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Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia made an urgent call to action against Forced repatriation of Amhara genocide survivors

December 26, 2023
December 25, 2023, 23:24 GMT

DAVON, DELAWARE, USA, December 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alarmed by the increasingly deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia, the USA based NGO, Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia, has been sounding early warnings, red alerts, and atrocity reports regarding the ongoing war on ethnic Amharas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia as well as the ongoing ethnic based targeting against them else where in the country. While the situation has gotten worse since April, 2023 with active war ongoing in the northern part of the country in Amhara Region, the systemic targeting of Amhara people that amounts to genocide have been going on across the country for over 30 years. The escalation in human suffering, death, abductions, proliferation of concentration camps and property destruction has been continually increasing. Yet, GPE has learned a new development that would not only harm escapees of the ethnic based massacres (specifically from Wollega zones of Oromo Region in Ethiopia), but also ensure that neither accountability nor justice can be attained for the victims of this heinous crime. According to testimonies from the survivors themselves, the government has already notified them that they will be repatriated to the areas they escaped to save their lives. GPE has released an open call to action specifically targeting human rights organizations and media but also for the entire International Community to help avert this humanitarian disaster. GPE’s full statement is included below.

“The Federal government of Ethiopia, the Oromo Regional Government and illegal/tutelage administrators of the Amhara region (The region has been under imposed state of emergency since August 2023), have agreed to forcefully return Amhara genocide survivors into Oromo Region from where they escaped to save their lives! Please read this report released by GPE regarding the state of the war on Amhara and Amhara Genocide as at September 2023.

Currently, the Amhara genocide survivors that are internally displaced and are found across many camps in the Amhara Region are already starving due to interruption of the meager aid services that existed as a result of the war that is waged on Amharas in the region by the federal government since early April, 2023. These survivors were subject to military attacks, gender based violence by the invading regime forces as well as forced starvation that the regime uses to subdue civilian.

The genocide survivor IDPs are now told that camps at Jarra, Haik, DebreBirhan and other areas in the region will be shut by the authorities. They have also been told that they will be transported to Debre Birhan city on December 27, 2023 and then on to the Oromo Region, specifically East Wollega, West Wollega and Horo Guduru Wollega Zones (western part of Ethiopia). The regime has identified 42,000 Amhara survivors for transportation! The survivors’ destiny will be a certain horrific death, if there is no change in the security status of the area they fled from. (GPE has learned that no structural changes are put in place to protect these survivors)Without accountability, justice, reconstruction and officially recognized repatriation that has the survivors’ consent, going back under the same situation they fled is a DEATH SENTENCE!

According to the survivors’ representatives, at the very minimum beyond safety and stability, the following issues need to be addressed before any survivor is repatriated.
1. Unhindered International investigation should be conducted.
2. Perpetrators should be accountable and prosecuted.
3. Survivors should be compensated for life and material loses.
4. International recognition of the Tole genocide and all other identity based massacres that took place against Amharas in Ethiopia.
5. A memorial cemetery complex should be set up to honor the victims of the massacre.
6. Rebuilding the villages,
7. National mourning,
8. Public apology,
9. Installation of autonomous administration where majority Amhara live or the dismantling of the ethnic based apartheid system, whichever comes first.

Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia, calls upon the international community, especially media and human rights organizations to denounce this action in unison! This action of forced repatriation of ethnic Amharas that survived genocidal massacres in the killing fields of Wollega is comparable to forcibly returning Jew escapees to Auschwitz before the allied forces won, while the entire targeting and murdering mechanism of the Nazis was still in place! This is sending children, women and seniors to their certain horrific death! It is imperative the world makes every effort possible to stop this calamity!

The regime in Ethiopia should not be allowed to carry out this action just for the optics that it can undertake ‘transitional justice’ while full well knowing that the perpetrators of the massacres are still operating in the identified areas of return, and while full well knowing that the government still coordinates with the perpetrators as the entire Amhara Genocide is state sponsored and system sanctioned. Join GPE today in stopping this calamity.
End Amhara Genocide in Ethiopia. ”

Communication Director
Genocide Prevention in Ethiopia
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Appeal for Urgent Action to Stop the Ongoing Violence, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide Against the Amhara People of Ethiopia

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