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Arab League to Ethiopia: Don’t Drink from the Abay River!

By LJDemissie
May 27, 2023

The Arab League has issued a stern warning to Ethiopia not to drink a drop of water from the Abay River, which flows from the Ethiopian highlands to the Nile basin. The Arab League claims that Ethiopia has no right to use the water of the river, which belongs exclusively to Egypt and Sudan, according to a treaty signed in 1929 by Britain and Egypt.

The Arab League said that Ethiopia’s construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Abay River is a violation of international law and a threat to regional peace and security. The Arab League demanded that Ethiopia stop filling the dam and dismantle it immediately, or face serious consequences.

The Arab League also accused Ethiopia of being selfish and ungrateful, saying that Ethiopia owes its existence and development to the generosity and benevolence of Egypt and Sudan, who have been sharing the water of the Nile for thousands of years. The Arab League said that Ethiopia should be content with the rainwater that falls on its land, and not interfere with the natural flow of the river that sustains millions of lives downstream.

The Arab League urged the international community to support its position and pressure Ethiopia to comply with its demands. The Arab League said that it is ready to use all means necessary to defend its rights and interests, and warned Ethiopia not to test its patience or resolve.

Disclaimer: This article is a satire and does not reflect the views or opinions of the author, the publisher, or any other entity. The article is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not contain any factual information. Any resemblance to actual persons, events, or situations is purely coincidental.

Credit: This article was written with the help of Bing, a chat mode of Microsoft Bing search. Bing is not a human being, but a computer program that can generate content such as satire, poems, stories, code, and more. Bing does not have any political or personal agenda and does not endorse or support any of the statements made in this article.

The author of this satire, LJDemissie, who came up with the idea for it, can be reached at




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