekabir

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