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Animalization of the Ethiopian People vs. Peoplization of Euro-American Animals

Damawi Gudu Kassa (Ethiopia)


I am coming to a point whereupon I dislike writing enthusiastically as anytime before. This state of mind, I think, results from frustration the cause of which is lack of ears from the side of the audience, in my case, from those Ethiopians my articles are directed. If one writes, he or she should write something for a purpose, not for the sake of writing. But nowadays, I feel as if people, including myself, are writing just for the sake of writing, in vain, with no one to heed our burning issues. Many of us in the Diaspora or at home have incessantly been writing especially for the past 23 years or so. When we begin to write, we feel as if we will be heard by those concerned and our efforts would fructify soon. But it is lamenting that what we have been trying in all those years has resulted in almost nothing, at least to my understanding, to be specific. It is this situation that brings about frustration and hopelessness. As a soldier’s bullets shouldn’t be fired astray and waste resources without hitting their target, likewise, a writer’s pen, words, time, … shouldn’t be sown in the rocky wilderness wherein nobody is caring for the golden advices and comments of experienced and erudite citizens such as Professors Mesfin W/Mariam and Alemayehu G/Mariam. Remember these precious Ethiopians along with volumes of their writings. Basically, if you speak, you must be heard; you must be cared for; you must be considered as human and be given an ear to be listened to.

If ignorance rules a country, intellect and scholasticism get into the abyss of the netherworld.  If ignorance and arrogance come to the palace, as has been before and is now the case in Ethiopia, every sort of malice becomes the norm of the leaders and gradually, by extension, that of the leadee too. Because ‘you reap what you sow’. If a country is infested by anomalous leaders and their cronies, creativity and intellectual personalities are suppressed due to absence of academic freedom. As a result of this, there won’t be any room for humans; instead, animalized humans will fill the nation.

You kill animals once, for any purpose; it could be for their meat or for enjoyment. But you can kill humans several times. According to TPLF’s experience, you change humans to animals – killing number one. You divide and categorize them into species out of which they cannot intermingle with other beings of their kind – killing number two. You cripple their educational system and thereby ‘idiotize’ or change into dunce-hood their next generation – killing number three. You force citizens to watch your discriminatory economic and political policies that stand for the advantage of the fewest elects and for the disadvantage of the majority thereby the marginalized observe while the first rate citizens voraciously loot the communal wealth – killing number four. You break every moral, ethical, and religious fabric that had been cementing the society and leave them amoral, unethical, and irreligious – killing number five. You make them hungry and thirsty and die thereof – killing number six. In time of their awareness, when they come to know that they are human beings, and demand their rights; you detain them, accuse them of terrorism, flog and fry them with hot oil like a slice of fillet fish, sodomize them, eliminate them from the surface of earth, do whatever evil that men can do in hidden dungeons – killing number seven. Subjugate media institutions to propagate lies and false information and sex oriented programs which can seduce and vulgarize the young generation so that every citizen gradually but surely will come out of the right track to join the paraphernalia of the west – killing number eight. All in all, dehumanize all but your own ‘golden ethnic’ in any way possible so that no one will demand any of their rights, be it human or citizenship – killing number nine. You confine people to the level of ‘what will I eat at lunchtime this day and what will my children eat this evening?’ so that no one will care what you do in or out of the palace you usurped – killing number ten.  In this manner, you can kill humans both psychologically and physically for zillions of times. This is what is happening in Ethiopia. This is the fashion of our brothers and sisters who are in power in Ethiopia now in the 21st century of the IT age; and the age of ‘fraternity, equality, and liberty.’ And the age of ‘love, peace, mutual understanding, and globalization’ in ‘our’ global village, planet Earth. What a funny age! What an astounding level of human development! What an irreversible decadence!

Unfortunately, the leaders we receive from the darkest side of this universe are themselves deaf and blind and dumb. Because of this, to whatever degree we cry, to whatever escalation we shout, to whatever magnitude we suffer, the causes of all of which are they themselves, nobody has ever been interested to listen to our grievances. In fact, not only are we Ethiopians the sufferers of this manmade infliction, there are also billions of people from all corners in almost all nations and continents in this bloody world who are under the yoke of these children of the Gog and Magog. As some estimates put it correctly, the 99% of the world’s population is suffering from the maladministration imposed by these 1% evils. You can imagine, if Mr. R owns some 65 billion dollars and Mr. P owns nothing, what do you expect of justice and fairness? How could Mr. R accumulate such an enormous amount of money? What is the yardstick or the measurement to make him that high and Mr. P that low? You can apply this simple analogy in other sphere of life and come up with certain decision as to how impoverishing the majority and killing and plundering the mass … are rampant everywhere. Where and with whom has this so called Mr./Ms. Conscience eloped? What the hell is going on around? Why should we suffer to such a gargantuan extent?

I said I have no interest to write; and I hope there are hundreds of people who share my sentiment. I lost my interest because I came to realize that I am writing only to feed my ego of writing. As time went, with full understanding of the absolute ignorance and intentional stupidity of concerned people at home or anywhere, I began to retreat from the useless scribbling. But today I am writing, not in a foolish belief of being heard, but to appreciate the difference of the two worlds within one world.

As you know, there are hotels and recreation centers in the west to feed and entertain animals. Last time, I heard that an additional hotel for cats is built and inaugurated in the USA. That is great and admirable. Notwithstanding the fact that there are thousands of homeless and jobless people in this so called shrine of democracy; nonetheless, it is good to hear such news of caring for animals to the extent of establishing hotels and dance clubs. I know there are lots of animal right movements and legal provisions formulated to protect animals from unfair handling. I know an animal in Europe is a king when compared with an ordinary citizen in Ethiopia. I am coming to my main point now.

Ah! I wish God reads this letter. I wish all the ferenjis read this letter. I wish all the subtle Illuminati, including those honorable ‘Lords of Poverty’ [thanks Graham Hancock for this expression,] in the Kn…t and the US Senate read this blabbing. I wish all the causes of our wounds read this letter by and large. I wish all branches of the sources of our illnesses, whichever religion they might pretend to follow for the realization of their insincere plans, peruse what I am trying to convey here. Bitter facts follow here below.

While animals are enjoying the buffet in hotels in the US or elsewhere on this communal planet, on the absolute contrary, in Ethiopia, almost all citizens are in prison known as ‘Zone 9.’  Ethiopians must have heard how this nomenclature has emerged. Someone told me about it today; I was surprised by the invention. At Kaliti, the ‘Sheraton’ of most Ethiopians when they want to be human beings, there are eight zones in which prisoners are confined and bitterly mistreated in a less dignity than the fiercest animals on earth. Once in the near past, the recently imprisoned six activists and social media bloggers, maybe including the other three journalists that are jailed with them, went to Kaliti to visit certain prisoner of conscience. There and then, needless to mention her name ‘for security’ reasons, the prisoner says, “How are you doing in the ‘zone nine’?” Upon their understanding after the brief explanation by the prisoner as to how she used that phrase, her visitors laughed at this poetic joke and they gave this name to their group. She meant that everyone in Ethiopia is prisoner whether s/he is in or out of Kaliti. She is absolutely right that we all are in ‘Zone Nine’, except those who are part and parcel of the ruling junta through blood or economic interest; the difference is the size of the cell and the treatment by the police of both prisoners. Both of us are less important than any pet animal, or any animal for that manner, I mean matter.

We are not only brutalized but also animalized. The west know this well. The west also knows that we the people know their knowing of our brutalization and animalization by TPLF. They keep quiet purposely because they are always in favor of their own political and economic interests; the fact that they say ‘In God we trust.’ is totally fake and deceptive. They do not know God at all; if they know, that god must be the anti-God. What they say and what they do are diametrically different and usually self contradictory. I personally know why they do what they are doing and I don’t expect more than what they are doing now or before. A snake is always a snake. A chameleon is also always a chameleon. They never change their nature. These crooked humans and these reptiles have many things in common. They know how to systematically attack their prey. The core mission of these good for nothing humans in the west or in the east is controlling the mass with various mass hypnosis and mind control mechanisms so that every citizen of this world becomes their servant and an item for their satanic libation. We all know this. The difference is that they have owned every means to go ahead with their devastating plans while we don’t have the courage and the stamina to stop them. We could win them but we couldn’t, just for various reasons. No need of details. But let us be sure that they are at the peak of their heyday. They will enjoy the consequences of their malefactive behavior.

In Ethiopia, the ruling junta has achieved in animalizing the people. We eat; we drink; we sleep; many of us work. The work may distinguish us from the rest of the animal world. Otherwise, in other behavioral activities we are the same. We may have these names: human-animals – animal-animals. If you want to be a human being in Ethiopia, your destiny is at least Kaliti, and another at least, kangaroo court. If you don’t speak politics; if you don’t speak anything negative against life in Ethiopia; if you don’t grudge about TPLF’s blind leadership, you have secured a right of living like an animal. Not more than that, dear brothers and sisters!

One point should be clear. What is an animal in Ethiopia? What is an animal in the so called civilized world? There is a big difference between animals of Afri.., I mean Ethiopia, and animals of Europe and between the humans of the two blocs as well. What a world we have! Differences! Gigantic differences. The animal of this place is the human of another place. The human of that place is a creature more disrespected than animals somewhere.

In most cases, even an animal in Ethiopia is better than a human in this same Ethiopia. To your surprise, a dog or a cat is more respected and loved in Ethiopia than an ordinary human citizen. The poor are especially considered as subhuman and hence the government can do anything it likes against them; eviction, displacement, and persecution are among the mildest crimes the government does upon the poor citizens. If you are a foreigner, you may not agree with this allegation of mine. Because you may think that our leaders are humans and offspring of human beings. But do not get me wrong, they are not. Our leaders seem humans physically but not behaviorally.

Go to Kaliti and/or any prison or police station. You will see how citizens are mistreated there. In the 21st century, it is in Ethiopia that we observe people killed for no other reason than ethnic based revenge and at times for enjoyment like in the ancient eras wherein the rich and the lords were enjoying the death of gladiators. In Ethiopia, the soul of a human being is less valuable than that of the soul of an ant or any other insect. In Ethiopia, we are the cattle of TPLF as the majority of the world’s population is considered goyi (cattle) to the originators of the pyramidal ‘all seeing eye’. They support each other; they have symbiotic relationship. One is blind not to see the other’s political crimes. As long as an absolute obedience to the west exists, TPLF can sell out its subjects loading in containers to foreign markets for soap industries, as was said to be the case in the Second World War. The friendship of evils may continue further, at least up until sometime in the near future.

In Europe, an animal is highly respected as creature and as co-habitant on the planet. Especially, pet animals are enjoying life tremendously; they have pubs, hotels, and resorts. They are really lucky.

We Ethiopians have cruelest ethnocentric rulers along with hellish bullets, scorching whips, stringent poverty, timeless imprisonments, merciless hunger, inefficient medical personnel, curable and incurable diseases, corruptible technocrats, etc. I hope we too are lucky. This is the world. Such is life on this blood thirsty planet. But alas for those who have turned this otherwise beautiful earth into hell while it would have been possible to co-exist peacefully and harmoniously had there been justice and fairness. Gluttony and selfishness wrapped with ignorance and arrogance are drifting us into chaos. Once the cosmos is disturbed and the chaos is in full swing, I believe those who are on top will be at the bottom of the debris. The day is coming in an alarming speed.

Finally, I would like to invite you an interesting quote from a friend’s email. You will love it.

… We have finished all the words and knowledge we have to express and expose these bandits from the Northern part of our country. I have no idea what words and expressions we are left with to confront the lies of these bandits. The era we are in is astonishingly odd. All patriots have no rest in writing anything they know to expose the distortion of these mercenaries.

The problem why these bandits are still in power with the entire negative notions they have against Ethiopia and the maladministration they run in the country is still mysterious. On my behalf, I think the secret they are in power at least up until this time is that, the current psychological makeup of the youth and the public culture by and large, which had served the country in gluing the integrity of the people, is by now corrupted and interrupted by these mercenaries in different tactics and ways. Many except the few youth are unaware of what is going on is their own backyard. I have met few youths who just left Ethiopia and came to the Diaspora.

They still seemed to give some sympathy to these mercenaries. The reason for their kindness is the so called ‘construction and development’. I have no idea what they mean by that. Though I asked them to explain it to me what it means – they themselves have no clue how to explain what they say with respect to this development and growth. The extreme lie and propaganda of development and growth in Ethiopia was fanned by their masters/westerners. The sad thing is when you ask these youth why the fled and still support TPLF false development, they fail to answer it. I think they are in state of confusion in which they are unable to differentiate between what is development and what is the cause of all the suffering at home that leads them to immigrate abroad en masse.…

Taken from private email message to me from Getachew Reda (editor of Ethiosemay blog)

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