Today: June 18, 2024

Appeal and seek assistance from His Excellency Massninga

May 17, 2024

His Excellency

Ervin Jose Massinga
United States Ambassador to Ethiopia

Your Excellency Ambassador Ervin Jose Massinga,

We, the concerned Ethiopian Americans residing in Nebraska, express our utmost respect for your unwavering commitment to fostering peace in our beloved Ethiopia. We wholeheartedly endorse and lend our support to your proposal for a peace dialogue in our historically troubled nation.

In accordance with the fundamental principles outlined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, we passionately implore the Ethiopian government to heed the call of our embassy and all opposition factions, regardless of their armed or unarmed status, to promptly initiate the peace process and engage in meaningful dialogue.

The value of human life surpasses any political rivalry or personal agenda within Ethiopia. Each life lost in this conflict represents an irreparable loss to our nation. It is of utmost importance that we prioritize the pursuit of enduring peace, redirecting all human endeavors and resources towards the noble cause of reconstructing Ethiopia, rather than perpetuating the cycle of conflict and bloodshed among our own people.

With genuine aspirations for a tranquil and prosperous Ethiopia,

Ethiopian Americans in Nebraska


  1. Dear Ethiopian Americans in Nebraska:-
    I am surprised you are also pleading for a solution of our own mess with His Excellency, the Ambassador. Let me remind you that when Emperor Minilik decided to go to war with Italy, one of his first actions was to pay back all Italian loans taken to purchase arms. He did not want any foreign claims that may possibly be a risk for the sovereignty and prestige of Ethiopia. His lesson is a heritage we all need to respect and cherish.

    Our own mess is our own mess. It has been created by a rather lazy generation that has unrealistic dreams which it knew no way to realize. As a result, it has moved us back to the 16th and 17th centuries when clans claimed undefined territories and fought one another bitterly to keep them, just like lions and tigers. Our problem is that we have a hard time using our brains to convince one another that pre-feudal governance is not suitable for Ethiopia. In this respect, if you look at our present day leaders, they all have degrees and talk like most of us, but the rational content is badly missing. As a result, our problems keep growing!

    What you and I need to do is to help raise that missing rational content which has been blurred by a desire for personal power and private wealth using manufactured tribal issues. Our 83 clans or tribes want neither power nor wealth; all they want is peace and basic services, but these can come only if the selfish and lazy elite can accept peace. Sadly, no foreign-engineered peace conference will bring us peace and prosperity.
    Let us put all our energies into elements (ክልል እንደ ከብቶች እና ጭፍን የአገዛዝ ሕገ መንግሥት) that continue to mess us up, leading to inter-community fights all over the country; we have all the resources to move forward: land, water, millions of hard-working youth, even capital and plenty of minerals. Believe me, if we put our acts together, we don’t need to bother rich and generous USA or IMF or the World Bank.

  2. What is this? What better advice can come from a concerned ambassador than asking others to opt for a dialogue? What is more productive than that? What is more beneficial than that? I wish some of us here among our Diaspora stop fanning the flames of hate and wars from our safe and comfy homes. The youth in both Amhara and Oromia regions is being thrown into a raging inferno by conniving leaders. Mothers are wailing daily on the news of their demised children for a cause much ado about nothing. Hundreds and possibly thousands have already lost their Allah blessed lives and hundreds of thousands have become homeless. I can tell all of you rabble rousers this: There is no issue whatsoever that necessitates armed violence to solve it. None! They can all be solved through earnest and honest dialogue. Period.

  3. TO ITTU ABA FARDA , let me ask you who is responsible for all these killing, starvation, displacement, jelling, etcetera, your evil body ABIY which you defend him without shame day and night.

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