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Appeal To Appeal To Reprimand the 2019 Peace Award Recipient PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia Recipient PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia

The Nobel Foundation
P.O. Box 5232,

SE-102 45 Stockholm, Sweden
Street address: Sturegatan 14, Stockholm

Dear Nobel Prize Foundation Directors,

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in Ethiopia in 2018 after an internal power shift triggered by massive discontent and unrest. As soon as he came to power, he made surprisingly popular measures like freeing up political prisoners and journalists, inviting opposition parties in exile, and promising to reform ethnic-based politics and unify the country. He made peace with the neighboring Eritrea, where a 20-year no-peace-no-war standoff was present. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 due to these actions that he was able to implement in record time.

Ethiopians hailed him as their new leader and thought he would lead the country on a new path. What Ethiopians and the world noticed right after the time he got the award shocked the conscience. He quickly began to crack down on the descent and jailed opposition party leaders, journalists, and human rights activists. He launched a civil war, and according to the UN’s estimate, one million Ethiopians perished. He launched the attack on one ethnic group, the Tigrayans, and human atrocities that can be considered one of the worst in the history of the world were witnessed. Genocide was committed against the Tigrayans, Amhara, and Afar people, who were the primary focus of his ethnic cleansing campaign. Sexual atrocities include the raping of mothers in front of their children, mass murders and mutilation, and torturing and starving a population as a means of war. All these atrocities are recorded and documented. Many international media have covered the human rights crisis in Ethiopia in detail for five years.

Finally, after two years of genocidal war, where one million people perished and unimaginable destruction to the country’s infrastructures, the Prime Minister was forced to declare ceasefires and negotiate a truce. This resulted from the outcry and pressure of governments worldwide, including Norway, where Nobel prizes are held. The agreement has fallen short of the Ethiopians’ satisfaction.

While this truce is not yet fully implemented, PM Abiy Ahmed has launched another genocidal war on the Amhara people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia. In the past several months, Abiy Ahmed has engaged in drone attacks and heavy artillery power, indiscriminately killing thousands of innocent civilians, children, women, and the elderly.

Ethiopia, and quite frankly, the world, had never seen such a war-monger brutal dictator who is hell-bent on ethnic dominance and will go to any distance to accomplish his extremist ideology. He is in the ranks of Hitler and other notorious dictators that history will never forget. His minister of peace recently called him a “bloodthirsty monster.” Heritage sites, churches, and mosques are destroyed and vandalized. Foreign diplomats with diplomatic immunities were arrested and beaten by the government authorities (African Development Bank has ordered their international staff to leave the country). We can go on and on.


Our plight:

How did we all fall into this person’s cunning methods? This is what Ethiopians are asking themselves. He had the world under his spell by saying the right words and doing the right things until suddenly; he felt that he had solidified his power enough to begin implementing his evil plans. We are sure the Nobel Prize board members are feeling the same buyer’s remorse that the people of Ethiopia are feeling. We know the Nobel Prize team has never rescinded an award, even though awardees may have behaved contrary to the ideals post-award. But this is different. This individual is a genocidal maniac who is determined to slaughter millions more! Understandably, you may be hesitant about setting a precedent of revocation of the award due to Article 10 of the statute of the Nobel Foundation.

Regardless, saying nothing in this situation will leave a dark mark on this prestigious institution. When news media report his evil deeds, they prefix their news with “the Nobel Peace Prize laureate.” He has made a mockery of this coveted prize and prestigious institution. The board needs to keep the integrity of this prize and institution.

At this juncture, a strong statement that his behaviors and actions are in contradiction with the ideals of the Nobel Prize should be issued by the board. This would set the tone that future awardees should not behave in such cunning and contradictory behavior. We also recommend revising the foundation statute, to protect the institution’s prestige. Please do the right and brave thing to preserve the sanctity of this institution, even though it is difficult.


By Concerned Ethiopians (CE) –

3 thoughts on “Appeal To Appeal To Reprimand the 2019 Peace Award Recipient PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia Recipient PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia”

  1. Dr. Abiy Ahemed deserved Noble Peace Prize for what he did at a time. Because of the
    Rebels hate there is no taking back of Noble Peace Prize by the Foundation.

    Dr. Abiy Ahemed is trying to build Ethiopia and he is honest.
    He wrote three books and he deserves another Noble Peace Prize.

    Dr, Abiy Ahemed truly deserves Noble Peace Prize for his contribution to improve the environment
    by initiating the planting billions of trees in Ethiopia.

  2. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Abiy Ahmed to empower him to do the things he is doing right now: ethnic cleansing and genocide. The Jerusalem Post article written on the occasion of his award clearly stated that the prize was awarded Abiy Ahmed as a downpayment.
    Recently, the Award has become just one of the powerful weapons in the arsenal of the western powers to achieve their selfish political and global domination agendas. Obama was nominated for this award before he even got used to his White House office. He took office on January 20th and was nominated for the award the next month!
    Abiy deserves his prize and should keep it as he has turned out to be much better than his groomers even dreamed: an African Hitler.

  3. Abiy is the father of all lies and he cannot even finish a sentence without contradicting himself!
    Some of Abiy’s lies in flashbacks:
    It is the Oromo who is being killed in Welega
    We do not arrest without checking first.
    We will be united. 
    We will eliminate ethnicity.
    I cried when a French woman asked me to marry her. 
    TPLF is a scattered flour in the air and no negotiation at all.

    And to cite a few international news narratives about Abiy:
    Washington post – from noble hero to driver of war
    NY times- wielding hunger as a war
    The economist – using starvation as a weapon.
    The Telegraph UK – deliberately starving Tigray to death.
    Now the situation in Ethiopia has escalated to the point where the very name “Ethiopia” and its national flag are perceived as criminal symbols and Abiy is only the prime minister of Addis Abeba. Abiy/OLF seem to prioritize their fabricated ethnic narratives over recognizing Ethiopia as a unified nation, further deepening divisions and instability.

    Which Ethiopian tribe lives better than the 80 tribes? Is an Amhara farmer better than an Oromo farmer or a Tigray farmer or a Somali farmer or a south farmer? An Oromo has never been questioned about being an Oromo let alone being killed in Amhara, Tigray, or Somali…. But, in the Oromo region if you can’t speak Oromo, you are not employed and even not allowed to live. This kind of conflict expanded during Abiy time, and it doesn’t worry him, because he is the mastermind behind the scenes. 

    Within the last five years, hardworking Ethiopians have no food to eat and no clothes to wear and they are alienated and made stranger in their own country by the tribalist Abiy and his cronies and he is making fun of eating once a day.
    Inflation and consumer prices are going through the roof, peace and security is out of control. There are 21 credit score tiers, and Ethiopia currently occupies the 21st position, marking the lowest tier. It is so shaming Ethiopia has defaulted for the first time in history. This occurrence is unprecedented in Ethiopian history and coincides with the tenure of the current prime minister of Addis Ababa, who is often referred to as the boy-king.
    Abiy is coward and has no education or talent to lead a county. He just copied and pasted Machiavellianism of the 15th century and applied it in the 21st century to promote his unethical and opportunistic ways of manipulating the innocent and poor Ethiopian people.

    When is Abiy lying? Whenever his lips moving!
    When global news outlets highlight his malevolent actions and Ethiopians locally are exposing the genuine extent of his evil-mind, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize tarnishes the reputation of both the esteemed prize and the prestigious institution.
    Therefore, revoking the Nobel Prize is imperative to preserve the integrity of the awarding institution.

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