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Current War in the Amhara Region is Deliberate: Reduce the Amhara Population to Minority

Aklog Birara (Dr)

Have you ever wondered and thought through how Abiy Ahmed’s tightly knit and controlled group is pushing the Oromuma agenda of expansionism in Ethiopia? Have you reflected this deliberate plan of expansionism will leave all non-Oromo ethnic groups vulnerable? And to make them extinct.

I urge you to reflect and act now before it is too late. It is clear to me that the international community will not save targeted groups from the ongoing onslaught. Only targeted groups can. Ethiopians who believe in justice, the rule of law, human rights and democracy can do the right thing to save lives and save Ethiopia from total disintegration through engagement, collaboration, and cooperation.

For example, non-Amhara targeted groups can join forces with Amhara Fano. The people of Addis Ababa can demonstrate their displeasure with the Abiy regime through peaceful protest, refusing to pay taxes, rejecting the displacement of residents, and refraining from buying or investing into lands taken away from evicted residents.

The Diaspora, especially Amhara can stop remitting funds or remittances through the formal channel; stop catering to Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio-telecommunications and investing in Ethiopia. They can encourage foreign tourists from visiting Ethiopia if the current crisis continues. They can target and protest weapons suppliers, especially countries that supply the Abiy regime with weapons of massive assault such as drones, tanks, rockets, and the like. The Diaspora that cares deeply about genocide can operate in unison and appeal to bilateral and multilateral lenders not to provide more funds to the Abiy regime if it does not stop killing its own people.

What are the tools deployed to attack Amhara and other ethnic groups?

  1. The Ethiopian state and government are the prime movers and shakers of current atrocities against the Amhara population and the rest. This state and government terrorism against the Ethiopian people remains uncontested by the international community, especially the US, Ethiopia’s largest bilateral donor and or China, Ethiopia’s largest creditor. It remains uncontested in part because the Ethiopia Diaspora is awfully fragmented along ethnic lines.


  1. Regional ethnic elites, most notably, Obo Shimelis Abdisa, President of Oromia, is adding fuel to the fire by claiming that the Oromo population is growing at a rate that eclipses others; and that the population of his adversarial ethnic group, namely, Amhara is decreasing at an alarming rate. This state and government led and induced policy is done deliberately through war, economic deprivation, deprivation of suppliers to farmers in the form of better seeds and fertilizers, through deliberate starvation, displacement, and natural disasters such as drought induced famine.


  1. The two-year war against the TPLF resulted in the deaths of close to one million Tigrean Ethiopians. The long-term effect of this catastrophe emanates in large apart from the loss of generations of Tigrean productive youth. The disarmament, demobilization, reintegration, and sustainable process will take decades.


  1. Far from deriving lessons of experience from the above war, the Abiy regime instead, initiated total war against the Amhara region seven months ago. The adverse social, economic, political, environmental, and psychological impacts of this war are likely to be as consequential as the two-year war. Every day, scores of Amhara civilians are slaughtered by the Abiy military using drones, tanks, rockets, and other weapons.


  1. Abiy’s army has, because of its deployment against Ethiopian citizens, lost credibility, and trust. It is serving the Oromuma agenda and not Ethiopia’s national security interests.

The bottom-line message is this. The Abiy regime is totally committed to the reduction of the Amhara population by any means necessary. Obo Shimelis Abdisa confirms the deconstruction of Ethiopia that has been at play for the past five years as follows:

“Gaaffin laakoofsa haawasa wajjin kan kaa’e dhuuga tooko sin ittimu barbaada. Oromoon laakoofsa ummataatiin isa baalla dha, siirna dhaalootaniis ballinaan aadeema  jiira. Akuuma beektanu haawaasnii kaan nui wajjin falmaatta jiiru waaraana keessa jiira dhaalootni jaaras gad adeema jiira yeerro dhiiotti saadarkaa laamaafa irra gara gadiiti buu’a. Kaanaan boode dhalooni naafxaagna haara him dhalaatamu, Warren jiraanus waaraanan falmata jiirra. Jaalattaniis jiibiitanis kanaan booda naafxaagnan aka gnangaattomiif akka yeemii gaadi buusna.

Waaraani jalqaabamee kuniis yeero gabaabaatti waan raawatamu miiti, kana wajjin wal qaabatee dhuukuubnii ada ada fi beellii wan uumaamuuf rakkina ada ada keessa galu.haala sana nuuti dhaabane illaalu qofa dha wan goochuu deendegnu.

Yeero gaargaarsa baarbaadanis gargaarsa ada ada wan aka qoorichaa fi wan aka qaamaadii kana gara Goondaarriif gara Baahaardaariti waan took wan hin deeneef qaarqaarsa biyya keessa ta’e biyya  Aala jaraaf him qaqabanuuf.

Laakoofnii uumata keegna gaaru yeero gababaatti wan dabaaluuf gaafiin inni  issin kaastaani kun dhuuga hinqaabu.

Oboo Shiimaalis Abdiisa


The Amharic translation is as follows:

ከህዝብ ቁጥር ጋር በተነሳው ጥያቄ አንድ እውነት ልንገራችሁ: ኦሮሞ በቁጥሩ ትልቅና ሰፊ ነው: ለዚህም ሰፊ መልካምድርን ሸፍኗል: በስነ ተዋልዶም ከሁሉም በተሻለና በፈጠነ እየሄደ ነው:ነገ ሀገሩን በእጁ ለማድረግ ግዙፍ ሆኖ እየሄደ ነው::

እንደምታውቁት ዋናው ተገዳዳሪያችን በጦርነት ውስጥ ነው: የስነ ተዋልዶው ፍጥነትም ከሀገሪቱ ህዝቦች ሁሉ ያነሰ ነው: በቀጣይ አጭር አመታት ከሁለተኝነት ወደ አናሳወች ተርታ ይወርዳል::

አሁን በበጥባጩ ክልል አዲስ ነፍጠኛ አይወለድም: የቆዩትንም እየተዋጋናቸው ነው: እነሱም የጊዜ ጉዳይ ነው እንጂ ይጠፋሉ:: በቃ ምን አለፋችሁ ነፍጠኛውን እንደ ኛንጋቶምና የም ነው የምናደርገው:: ጦርነቱም በአጭር ስለማይቆም በክልሉ አስከፊ ወባ ወረርሽኝና እርሀብ ይነሳል: ያኔ እኛ ቆሞ ማየት ነው ሚጠበቅብን:: ኦሮሞን ሳያስፈቅድና እኛ ሳንፈቅድ ስንዴም ይሁን መድሀኒት ወደ ባህር ዳርና ጎንደር የሚያደርስ ማንም የውጭም ሆነ የውስጥ ሀይል ስለሌለ የሚያድናቸውም አይኖርም::

የኦሮሞ ስነ ተዋልዶ ግን እጅግ በተፋጠነና በተደገፈ መንገድ የሚቀጥል ይሆናል: ስለዚህ ያንሳችሁት ጥያቄ ከእውነታው ውጪ ነወ ።

አቶ ሽመልስ አብዲሳ.

The English translation is as follows:

“In terms of the number of people (demographic data), let me tell you one fact. The number of Oromo is huge and wide. Because of its size, its land mass is equally huge. In terms of birth rate, Oromo far exceeds others. Given its growing population size, it is inevitable that Oromo shall control the entire country.

As you know, our biggest challengers and competitors, Amhara are afflicted by war. The Amhara birth rate is the lowest. I assure you that in the next few years, Amhara numbers will decline from its number two position to that of a minority.

Today, it is impossible to imagine that a new generation of Amhara neftegna will emerge. We are fighting and eliminating the current generation of Amhara. The demise of Amhara is a matter of time.

Enough, no worries!! The neftegna era is gone. The war will not end soon. This will be compounded by communicable diseases, famine, and other human-caused and natural causes. We shall simply wait and see the impending catastrophe.

No domestic or foreign entity will be allowed to ship or transport medicines to Bahir Dar or Gondar without out permission.

We have a deliberate plan to accelerate the increased birth rate of the Oromo population. So, the question you raised is incorrect. “

Obo Shimelis Abdisa, Adamma speech

Shimelis Abdisa fails to tell us that Ethiopia is collapsing under Abiy Ahmed. In a forthcoming book titles Crabs in a Bucket by Nureddin Farah, we learn the unpleasant facts in Ethiopian politics and repressive governance. He opines rightly that “Ethiopian leaders are famous for telling big and small porky pies to their fellow citizens and to the rest of the world; they know how to start conflicts that lead to wars, not how to resolve conflicts.”

Under the watch of Abiy Ahmed, close ally of Shimelis Abdisa, Ethiopia went through a catastrophic war. The one that ended under the Pretoria Agreement left out Afar, Amhara and Eritrean stakeholders Soon after, Abiy started the ongoing war against the Amhara population. No one really knows the end game. But the scenario is not pretty. Compounding this is a collapsing economy with an inflation rate of 60 percent and a debt burden that will affect generations to come.

In conclusion, the war against Amhara is deliberate. It is a core part of the Oromuma deconstruction agenda. It is intended to reduce the Amhara population to a minority status.

Amhara and all ethnic minorities throughout Ethiopia who ignore Shimelis Abdisa’s edict ignore his bravado at their own peril.

Lastly, the way out from extinction of Amhara is for all stakeholders to collaborate, cooperate and strengthen the Amhara Fano movement. The least we can each do is provide financial, coordination, PR and public diplomacy support in a sustainable manner.


December 4, 2023.


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